Spanish anchor caught out when journalist is seen naked behind him

Spanish TV news anchor is caught out when semi-naked female journalist is spotted in the background while he speaks to camera – and it’s NOT his girlfriend

  • Spanish news anchor Alfonso Merlos was hosting a show live from his home
  • During the broadcast, viewers spotted a semi-naked woman walk behind him
  • They quickly deduced that she was not his ‘girlfriend’, but a fellow journalist
  • Viewers believed Merlos to be dating Spanish Big Brother star Marta López
  • However, Merlos has defended himself and insisted that the pair have split up

A Spanish news anchor was caught out by eagle-eyed viewers when they spotted a semi-naked woman, believed not be his ‘Big Brother’ star girlfriend, walking behind him while he was live on air.

Alfonso Merlos was hosting on the Estado de Alarma channel live on YouTube from his home when the incident occurred.

Viewers were quick to note that the woman who passed behind did not look like his girlfriend, and discovered that she was in fact a fellow journalist, named Alexia Rivas.

This led to accusations of Merlos cheating on his Big Brother star girlfriend Marta López, but he has since insisted that he and López were not together when he was caught out.

After remaining silent on the incident for days amid a storm of media interest and accusations, he has since spoken publicly and appeared to apologise to his ex-girlfriend while appearing on the The Ana Rosa show.

He said: ‘If you think that my attitude has not been correct or that there are things that I have not done well.

‘I have no problem asking for forgiveness, although my goal was not to harm someone else,’ he added. 

Alfonso Merlos, pictured, was hosting on the Estado de Alarma channel from his home when viewers spotted a semi-naked woman walking behind him, and has been accused of cheating

Rivas, the woman spotted behind him, has since added that she has been seeing the anchor for a few weeks, and that he said that he was single when they started seeing each other.

‘I didn’t get into a relationship, he told me he was single. We have been [seeing each other] three weeks,’ she told Socialité.

However, in a further twist to the drama, Marta López has said that as far as she was concerned, she was still with Merlos at the time, and has called the situation ‘shameful’.

The woman turned out to be fellow journalist called Alexia Rivas, and not who viewers believed was Merlos’ girlfriend at the time

Marta López, Spanish Big Brother star (pictured) was thought to be Merlos’ girlfriend, and so the appearance of Rivas behind him was a surprise to many viewers

Merlos has insisted that he and López, pictured together in November 2019, have split up and were not together when the incident occurred 


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