Second round of stimulus checks 'is a necessity right now’ to help starving Americans, warns Nancy Pelosi

A SECOND round of stimulus checks "is a necessity right now" to help starving Americans, Nancy Pelosi has warned.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives is calling on Congress to get a move on as negotiations intensify between Democrats and Republicans for more federal coronavirus relief.

Congress had previously approved the Treasury Department to give $1,200 checks to every American taxpayer – with extra financial help for parents with kids under 18.

There is also additional help for the unemployed with $600 weekly checks – but there are fears the arrangement won't be extended beyond July 26.

Ms Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that another universal round of direct payments was "so essential."

She said: "This is urgent. They need to buy food. These are necessities.

"And when people use that money for necessities, they inject demand into the economy and create jobs.

"So it is a stimulus, but it's more than a stimulus — it is a necessity right now."

She added that she was "absolutely" willing to delay Congress' August recess to get new stimulus check deal.

'Wish List'

Ms Pelosi avoided putting a figure on how much money each American should get in this round, but insisted it was crucial it was enough to help all struggling families.

Democrats in the House passed a sweeping $3trillion coronavirus rescue package in May that would send $1,200 check to each American but also provide an additonal $1,200 for each child in a household's tax filing.

But that bill has not gained favour in the Senate, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling it a liberal "wish list."

Mr McConnell has also suggested the next stimulus check may only be available to American's making less than $40,000 a year, according to Forbes.

However, a source familiar with the negotiations told Bloomberg that "a cap at that level is not seen as likely."

Both the House and the Senate will return to Capitol Hill next week for the beginning of talks on direct payments.

Other key coronavirus relief packages such as more federal aid for states and liability reforms to shield small businesses will also be up for discussion.

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