New video appears to show cops, George Floyd struggling inside squad car

New footage appears to show George Floyd in a violent struggle with cops while inside a squad car before he died after being pinned with a knee to the neck for almost nine minutes.

The clip — posted Saturday by controversial activist Shaun King — shows one Minneapolis officer leaning inside the rear left passenger door, seemingly struggling with Floyd after his arrest for trying to use a fake $20 bill.

Derek Chauvin — the officer charged with murder after pinning him by the neck as Floyd sobbed, “I can’t breathe” — is seen running around to the right side of the car as the Memorial Day clip ends.

That was the spot where Floyd, 46, was eventually pinned to the ground in the now-viral clip that sparked protests across America.

“It’s all coming together. Police were in the car beating the s–t out of George Floyd,” King insisted of the clip.

“One stands watch, while the others attacked him.”

All four Minneapolis officers were fired. Chauvin — who had been involved in three police shootings during his 19 years on the job — was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Floyd’s family said in a statement with their attorney, Ben Crump, that they “expected a first-degree murder charge.”

“We want a first-degree murder charge. And we want to see the other officers arrested,” the statement said.

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