Royal Marine Commandos receive new high-tech uniform

Army Commandos and Royal Marines form new high-tech ‘strike company’ given the choice of new gadgets and weapons to target terrorists and enemy countries anywhere on earth

  • The navy is forming an elite 150-strong Commando Vanguard Strike Company
  • The elite troops will be handed the latest tactics technology and weapons
  • Royal Marines and army commandos will begin training together this Autumn 
  • The first Vanguard Strike Company will be ready for deployment early in 2021 

The Royal Navy is to create a new Royal Marine Commando Vanguard Strike Company, using the latest weapons and tactics to operate at trouble spots around the world. 

An estimated 150 Royal Marines and Army Commandos will begin training together in the Autumn to form the new unit – ahead of their first deployment next year. 

The elite group will have their choice of cutting edge technology and weapons. 

The Royal Marines Commando force are getting new uniform as part of a new plan to create an elite Vanguard group with the capability to be deployed anywhere in the world 

The commandos will use new weapons and tactics and are even getting a high tech uniform 

Under the plan, the Commandos will be able to operate in all climates due to their elite status

Among the new technology available by the Vanguard force is this unmanned Mast 13 boat 

According to the navy: ‘The Royal Marines are currently undergoing a bold modernisation project – known as the Future Commando Force programme – which will overhaul how the world-famous green berets operate.’ 

The group will use new weapons and tactics while they will train to a higher standard than regular commandos. 

Commandant General Royal Marines, Major General Matt Holmes, said: ‘The Vanguard Strike Company will lead and inform how the Royal Marines and Army Commandos will operate and fight in a dynamic, technological era of warfare.

‘We envisage several of these networked sub-units persistently forward deployed around the globe, with an array of sophisticated enabling capabilities, to present dilemmas to adversaries whilst supporting partners. These will all be at high-readiness, as a capable forward contingency force at the core of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Response Groups.’

The commandos will be given the latest equipment, technology and weapons to give them an advantage against opposition forces 

The Commandos regularly train with other Nato forces such as this Norwegian Skjold Class Corvette during some Arctic training 

The Commandos have been involved in experimental training to develop new tactics 

The commandos will be equipped with the Diemaco C-7 assault rifle and a quick drying uniform

According to the navy, the commandos will work in small,  highly trained units, offering ‘agile and lethal capability’ at a moment’s notice ‘for war-fighting, specific combat missions such as commando raids, or providing humanitarian assistance’.  

According to a source: ‘This is about returning commando forces to their roots: to operate at reach and in all theatres, including the arctic, as the spearhead of operations.   

‘The NATO procured uniform – which is being procured from USA-based firm Crye Precision – is lighter-weight, has higher tear-strength, is faster-drying and is more breathable than typical 50/50 cotton/nylon clothing.

‘The Vanguard Strike Company will wear this uniform on their first deployment.’

The new uniforms are lighter than the existing kit and has a higher tear resistance while also being able dry quicker than the clothing currently used by the commandos 

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