Putin's state TV puppets call for Sunak to be targeted with missiles

Putin’s state TV puppets call for Rishi Sunak to be targeted with a hypersonic missile and the IRA to be supplied with weapons to attack the royal family

  • Top Russian pundit Vladimir Soloyov launched a foul mouthed tirade on Britain
  • He called Zelensky a ‘b******’ and demanded a missile strike on PM Rishi Sunak
  • Other pundits said Moscow should arm the IRA for strikes on Buckingham Palace

Leading Russian state television pundit Vladimir Solovyov has called for the Russian military to target Rishi Sunak with hypersonic missiles and arm the IRA in his latest venomous rant amid Britain’s ongoing support for Ukraine.

Putin’s top mouthpiece today hit out at the Prime Minister for providing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with a contingent of Storm Shadow missiles, and claimed the use of nuclear weapons ‘is inevitable’ as the conflict rages on.

‘Britain, knowing that the b****** Zelensky is planning strikes deep into Russian territory and the capture of Russian cities, specifically give him missiles.

‘He directly wants to use long-range weapons to strike Russia directly — and lies to Westerners,’ Solovyov continued.

‘So here is a Kinzhal [missile]. Rishi Sunak, here is a Kinzhal… we have to use them.’

The foul mouthed tirade comes just days after Sunak hosted Zelensky at his Chequers residence in Aylesbury before making further commitments to provide Kyiv with more missiles and train Ukrainian pilots in fast jets.

On state-run TV in Russia, top pundit Vladimir Solovyov demanded that Rishi Sunak is targeted with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile

A handout photo made available by the British Prime Minister’s Office No.10 Downing Street shows Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (R) with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at Chequers, the country house of the Prime Minister in Buckinghamshire, Britain, 15 May 2023

Russian MiG-31 is seen carrying a Kinzhal hypersonic missile

During his show on Rossiya 1 – Russia’s top state-controlled news channel, Solovyov declared that British military bases overseas should feel the wrath of Russia’s missiles.

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‘What should we say to the British?’ he asked rhetorically.

‘Destroy the hell out of all British military structures outside the UK, for a start.’

He demanded Russia arm partisans with ‘weapons that they could not even think of’, so that British military facilities would ‘feel the wrath of God’.

This encouraged fellow pundit Vladimir Rogov – who runs an organisation to support pro-Russians living in invaded Ukraine – to ask: ‘Can’t we somehow ensure the remaining combat wing of the Irish Republican Army, which is fighting against British occupation, has normal weapons to hit Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, and elsewhere…?’

Rogov argued this would amount to offering the Irish ‘self-determination’ and would also serve to damage British institutions.

‘This – and Scotland will be free,’ Solovyov responded.

The raging pundit is one of the most recognisable faces on Russian television – and arguably Putin’s most outspoken mainstream propagandist. 

He marked himself out as one of the despot’s darlings in 2018 when he hosted a weekly show named ‘Moscow, Kremlin, Putin’ which offered a roundup of all the great and good performed by the Russian president across the country each week.

But his broadcasts, which typically feature rambling monologues interspersed with fiery panel discussions, have become increasingly hawkish since Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Solovyov, 59, gained worldwide notoriety thanks to countless outbursts on his nightly talk show ‘Evening with Vladimir Solovyov’, in which he regularly unleashes tirades about how Russia should wipe out its enemies with devastating attacks.

He has threatened Ukraine’s Western allies with nuclear warfare, famously declaring that ‘London will turn to dust and burn in hell’, and has called for Putin to ‘plunge Ukraine into the dark ages’, earning the moniker ‘Putin’s voice’ for his unwavering allegiance to the Kremlin. 

His latest unhinged comments come just days after Moscow launched a brutal barrage of missiles and attack drones on Kyiv in response to Zelensky’s meeting with Sunak to procure more weapons.

At Sunak’s official country residence of Chequers on Monday, Zelensky won the promise of hundreds more air-defence missiles and long-range attack drones.

Explosion of a Russian-launched missile in the sky over Kyiv this morning

Mr Sunak on Monday pointed out Mr Zelensky was the first world leader he had entertained at Chequers and suggested it will be a ‘crucial’ week in the struggle against Russia

The two leaders greeted each other with a hug after the Ukraine president landed in Chinook helicopters

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Dressed in his trademark fatigues, Zelensky gave a bear hug to Sunak after disembarking from a Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter.

He said the crisis was a matter of ‘security not only for Ukraine, it is important for all of Europe’.

‘The front lines of Putin’s war of aggression may be in Ukraine, but the fault lines stretch all over the world,’ Sunak said.

The Kremlin retorted that the new UK weapons would cause ‘further destruction’ – only to launch an indiscriminate attack on the Ukrainian capital hours later.

Last week it emerged the UK had become the first country to provide long-range precision missiles to Ukraine.

The Storm Shadow cruise missiles, accurate to beyond 150 miles, are expected to be at the heart of the much anticipated counter-offensive against Russian occupiers.

But the prospect of the UK supplying fighter jet has effectively disappeared, despite Zelensky visiting in February and presenting Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle with a pilot’s helmet in a not-so-subtle hint of what he wanted from the UK.

Instead the RAF will help train Ukrainian forces to use Western jets, with No10 insisting Kyiv has ‘decided’ to focus on F-16s – which Britain does not use. 

Sunak is expected to urge other countries to provide the airframes that Ukraine wants.

Zelensky said his people are grateful ‘from our hearts’ for the support the UK had provided. 

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