NYPD scraps critical traffic congestion and homeless outreach units

The NYPD has nixed two key enforcement units and reassigned their officers to work on gun-violence prevention, The Post has learned.

Police brass officially pulled the plug on the Traffic Congestion Mitigation unit at 1 a.m. Friday with the transfer of the unit’s 114 members, documents show.

The unit, which conducted a majority of NYPD’s enforcement on moving vehicles before its dissolution, was disbanded because it was “redundant,” an NYPD spokesperson said. Traffic Enforcement Agents who write parking tickets were not impacted.

Police brass also nixed NYPD’s roughly 85-person homeless-outreach unit after the city council and Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to take the responsibility away from cops entirely.

The approximately 200 cops have been reassigned to precincts to help curb gun violence amid a spike in shootings, the NYPD rep said.

The move comes amid calls from some transportation advocates to yank traffic enforcement from the NYPD’s portfolio — something the Berkeley, California city council voted to do last week.

Mayor de Blasio, however, has demurred at the suggestion.

“I don’t doubt for a moment the commitment of the NYPD and I just see these things differently than some of the advocates do. Traffic enforcement, I think, does belong in the NYPD,” Hizzoner said Thursday.

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