Romanian toyboy, 27, inheriting £150k after vicar husband, 81, died is 'gold digging LEECH who's not upset', family says

THE Romanian toyboy who will inherit £150k after his 81-year-old husband died is a "gold digger" and "leech" who is not upset, his devastated family said today.

Ex-vicar Philip Clements tragically died alone in a Romanian hospital on Sunday after moving to Bucharest to be with his 27-year-old lover Florin Marin.

Mr Marin will now receive the eye-watering £150,000 as part of Mr Clements' life insurance policy – after insisting he had cried over his husband's death but that "two days is enough".

But Mr Clements' family today revealed to the Sun Online how they had been left horrified at Mr Marin's behaviour – and how he had not even seemed upset when he called to tell them the news.

Retired Royal Mail driver Tony Clements, 71, spoke to Florin Marin for the first time on Sunday night after the 27-year-old called him to let him know Philip had died.

He revealed the brothers had stopped seeing each other as he had felt "angry" about the relationship. 

The 71-year-old said: “He’s a gold digger. Jeremy Kyle said it to him when they went on his show and he said 'no, no’. But he is.

“Why would a chap his age be interested in an 81-year-old man?

“If I was Philip, I’d have tried to find someone closer to my own age. But he obviously loved Florin.

“I don’t think Florin loved him.”

And Philip's other brother Brian, 76, added: "Florin is a leech and he’s got what he always wanted."

But Florin today insisted that Philip wouldn't have wanted him to be unhappy, saying: "My darling people, it is not my fault that left me with this money.”



Mr Marin said it was his “right” to now claim his late husband’s £2,000 pension for the rest of his life. He will also receive £10,000 for the funeral preparations along with the £150,000 in life insurance.

Philip and Florin had made headlines with their love affair when they met on Grindr – with the couple insisting the relationship was real.

They even appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show to declare their lovedespite Florin's clubbing ways.

But the relationship put a strain on Philip's family – with his brothers fearing elderly man, who was once a parish priest in Eastry, near Sandwich, was being taken advantage of the model 55 years his junior.

The brothers then stopped speaking, with grandad of 11 Tony revealing how he had been left devastated by a late night phone call that Philip had died on Sunday.

He said: “I was half asleep because it was late and he said ‘are you the brother of Philip? I have to tell you he passed away 30 minutes ago’ 

“I was shocked. I said, ‘OK, thanks very much for letting me know’.

“He says he’d been crying for two days but he didn’t sound very upset on the phone then, or when he called on Monday.

“He wasn’t crying at all."

But Tony said he still had not been told how Philip died.

Mr Marin has said that the elderly vicar had developed a fever before he had to be rushed to hospital.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was unable to visit him – with Mr Clements tragically dying alone.

Mr Marin said his husband had tested negative for coronavirus.

Philip's ashes will now be scattered in a lake in Bucharest.

Tony said: “I just said to let me know when he’s doing it so I can be thinking of him. I wouldn’t want to go there.”

Tony said he and their brothers Brian, 74, and Charles were in Philip’s will.

They were set to inherit the house he sold for £230,000 along with any other money he had when he passed away.

But that changed after Philip married Florin.

Rev Philip had married Florin in April 2017 after the pair met on Grindr, with the pensioner selling up his home in Sandwich, Kent, to buy a home in Bucharest to be with his new husband.

They then travelled the world together.

He used to spend so much money on Florin, who just wanted designer things all the time.

The couple broke up five months later over disagreements over Florin's clubbing with Philip moving back to the UK – but soon rekindled their romance.

At the start of this year, Philip moved to Bucharest again so the couple could celebrate their third anniversary.

Tony said: “Me and Philip never even spoke about that. All I cared about was him being healthy – at one point, he was taking about 50 tablets a day for his heart problems.

“I don’t even know how much he had. As far as I knew, he was broke. He used to spend so much money on Florin, who just wanted designer things all the time.

“He signed over the flat in Romania to Florin. That’s worth £100,000.

“I presume Philip changed his will – Florin is his next of kin.”

Vicar Philip wed Tony and his wife, who have separated.

Tony said the last time he spoke to Philip was on Tony’s birthday on March 6.

They last saw each other over a year ago, only when bumping into each other in a Morrisons supermarket.

Before that, Philip would visit Tony’s home in Dover, Kent, once a month for dinner.

Dad-of-four Tony said: “There was no way I was going to invite Florin, so the dinners stopped.

“I don’t get angry about their relationship now – it’s done, and it’s what Philip wanted.

“But we never properly made up after falling out over Florin. We only spoke over the phone on birthdays and at Christmas.

“I had no problem with him being gay, of course I didn’t. There’s no reason to.

“None of the family agreed with it because of the age difference, for a start. And Florin always used to say he was a model, but as far as we know, he never did any modelling.

“He’s a gold digger.”


Tony added: “I feel sad that Philip went so many years without telling anyone he was gay.

“His death only started to hit me on Monday and I just broke down. It got to me.

“Philip was a caring brother. We had some good times together and I’ll remember them.”

And Philip's other brother Brian revealed his fears that Florin had been "out to get him from the start". 

Calling Florin a "leech" he said he had fallen out with his brother five years ago and never spoke to him again.

Retired Mr Clements, who served as a Royal Marine for 43 years, said he isn’t surprised he's not in line to receive anything from his late brother, 81.

Speaking from his home in Havant, Hants, married Mr Clements today said: “The last time I spoke to my brother was five years ago, we fell out because of his boyfriend.

“He wouldn’t listen to our advice, he gave up everything – a nice place in Kent, his friends, and he was still working as a minister.

“Florin is a leech and he’s got what he always wanted.

“We tried to warn Philip that Florin was just out to get him from the start but he didn’t see it that way, he was convinced it was love.

“All his friends at the parish tried to tell him too but he didn’t listen.

“The pictures of their wedding show it clearly that it was all a joke, you could tell Florin was not interested in him.

“He is a leech – that’s our name for him.”

Mr Clements added: “We’re not getting anything from his death, but I’m not worried. If he stayed on his own he would have left us something, I’m sure.

“I was upset at the time when he didn’t take my advice but we had just let him get on with it since and disowned each other.”

Florin declined to comment on the claims of Philip's brothers.

The couple had been living off of Philip’s teaching and church pension.

Elderly Philip had undergone heart surgery in September last year, with his health woes made worse when he says he broke five ribs at home.

Philip previously served as a priest with the Anglican church but retired before marrying Florin.

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