NYC’s Edge is the highest outdoor observation deck in Western Hemisphere – The Sun

A STAGGERING new observation area in New York City features breathtaking views of the Big Apple – and the "highest outdoor sky deck" in the Western Hemisphere.

The much-anticipated Edge opened today at Hudson Yards, and it is 1,100 feet above ground.

The outdoor deck is made of frameless glass panels "boldly" angled outward, and the unique vantage point "lets you take in the entire skyline from one place," according to the Edge website.

"See all the way from the tip of Central Park down to the Statue of Liberty and beyond."

In addition, one can "stand on top of the glass floor and look 100 stories straight down to see the city streets below your feet."

"We really don't want people to think of us as an observation deck," Jason Horkin of Hudson Yards Experiences told CNN.

Officials describe Edge as a "marvel of architecture,  engineering and technology with panoramic views of the city we all love."

"So hold your breath. Take a step. And feel the thrill."

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