Landslide in upstate New York leaves homes dangling on edge of massive crater

A landslide forced the evacuation of several residents in upstate New York and left homes dangling dangerously close to the edge of a cliff on Sunday.

Photos were taken of the area in Waterford, located about 11 miles northeast of Albany, which saw trees uprooted, much of a driveway destroyed, and one home just inches away from falling into the massive crater.

Authorities were told 150 feet of land slid into the crater and there is concern that more will continue to fall.

A dozen residents were displaced and have found temporary places to reside.

An individual needed help getting out of his home after debris fell on his driveway and blocked access to the road, the station reported.

There were no injuries or loss of structures reported, according to emergency officials.

Police said they utilized a drone to assess the damage, which allowed responders to maintain a safe distance from the collapse. It examined the area above and below the slide without having anyone physically enter the potentially unstable area.

Engineers were at the scene Sunday and the area will be monitored this week. The cause of the landslide is unknown at this time.

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