Joe Biden wins Maine, his 10th Super Tuesday victory

Joe Biden’s string of unexpected victories in Super Tuesday primaries continued Wednesday when AP declared him the winner of the contest in Maine.

Maine, which neighbors Bernie Sanders’ adopted home state of Vermont, has 24 delegates and became the 10th won by Biden in what even President Trump called “an incredible comeback.”

Biden edged out Sanders — despite polls saying he was ahead –and demolished Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren along with ex-Big Apple mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Biden has now won a clear majority of the 14 states that were up for grabs on Tuesday, including the major prize of Texas, and stormed ahead in the overall tally of delegates who will choose a presidential nominee at the Democratic convention in July.

His strong performance ended Sanders’ status as the Democratic front-runner and forced Bloomberg out of the race altogether.

Bloomberg on Wednesday abandoned his presidential campaign and endorsed Biden, after spending lavishly out of his own pocket on ads across the United States but failing to deliver convincing results on Tuesday, the biggest day of voting in the Democratic nomination campaign with contests in 14 states.

Warren was said to be huddling with advisers to determine how or if she wold continue in the race.

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