Matt Hancock says coronavirus fight is a war as he warns young people are in danger too

MATT Hancock has declared the coronavirus crisis a war as he warned young people are in danger too.

The Health Secretary today called for a national effort to beat the virus, and warned Brits nobody was safe if they didn’t follow government advice.

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Speaking this morning on Sky News, Mr Hancock called also warned the disease could strike anyone, and younger people should not get complacent.

He said: “The only way to think about this is a war, where we look at what the entire resources of the nation are and how we can best deploy those to save lives.

“We've got to think about how we bring all the resources of the country to get through this.

“Everybody has a role to play, it's a true national effort."

The Health Secretary insisted the Government advice was the way to beat the disease, and called for everyone to play their part in getting it dealt with in 12-weeks.

He explained: “If people follow the advice, we can get through this quicker.

“Even if you don't think you are personally at risk because you are younger, which by the way isn't true, this affects everybody, if you don't follow the advice we are going to have to keep these measures in place for longer.

“For everyone's sake I think everyone needs to pull together and listen to the experts.”

Mr Hancock also revealed a massive 1.4 million people seen as at risk are set to be told by the NHS.

They will be asked to cease all social contact and shield themselves from Monday.

The number of confirmed cases in the UK skyrocketed yesterday for 3,269 with 144 deaths.

Europe closed down the borders of the previously pass-port free Schengen Area to bar entry to international travellers.

The death toll in Europe has surpassed Asia.

It comes as:

  • China and other Asian countries facing second wave of deadly infections
  • Coronavirus test will be available to hundreds of thousands ASAP
  • Government to use phone data to track people breaking virus lockdowns
  • Brits suspected of having coronavirus could be held for up to six weeks
  • Nurse’s tearful plea after ending 48-hour shift to find shelves empty 
  • Brits STILL ignore calls to stay out of the pubs during crisis


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