‘Up to 100 bodies’ of coronavirus victims ‘found in trucks’ at Brooklyn funeral home after neighbors complain of smell – The Sun

UP to 100 bodies of coronavirus victims were reportedly found piled up in U-Haul trucks parked at a New York funeral home after neighbors complained of a "smell of death".

The NYPD were called to the Andrew T Cleckley funeral home in Brooklyn Wednesday, where they blocked off the entire street after receiving a slew of 911 calls about decomposing bodies.

The news comes as NYC's mortuaries, cemeteries, crematories and city-run morgues has struggled to deal with the mounting COVID-19 victims.

Police sources told ABC News both trailers outside the funeral home each contained 50 bodies.

Neighbors alleged the bodies were stacked one on top of the other inside the trucks – which were seen parked outside the funeral home – and reports indicate they had been rotting there for over seven days.

Officers from the 63rd Precinct arrived on the scene at Utica Avenue just before 11.30 am upon receiving calls about “blood coming from one of the trucks," according to AM NY.

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