VIDEO: Thai motorist loses control and almost hits a pedestrian

Moment a car spins off road and narrowly misses a pedestrian but somehow ends up perfectly parked in Thailand

  • The driver lost control of their SUV on a corner in Samut Sakhon on August 28 
  • The rear of the large car lost grip causing the SUV to oversteer dramatically 
  • The motorist failed to catch the mistake in time sending him hurtling off the road 

A Thai driver had a miraculous escape after he lost control of his SUV while taking a sharp bend too fast. 

The car missed a pedestrian and mounted the kerb but somehow managed to stop with its bonnet inches away from a storefront, sitting tidily in a parking bay.

CCTV captured the rear of the large car stepping out after the driver failed to slow down for the right-hand bend. 

The motorist overcorrected, causing him to oversteer dramatically and sending him careering towards shops in Samut Sakhon on August 28. 

The black SUV, pictured, lost control after taking a right-hand bend in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on August 28

The SUV managed to narrowly avoid ploughing into this shop front, pictured left, after losing control on the tight bend 

The black car also narrowly avoided a woman pushing a cart during last week’s incident 

The driver sat still in his car for a few moments to compose himself before reversing out onto the street

Luckily the car managed to avoid a woman pushing a cart who was about to cross the road as the out-of-control vehicle approached. 

The car shoots into the covered parking structure and braked heavily narrowly avoiding striking a shop front. 

The CCTV footage covering the forecourt shows the car sitting for a few seconds while the driver recovers their composure before reversing back onto the street. 

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Amazingly, the driver drove off having avoided damaging their car during the close call

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