Mexican YouTuber sentenced to 50 years for kidnapping woman

A Mexican YouTuber convicted of masterminding a woman’s kidnapping — and then demanding more than $102,000 in Bitcoin for her release — has been sentenced to 50 years behind bars, according to reports.

Germán Abraham Loera Acosta, 25 — known for sharing motivational messages to his more than 4,400 subscribers — was one of six men who seized 33-year-old lawyer Thalia Denisse and forced her into a car back in February 2018, Metro UK reported.

Thalia Denisse was taken to a home rented by Loera Acosta, according to the report. The then 23-year-old demanded a ransom of 2 million pesos — around $102,000 — in Bitcoin for the woman’s release, the outlet reported.

Police rescued the woman two days later and arrested four members of the group, including Loera Acosta.

At the time, Chihuahua district attorney Cesar Peniche called Acosta “a very experienced person in Internet communication” — but added that Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, is “traceable at the end of the day.”

Loera Acosta describes himself on his Twitter account as a full-time entrepreneur, writer, geek and speaker.

His YouTube channel at one point included the tagline “I think the mind is the only thing that limits us,” but it appeared to be deleted by Wednesday afternoon, the BBC reported.

In his videos, Loera Acosta offered his followers advice on improving their professional and personal lives, and encouraged them to read, travel and more.

He also participated in the World Congress of Young Leaders for Peace back in June, according to the El País newspaper.

Loera Acosta has no criminal history, according to the report.

Five other men — Jassiel Omar Molina Ceballos, Jesús Adrián Mendoza Pérez, Edgar René Subías Rubalcaba, Jesús Arnulfo Ochoa Martínez and Juan Alfonso Puerta Holguín — were convicted alongside Loera Acosta, according to Metro.

Prosecutors say that Loera Acosta organized the entire operation, while the other men carried out the kidnapping, according to Metro.

He and the other group members are also required to pay a fine of 500,000 pesos, or $25,730, the outlet reported.

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