Teacher ‘tried to murder wife with 2ft machete in jealous rage over her sex sessions with pal’

A TEACHER tried to murder his wife with a machete after becoming jealous about her arranged romps with another man, a court heart today.

David Wing, 55, grew jealous when wife Yvonne, 45, began having sex with a local man just weeks after moving into their new home.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how jealous David had approved of his wife's relationship with "Don" until he discovered their plans to run away together.

The enraged special-needs teacher doused Yvonne in white paint before manically slashing her head with the 68cm blade.

Prosecutor James Wilson said: "There was a slightly unusual aspect to their relationship, in that three to four weeks after moving to Porth she had sex with a local man called Don.

"Her husband had no problem with her having sex with this man, but after time she became emotionally involved with Don.

"He had a problem with this and began checking her Facebook and realised a relationship was beginning between them.

"He couldn't accept this and the matter came to a head with him attacking her with a machete.

"When he swung the machete at her head he intended to kill her."

Yvonne told how a furious David destroyed their wedding photos with a carving knife during a blazing row before attacking her with a machete as she cowered on the stairs.

She said: "I said are you trying to kill me?

"He replied: 'Is this what you wanted? If I can't have you then no one else is having you'.

"When he hit me the first time I knew I'd been hit but I didn't actually feel it. He hit the back right side of my head.

"It slightly stunned me but then I saw him raise his right hand again.

"He struck me a second time but because I was halfway up the stairs I was holding onto the bannister.

"I think I tried to get down the stairs but that's the last thing I remember."



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Brave Yvonne told how she played dead while David called 999, telling them: "I think I've killed my wife. I hit her with a machete."

The Wings left their London home last year to live in Porth, South Wales, and work at a school for children with autism.

Mr Wing, from High Street in Cymmer, Porth, has admitted one count of inflicting GBH but denies attempted murder.

The trial continues.

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