‘Paranoid man, 54, shoots longtime girlfriend, 59, dead in murder suicide over fears she had coronavirus’ – The Sun

AN Illinois couple was found shot dead inside their home after a murder-suicide that authorities now believe was sparked by coronavirus fears.

TheWill County Sheriff’s Office now believes that Patrick Jesernik, 54, shot his longtime girlfriend Cheryl Schriefer, 59, and then himself because he thought she had contracted COVID-19.

It was members of Patrick's family who requested the welfare check last week after nor hearing from him for a few days.

"All of the doors and windows of the residence were locked from the inside.Police and fire personnel forced entry into the residence," states a release shared by officers over the weekend.

"Deputies located Patrick … and Cheryl … in separate rooms of the residence, both deceased.Both individuals had a pooling of blood formed around their heads.

"A loaded revolver, containing two spent shell casings and three live rounds were located near Patrick’s body.

"There were no signs of a struggle, and the home was neat and orderly."

Officials were able to determine a motive a short time later when Patrick's family arrived on the scene.

Patrick's relatives explained to authorities "that Patrick had been scared that he and Cheryl had contracted the COVID-19 virus, and that Cheryl was tested two days ago."

They also noted that "Cheryl was [reportedly] having a hard time breathing"and that she had not received the result of her test at that time "to their knowledge."

Those test results came back for both her and Patrick a short while later, when an autopsy determined they were both negative for COVID-19.

The cause of death for both was instead a single gunshot wound to the head.

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