Parents’ agony as teen, 17, killed herself ‘because coronavirus lockdown felt like 300 years’ – The Sun

DEVASTATED parents have told of their agony after a 17-year-old girl killed herself over the prospect of a three month coronavirus lockdown.

Beth Palmer was tragically found dead at her Sale home days after the UK was told to stay at home due to the pandemic.

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She told her family the lockdown felt like "300 years" and became obsessed with the fear restrictions would never be lifted.

The talented teenager was studying to be a vocal artist and gave no indication she was struggling with her mental health before being found dead at the end of March.

Her dad said the Greater Manchester student had said she was sad and frustrated about not being able to see her friends or go to college.

But warned other parents of the effect of lockdown, after seeing no indication Beth was struggling quite as much.

Mike Palmer said: “I have no doubt the lockdown has played a major part in Beth's death.

“She couldn't finish college, she couldn't go out and see her friends. She felt as though this three-month lockdown was to her 300 years.

“This three-month lockdown I think became an extreme, almost obsessive obsession, that it was never going to end.

"The devastation is indescribable. It saddens me to say but I don't think she'll be alone, I think they'll be other young adults, teenagers feeling exactly the same, feeling very vulnerable, maybe very scared about the covid-19 situation, having their lives changed.

“I'd hate to think of another family going through what we're going through now.

"Even if it puts one child off taking their own life, hopefully no-one should feel isolated enough to do this."

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