Victim surcharge to rise by 5%, raising £2million for victim support

Criminals are to pay more toward victim support services with a five per cent rise in contributions due to start next month

  • Victim surcharge will rise by 5 per cent from April this year 
  • Hike will raise extra £2million a year for services including rape support centres
  • Payments for the most serious crimes will go up by £9 to £190 

Criminals will pay more toward victim support services, ministers announced.

The Victim Surcharge – which is imposed on all convicted defendants – is to rise by 5 per cent.

The hike means an extra £2million a year will go to vital services for victims, such as rape support centres.

From next month, charges will rise across a sliding scale, and payments for the most serious crimes will go up by £9 to £190. 

Justice minister Alex Chalk announced the rise in victim surcharge on Wednesday. The new fee will come in to place in April

Justice minister Alex Chalk said: ‘It is right that offenders should do more to repair the harm caused by their crimes.

‘That is why we are raising the surcharge and will consult on further increases to ensure criminals take greater responsibility for the cost of supporting victims.’

The increase will apply from next month.

Victim surcharges are an additional sum criminals have to pay upon conviction, on top of any court ordered fines and costs.

Prior to next month’s hike, the lowest victim surcharge a court can order is for £21, or £16 to a youth.

The surcharge is an additional punishment to a conditional discharge, a fine, or a community or custodial sentence.

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