Waitress who threw out Silicon Valley entrepreneur for racially abusing Asian family receives $91,000 in ‘tips’ – The Sun

A WAITRESS has received $91,000 in tips after she was filmed standing up to a Silicon valley boss who was hurling racist abuse at an Asian family.

Gennica Cochran, who worked at Lucia restaurant in Carmel Valley, California, escorted Michael Lofthouse, 37, out after he yelled "Trump is going to f*** you" to the diners. 

Cochran was hailed an “everyday hero” by people who have been donating money to the waitress via GoFundMe. 

One page set-up to tip Cochran is called “A Big Tip for an Everyday Hero” and has already raised $71,000. 

Two other GoFundMe accounts have so raised an extra $20,000 collectively — and the money is still pouring in. 

Cochran told KGO-TV the tips will allow her to take up yoga teaching and she added she was also working out how to share the cash with other servers. 

Lofthouse had launched his foul-mouthed attack on Jordan Chan and her family at a restaurant in California on July 4.

The Silicon Valley entrepreneur, who founded firm Solid8, sat across from the group at Bernardus Lodge and Spa's Lucia restaurant.

They started filming him after he told them to "go back to whatever f****** Asian country you're from" and "you don't belong here".

Get out of here… you do not talk to our guests like that

At first they challenge him — asking: "What's wrong with you, man?"

Lofthouse, whose firm is based in San Francisco, then sticks up his middle finger before being ordered to leave.

He gets up from his chair but continues: "You f***ers need to leave."

Cochran is then heard telling him “to leave now” — shouting "Get out of here. You are not allowed here. You do not talk to our guests like that".

But Lofthouse rages: "You f***ing Asian piece of s**t."

He then turns to the waitress and says: "Who are these f***ers?"

She stands her ground, saying: "They are valued guests."

Lofthouse then replies: "Are they? They are valued guests in America?"

The horrifying video was posted by Ms Chan on social media Sunday and went viral after it was shared by pop star Kelly Clarkson.

She wrote: "Change won’t happen if we’re sittin’ down so keep standing!"

Lofthouse, who graduated from Northumbria University in 2005 in the UK and emigrated to America in 2010, has since apologised.

He told ABC7: "My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments.

"I would like to deeply apologize to the Chan family. I can only imagine the stress and pain they feel.

"I was taught to respect people of all races, and I will take the time to reflect on my actions and work to better understand the inequality that so many of those around me face every day."

Sean Damery, of The Bernardus Lodge, said: "This is an extremely unfortunate situation, however, we are proud of our staff at Lucia in keeping with Bernardus Lodge's core values.

"This incident was handled swiftly and the diner was escorted off property without further escalation.

"We provide guests with a safe environment for lodging and dining, and extend our sincere apologies to the guests enjoying a birthday celebration on a holiday weekend."

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