Kids give David Cameron a kicking in Brexit debate as he admits he’s worried about referendum result – The Sun

DAVID CAMERON last night admitted he had “a lot more people to convince” on the EU Referendum as he suffered a mauling in debate with young voters.

A rattled Prime Minister said the campaign was intense and he was “very concerned” about the outcome on June 23 as he appeared in an internet ‘Town Hall’ debate with internet site BuzzFeed.

Despite young voters viewed as those most likely to vote to ‘Stay’ in the EU, the PM suffered his biggest grilling yet about sky-high immigration and “discrimination” against non-EU migrants.

Angelie said: “I am an Indian national living in the UK and I have spent a large amount of money on visa fees and NHS charges.

“I have to consistently prove my worthiness to be in this country because I am in skilled employment, yet someone from the EU comes in without any questions. So when you talk about immigration, is it all about geography and not equality?”


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The PM countered that he wanted Britain to have the best people from around the world. But he said free movement for EU migrants was a perk of being part of the single market and dismissed the idea of a “points based” system to control EU arrivals.

One girl – Maia – said she was voting Remain but was disgusted by the “propaganda” of the Government’s £9 million pro-EU pamphlet. Clare added:

“We don’t feel safe in London because of mass crime and immigration.”

Another – Yasmin – stunned the audience by branding the PM “Dodgy Dave” and shouting: “I hate the Tories. You’ve f****d everything f*****g up.”

After a 45 minute Q&A he was given a thumbs down, or ‘Angry Face’ by 58 per cent of the 4,000 viewers on Facebook, against 42 per cent who gave him a ‘Heart’.

He said: “I’ve got a lot more people to convince but I will work hard at this. Each of the next 13 days is going to count.”

The PM insisted Eurocrats drove him “up the wall” but that Britain was better off trying to shape policies and response to global crisis like ebola as part of the EU

He said: “Partly because Britain has a history of not being invaded we see EU cooperation as something good for us but we’re not emotionally attached to it

“I’m not emotionally attached to the EU I just think we’ll be stronger, safer, better off and more able to to do things in the world.”

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