Thug threatens man at gunpoint with imitation firearm

Moment thug, 19, threatens man at gunpoint during ‘robbery’ attempt with imitation firearm as he is jailed for more than two years

  • Connor Preece, then 19, was filmed threatenin an imitation gun at a Somali man
  • While he pointed a ‘gun’ at the victim Preece’s friend went through his pockets
  • Preece would not answer police questions and called it a ‘joke’ when interviewed
  • Cardiff Crown Court sentenced him, of Trowbridge, to two years and two months

Pictured:  Connor Preece who was 19 years old when he threatened a Somali man with an imitation gun

A teenager has been jailed after threatening a man at gunpoint with an imitation firearm after the man resisted another assailant going through his pockets.  

Everything was filmed on CCTV after police saw Connor Preece getting into a stolen car in Spoltt, Cardiff, earlier that day.   

The footage shows Preece, 19 at the time, pulling out an imitation gun from his tracksuit top and pointing it at a Somali man while a friend goes through the victim’s pockets. 

After being identified from the footage and arrested Preece did not cooperate with police and refused to answer any questions calling the incident a ‘joke’. 

Matthew Cobbe, prosecuting, said: ‘When the victim resisted Preece took out the firearm from his top and threatened him.’

Connor Preece was filmed on CCTV pointing a gun at a man while Preece’s friend went through the victim’s pockets in Cardiff

Mr Cobbe told the court Preece and his friend got out of the stolen car with their faces covered and approached the man who seemed to be waiting on the side of the street. 

The two assailants tried to go through their victim’s pockets and pulled the imitation gun out when he resisted. 

Preece put the gun away and his accomplice continued to search through the victim’s pockets.

When they were finished the pair got back into the stolen car and sped away from the scene.  

Hashim Salmman, defending, said Preece had only intended to scare the victim and there was no evidence the gun was loaded. 

Mr Salmman also stressed that Preece was young at the time and now acknowledges the seriousness of the incident.         

Preece, now 20, pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm and was sentenced to two years and two months in jail by Cardiff Crown Court (stock pictured)

Preece, now 20, pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm and was recalled to prison after breaching his licence.

Cardiff Crown Court sentenced Preece, from Trowbridge, to  two years and two months in jail.  

Judge Nicola Jones said: ‘There was a clear intention to persuade him and coerce him to agree to the continued search.’    

Preece has previously been sentenced to two years and eight months for brandishing a 10-inch ‘Rambo style’ knife at officers outside a café. 

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