Russia claims Australia tampered with evidence from the MH17 tragedy

Russia sensationally claims Australia tampered with MH17 wreckage after the plane was shot down – as four separatists accused of killing 298 passengers and crew face court for the first time

  • Dr Alexey Pavlovsky believes evidence from MH17 was falsified by investigators
  • He claims the investigation was predetermined to blame Russia for the attack
  • Dr Pavlovsky says any contrary evidence was hidden by international media 
  • There were 298 people killed including 38 Australians in the tragedy in July 2014
  • A BUK missile shot from land held by pro-Russia separatists hit the Boeing 777

The Russian ambassador to Australia has claimed that the country’s federal police tampered with evidence from the MH17 plane wreckage.

Dr Alexey Pavlovsky believes integral evidence from the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over the Ukraine was falsified by Australian investigators.

A total of 298 people were killed, including 38 Australians, when a BUK missile shot down the Boeing 777 from Ukrainian territory held by pro-Russia separatists in July 2014. 

Dr Pavlovsky claimed that there are flaws in the investigation which was made to reach a predetermined result and blame Russia for the attack.

‘The experts say that many of these pictures have been heavily tampered with and it seems that the Australian Federal Police as part of the investigation also had information to this effect but it somehow chose to withhold it from the public,’ he told 9News.

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Debris from Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 burning in a field in Grabovo near the border of Russia and Ukraine in July 2014

Dr Alexey Pavlovsky believes key evidence used by Australian investigators was tampered with to produce a predetermined result and blame Russia for the attack

Analysts from the MH17 Joint Investigation Team (JIT) included representatives from Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ukraine.

The JIT have charged Russia’s Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov and Ukraine’s Leonid Kharchenko with the tragedy, with a trial to begin on Monday.

Footage used in evidence by the JIT showed a truck with a BUK missile from the Russian armed forces travelling from Russia to the Ukraine before returning with no missile. 

Russia has denied this accusation, with Dr Pavlovsky saying it is important to establish the truth for the victims families.

‘I saw on the internet some copies of the documents indicating the Australian participants to the JIT at least had some signals on the pictures presented as evidence being falsified,’ he said.

Dr Pavlovsky believes any evidence that is contrary to blaming Russia for shooting down the plane has been hidden by the Australian and international media.

‘The investigation was based on falsified pictures and on the recordings provided by the security services of Ukraine. For me that’s quite enough to smell a rat here,’ Dr Pavlovsky said.

The Australian Federal Police have denied accusations of using falsified evidence.

The destroyed cockpit of the plane on display in 2015. Evidence found that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile shot from Ukrainian from territory held by pro-Russia separatists

 A piece of the plane wreckage lies in a field in Grabovo, Ukraine. The MH17 Joint Investigation Team have charged Russia’s Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov and Ukraine’s Leonid Kharchenko with the tragedy

Many questions remain unanswered more than five years after the tragedy.

Former Australian foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop told the ABC in 2018 that Russia needed to explain why a missile was taken Russia to Ukraine prior to the attack.

‘The Russian Federation must answer how it is that a sophisticated weapon, a BUK missile, was transported from Russia into Eastern Ukraine and was used to bring down a civilian aircraft carrying 298 people and then was immediately taken back into Russia,’ she said.

None of the accused will appear in court because both Russia and the Ukraine don’t extradite citizens for criminal trials.

Because of this, any sentence imposed may not be served as the Netherlands has no authority over either country.

There is a possibility for more people to be charged over the incident, with the accused facing life in jail under Dutch law.

Dutch embassy employees in Kiev, Ukraine at a silent vigil for the 298 victims of the tragedy in July 2014

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