Ohio cop wins primary against boss who allegedly fired her for being gay

A cop in Ohio got the ultimate revenge on her boss who she claims fired her for being gay — by trouncing him in a primary election for sheriff.

Charmaine McGuffey, 62, won 70% of the vote over her former boss, President Donald Trump-supporting Jim Neil, 61, to become the Democratic nominee for sheriff in Hamilton County on Tuesday.

McGuffey and Neil are locked in another battle after McGuffey filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff claiming she was fired because she was gay and because she had raised concerns over the use of force, according to Cincinnati.com.

Prior to her being fired, McGuffey had worked in the sheriff’s office for 33 years, been promoted to major and was named Public Citizen of the Year by the Ohio House of Representatives in 2016.

“The current sheriff and I got into a pretty serious disagreement about the practice of him not holding officers accountable for use of force and harassment of women, female officers, and female inmates,” McGuffey told LGBTQ Nation.

“He fired me. So after about a year or so of contemplating, I decided I can do a better job than him.”

McGuffey wasn’t the only one with a beef against Neil. Ohio Democrats were furious at the sheriff who appeared on stage with President Trump at a 2016 Cincinnati campaign rally.

“Quite frankly, my opponent has pretended to be a Democrat for many years now, when he’s actually much more aligned with the Tea Party Republicans. He tells people what they want to hear and then doesn’t follow through, “McGuffey told LGBTQ Nation.

“[My election] would mean that our country is moving forward — that we really have moved away from the 1950s model of law enforcement, where not just women are embraced in the law enforcement world, but also LGBTQ members of the community can wear a uniform and be quite successful.”

McGuffey will now face the Republican nominee, Bruce Hoffbauer, in November’s general election, which, according to Cincinnati.com, she is projected to win.

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