Moment Asda shoppers scuffle over toilet roll

Moment Asda shoppers scuffle over toilet roll and Tesco customer is kicked out in water-stockpiling row as supermarket shelfishness continues

  • Customers in an Asda store in London are filmed fighting over packs of toilet roll
  • A man in Tesco became aggressive after passing his quota of water bottles 
  • Panic buyers were seen at the store with their trolleys full amid coronavirus crisis
  • Staff seen trying to enforce Asda’s ‘two per customer rule’ to stop panic buying 
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As the nation continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, panicked shoppers have continued to strip supermarket shelves in fear of losing their precious items.  

The mass chaos, which has seen desperate customers scour the shelves for a range of household goods from toilet rolls to water bottles, has even seen a number of supermarket witness some customers erupt into fights.

Earlier today, shoppers were seen being pulled apart from each other as they descended upon an Asda store in London in a effort to grab toilet roll. 

Shocking video footage showed people screaming ‘hey!’ as one staff member appeared to point to a full trolley and shout: ‘All this is for one customer? Two per customer!’ in a London store. 

In one Asda store in London shoppers were seen being pulled apart from each other as they descended tried to grab toilet roll

The ensuing chaos meat staff had to try to stop the fight, with bystanders shouting from the sidelines

The scenes, which were described by one customer as ‘war’, came as basic food items continue to be stripped from shelves by panic buyers amid the coronavirus crisis.

The video was filmed by one customer walking towards the checkout, where a scuffle was taking place.

The ensuing chaos meant that while the fight was breaking out, staff were trying to stop the fight and bystanders were shouting from the sidelines. 

One customer then appeared to throw another toilet roll from the shelf and towards the checkout as the video ends.  

In other scenes of chaos, one irate Tesco customer was seen arguing with a member of staff after surpassing his quota of water bottles, telling staff they were ‘dumb’ for refusing him the number of bottles he wanted.

The irate customer was seen shouting at a Tesco worker after surpassing his quota of water bottles and telling staff they were ‘dumb’ 

The man had to be held back by a member of staff after he became angry at a Tesco store

The furious customer, who was filmed by another customer at the store, was seen telling staff to ‘move before I hurt you’ after he was told to leave the store for his aggressive behaviour.

The customer, who also filmed the incident on his own phone before sharing it on social media, was heard shouting: ‘I’ve got three cases of water, I got my son buying a case of water, I’m not allowed to buy any more water and there’s a crisis going on.

‘But I can take you back to where I got this water and there’ll be plenty of cases there.’

After being told to leave, the man hit back and said: ‘What do you mean I need to leave the premises?’

As the security worker tried to explain, the shopper continued: ‘You know what I’m gonna do, i’m gonna get all my bredrens [brothers] and they’re just gonna come in here, then what you gonna do?

‘If I told them yeah to get all my friends and if I told them to come in here, then what you gonna do? You gonna stop them from coming in? And they’re all gonna go and come and buy a bottle of water!

‘You’re not serving me? You’re not serving me? Why?!’ 

The shopper said in his own video: ‘I’ve got three cases of water, I got my son buying a case of water, I’m not allowed to buy any more water and there’s a crisis going on’

He also filmed the other shoppers at the Tesco store as he launched a furious tirade

During the video, he continued: ‘Why are you not serving me? No, no! I’m free to record whatever I may, there’s a crisis going on and you’re stopping people from shopping.’

Meanwhile, in other scenes of frantic panic buying sweeping the nation, Tesco staff were seen blocking off the toilet paper aisle in order to hand out individual packs to customers. 

The customer used his phone to film the Tesco worker’s face (above) at a store

The latest scenes come as supermarket chains Tesco and Sainsbury’s announced that they would be restricting customers to only buying three of any grocery item. 

Meanwhile, while Asda and Morrisons have announced they too will be restricting purchases across 1,250 regularly-bought lines. 

Online retailer Ocado has also temporarily stopped new customers from gaining a membership after they were left overwhelmed by orders from people choosing to self-isolate amid the crisis. 

Today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the country to stop panic buying and be ‘reasonable’ when they went to the supermarkets. 

He said: ‘We’ve got good supply chains and farms, there’s no reason for shops to be empty.

‘Everyone understands why people are buying stuff – we’re being advised to stay at home if we have symptoms.

‘However, please be reasonable in your shopping and be considerate of other shoppers as you do it.’

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