Trump turned on 'idiot' Capitol rioters and said 'they look like Democrats', book claims

DONALD Trump reportedly turned on "idiot" Capitol rioters and said they "look like Democrats," according to shocking claims made in a new book.

In Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, due out later this summer, journalist Michael Wolff alleges that the former president claimed the rioters couldn't be "our people" after they stormed the Capitol building.

The book will include some shocking claims about how the January 6 riots unfolded, several of which were included in an excerpt published by New York Magazine on Monday.

"This looks terrible. This is really bad," Trump told an aide on the phone after watching MAGA fans break into the Capitol building, according to the book.

"These aren't our people, these idiots with these outfits," he reportedly added. "They look like Democrats."

As the events of January 6 unfolded, images of the people who were inside the Capitol building were widely shared — including fans draped in MAGA gear and American flags, people donning QAnon shirts and signs, and one man wearing a horned headdress.

The Trump fans were inside the Senate chambers and in the offices of members of the House on the day that Congress was supposed to meet to officially certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

By Wolff's account, after giving a speech about how the election was stolen from him earlier in the day on January 6, Trump seemed to not grasp how far his supporters were going for several hours.

His daughter, Ivanka, initially brushed the situation off as an "optics issue," according to the book.

The former president's daughter was "floating" around the West Wing discussing how her children had gotten into a private school in Florida, Wolff claims, a feat she was reportedly extremely pleased about.

Eventually, members of Trump's team began composing tweets in Trump's voice that they thought could address the increasing chaos at the Capitol, according to the book.

Aides reportedly presented Trump with two options, one blaming "crazed leftists" and another blaming the media for the riots.

"Bad apples, like ANTIFA or other crazed leftists, infiltrated today’s peaceful protest over the fraudulent vote count. Violence is never acceptable! MAGA supporters embrace our police and the rule of law and should leave the Capitol now!," one of the proposed tweets read.

"The fake news media who encouraged this summer’s violent and radical riots are now trying to blame peaceful and innocent MAGA supporters for violent actions. This isn’t who we are! Our people should head home and let the criminals suffer the consequences!," the other reportedly said.

Trump rejected both, according to Wolff.

By that night, Trump was finally beginning to see that he had to make some sort of statement, according to the book.

Trump advisor Jason Miller spoke to the president around 9pm and was able to make clear the gravity of the situation, the book alleges, and convince Trump that he would need to concede the election.

The advisor reportedly told the former president the day's riots were "literally going to change everything."

Trump then began questioning how the media was reporting his refusal to accept the election results, the book alleges.

"The media thinks I’m not going to leave," he reportedly said. "Do they really think that? That’s crazy."

Miller responded, "We've never laid that out. I really can't stress enough how much we have to make it clear that we're fully onboard with an orderly transition."

The riots led Trump to be impeached for a second time and to the arrests of hundreds of his supporters for storming the Capitol.

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