Pictured: Harvey Weinstein watches TV in hospital prison

PICTURED: Rapist Harvey Weinstein watches TV as he relaxes on a leather chair in hospital after he was rushed to a prison ward on his way to notorious Rikers Island a week ago

  • Harvey Weinstein has been pictured for the first time since his rape conviction
  • He was photographed by himself inside the Bellevue Hospital’s prison ward
  • The 67-year-old producer was seen watching TV hunched in a white T-shirt
  • He appeared to be downcast and rubbed his head with his hand 
  • Next to him was a wheelchair that he’s been using to get around
  • On February 24 Weinstein was convicted of a criminal sex act and rape
  • He’s due to be sentenced on March 11 and faces 29 years behind bars
  • Source says it’s very clear ‘Harvey does not want to go to Rikers’ 
  • A spokesman said Weinstein is ‘mentally down’ and struggling to accept verdict
  • None of his five children have reportedly visited him yet 

The first photos purported to be disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein inside Bellevue Hospital have emerged, showing the producer sitting with his head in his hands while watching TV. 

The photographs, obtained by Pix11 and shared exclusively with DailyMail.com, show the 67-year-old fallen Hollywood giant for the first time since his rape conviction last week. 

Weinstein was seen sitting alone hunched on a leather chair with his wheelchair visible next to him on Friday morning. 

He was wearing a simple white T-shirt with what appears to be a hospital bracelet or cast on his wrist rubbing his head as he looked downcast. 

The first photos purported to be disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein have emerged, showing the producer watching TV in the prison ward of New York’s Bellevue hospital on Friday morning, four days following his rape conviction

The film producer rubbed his head with his hand and hunched over in his seat. His wheelchair was visible next to him and he appeared to be alone

Following his guilty conviction, Weinstein was rushed to Bellevue hospital on Monday for heart palpitations and high blood pressure, where he’s remained since. Weinstein pictured in court Monday clutching onto his walker

The film titan was convicted last week of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and rape in the third degree in the assaults of Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann and was ordered to be held in jail. 

Instead of going to the notorious Rikers Island prison, Weinstein was taken from the Manhattan courthouse to NYC Health and Hospitals/Bellevue on February 24 for heart palpitations and high blood pressure, where he’s remained since, according to his attorneys. 

At Bellevue Weinstein is reportedly allowed to roam around at his own free will. 

‘He is free to roam and is not handcuffed. He is being treated like any other person,’ a source said.  

‘He is waking with the aide of a wheelchair. He is holding on to its handles to go to the TV room, using it as a walker, where he spent about an hour this morning and then walked himself back,’ the source added. 

The source says that it’s very clear ‘Harvey does not want to go to Rikers.’

Weinstein is reportedly given around the clock protection by Department of Correction ESU (Emergency Service Unit) officers. 

On Monday February 24 the film titan was convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and rape in the third degree in the assaults of accusers Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann and was ordered to be held in jail

Weinstein pictured being led out of Manhattan Supreme Court by court officers after his guilty conviction

Following his guilty conviction on Monday February 24 Weinstein was ushered into this ambulance and escorted to the hospital from the Manhattan courthouse

However, it’s not clear exactly what condition Weinstein has nor when he will be moved to Rikers.  

Weinstein’s lawyer Arthur Aidala visited the movie mogul in the hospital on Friday. A spokesman for the convicted rapist said he is ‘mentally down’. 

Aidala was spotted buying snacks for his client on the same day that doctors ordered a CAT scan for Weinstein. 

Weinstein is spending his time in the hospital reading books about Winston Churchill and speaking with his two young children and ex-wife Georgina Chapman, the source said. 

However, Weinstein has not had visits from any of his five children. 

‘He feels bad that they might have to bear the mark of being his children and he doesn’t want that pain for them but doesn’t want to lose them in his life either,’ Spokesman Juda Engelmayer said to CNN.  

Engelmayer, who also paid a visit to Weinstein’s hospital bed Friday, said the disgraced Hollywood producer has struggled to come to terms with the jury’s decision.

‘He doesn’t understand how the jury didn’t understand that he’s not guilty of these crimes,’ said Engelmayer, according to Page Six.

‘He’s not in the best spirits.’

Engelmayer sought to dispel rumors that Weinstein’s diversion to hospital – instead of Rikers Island correctional facility – has left him with a sweeter deal.

‘He’s emotionally down, he’s mentally down. He’s in a prison,’ he said.

‘Let’s dispel any notion he’s in some cushy place. His hospital room is a cinder block room with a hospital bed and a very wide open stainless steel toilet with no lid and open glass windows all around. Any cops or hospital staff can see in when they walk by.’

Yet, Weinstein has come under fire for his ‘special treatment’ after claims emerged he was staying in a large hospital suite with his family instead of the grim Rikers Island cell he’s supposed to be in.  

He is due to be sentenced on March 11 and he faces up to 29 years in prison. 

His legal team had initially said after his conviction that they were trying to get him released on bond prior to his sentencing. 

Weinstein was supposed to be jailed at the notorious Rikers Island, New York City’s biggest lock up

But Aidala now says that might not be the case due to separate charges Weinstein is facing in California.

Aidala told Bloomberg on Friday that he fears the convicted rapist could be arrested by Los Angeles authorities if they try to get him out on bail while he awaits sentencing in New York.

‘This is all new uncharted territory,’ said Aidala.

‘He’s got his case in LA, and we’re trying to figure out – if we get him out – they could immediately move to get him in their custody once a judge here grants him bail.’

In the California case, Weinstein is accused of raping one woman in a Beverly Hills hotel and groping another woman, model Lauren Young, while masturbating in a hotel bathroom on consecutive nights during Oscars week in 2013.

He is charged with forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery by restraint.

The charges, which were announced the night before his New York rape trial started on January 6, could land Weinstein an additional 28 years in prison if convicted of the most serious counts.

Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno told DailyMail.com that their team haven’t yet started thinking about the LA case.    

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