What are the new emergency coronavirus laws? – The Sun

NEW laws have been revealed which the Government hopes will fight coronavirus chaos. 

The emergency legislation will be pushed through parliament in the next few days to grant whatever powers are needed.

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What are the new emergency coronavirus laws?

The new laws include:

  • Allowing police and Border Force officers to arrest suspected virus carriers and put them in isolation if they need to
  • The law also allows for more phone and video hearings in court so cases can go ahead
  • Officials will also be able to suspend all plane and ship arrivals at airports or ports or there aren’t enough staff to maintain border security
  • It also enacts pension changes so retired doctors and nurses can come back into the NHS easily without their retirement cash suffering

Will the UK go into lockdown? 

The British government has no plans to bring in blanket travel restrictions for London or to close down the capital's transport system, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman said on Thursday.

"There is zero prospect of any restriction being placed on travelling in or out of London," the spokesman said.

He said police would maintain responsibility for maintaining law and order and there were no plans to use the military for this purpose.

When will coronavirus end?

No-one when the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end.

Some estimates predict the worst of it to be over in a couple of months.

This positive outlook would mean the disruptive lockdown and quarantine measures would be. 

Other models suggest draconian measures for another 18 months or so until a coronavirus vaccine is invented.

Scientists in UK, Germany, USA, Australia and China – where the killer bug originated in Wuhan – are all working to prevent further deaths, with tests on animals already underway.

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