Video of teen ignoring coronavirus self-isolation in Hong Kong sparks outrage

A video of a 13-year-old girl brazenly breaking her coronavirus quarantine and going out to dinner in Hong Kong right after flying in from New York has sparked outrage, according to a report.

Since March 19, all arrivals in the city from overseas have been required to follow a 14-day mandatory home isolation, but some, like the girl in the video, openly flout the rules, the South China Morning Post reported.

The teen was filmed at a Japanese restaurant with her uncle on Monday night by a furious customer — who pointed out the electronic tracking bracelet on her wrist, which alerts authorities if the wearer leaves their registered address, the paper said.

“Why did you come out with a wristband? Don’t leave, I’m calling police!” the man says in the clip.

He then follows the girl and her uncle out of the eatery and warns a taxi driver not to let them in.

“Driver, she’s wearing a bracelet, don’t let her in,” he says. “Not wearing a mask, wearing a bracelet.”

“Where are you going now, to harm people?” the man continues, as he follows the girl and her uncle.

“You sat next to me for so long,” he adds. “You were told to do a 14-day quarantine.”

The five-minute clip ends with the teen and her uncle running into a hotel to seek help.

Officers later found the girl at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Sha Tin, and she was sent to a quarantine facility in Fo Tan shortly after midnight Monday, a police spokeswoman told the outlet.

A law enforcement official told the SCMP the girl studies in the US and arrived in Hong Kong from New York on Monday evening. Another source said her uncle booked a room at the hotel and the pair went to dinner before checking in.

“I was terrified,” one diner at the same restaurant told the paper. “The behavior of the girl was irresponsible. Although she’s not a confirmed case, everyone has reason to be scared.”

The eatery said all items, including utensils and menus, that the pair had used had been destroyed immediately. The restaurant was closed Tuesday to be sanitized.

Chief executive Carrie Lam said Tuesday it was “distressing” to know people were breaking the orders.

“These people who openly violated the mandatory home quarantine order will increase the risk of virus transmission. The behavior is very irresponsible,” Lam said.

“We appeal to these groups of people not to defy the law. Is it worth having a criminal record for going out once?”

At least 24 people have been sent to quarantine facilities for breaking their home self-isolations, the SCMP reported.

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