Former soldier jailed for two years for terrorising teenage lover

Former soldier, 30, is jailed for two years for terrorising his teenage lover by pouring corrosive liquid over her head and stabbing her with a pen

  • Stephen Williams, 30, forced the girl to quit her hairdressing job because of jealous rages
  • He poured a substance used to clean the underside of lorries over her head 
  • Robert English, defending, said his client had suffered from a traumatic childhood  
  • Judge also imposed a five-year restraining order in relation to a former partner 

Lorry driver Stephen Williams, 30, was jailed for two years for terrorising his teenage lover

A former soldier who terrorised his teenager lover by pouring corrosive liquid over her head and stabbing her with a pen has been jailed for two years. 

Lorry driver Stephen Williams, 30, forced the girl, who was 18 at the time, to quit her hairdressing job because of his jealous rages, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court was told. 

But when, as he demanded, she went to live with him in his cab, he subjected her to ongoing humiliations, the court heard. 

Williams, from Bury, Lancashire, had already demanded that she shun her friends locally and cut off ties with her family, say prosecutors.

Gavin Howie, prosecuting, said the victim even recalled how, when she commented on how a new haircut for her young brother made him look ‘cute’, he became incensed. 

One incident came when Williams drove with the teen to a business where he was picking up a container he began questioning her about former partners. 

Arming himself with a knife, which he held to her throat, he said: ‘Do you think I won’t slice your throat? ‘Cause I will.’ 

The court heard he also poured a corrosive substance, used to clean the underside of lorries, over her head and then laughed at her discomfort. 

Shortly afterwards he also stabbed her in the arm with a pen. He then refused to let her go, even when she had an asthma attack. 

Another flashpoint came outside her mother’s home days later, when his victim told him she wanted to end their partnership, the court heard. 

Williams punched her in the face and kicked her as she cowered in the footwell of his car. 

He then sped off in the vehicle, said Mr Howie. 

He told her during the journey: ‘That’s it now. You’re dead. I’m taking you to a field and you’re dead.

“And then I’m going to come back and I’m gonna get your mum and sister and then I’ll save your little brother till last.”

Mr Howie said Williams bent her fingers back, causing ligament damage, before taking her back to her mother’s house. 

Williams told her the relationship was over and threatened his victim, that if she ever formed a new one, he would kill her and any new partner. 

The defendant later handed himself in at Bury police station after complaints were filed about his behaviour. 

He claimed to officers his young partner had a cocaine addiction and the only times he had ever been violent towards her was in self-defence. 

One of his former partners was approached by police to provide a witness statement in the current case, the court heard. 

She received a threatening phone call from Williams, from Liverpool Prison. 

When his cell was searched it was found he had used an unauthorised device to make the calls.

Richard English, defending, said his client had suffered from a traumatic childhood, which had impacted on his later life. Pictured: Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court

He had called the victim 181 times and another ex-partner received 380 calls, a previous hearing was told. 

Williams had previously pleaded guilty to using controlling and coercive behaviour, causing actual bodily harm and assault.

In addition, he admitted unauthorised use of a mobile phone to contact the woman and another former partner from prison and witness intimidation.

Mr Howie said Williams claimed at one point that his behaviour had been affected by witnessing the deaths of two comrades while a serving soldier in Afghanistan. 

But checks of his Army record had disclosed that the defendant had never been posted to the country.

The hearing was told Williams was dismissed from the armed forces in 2016 after being court-martialled for assault. 

Richard English, defending, said his client had suffered from a traumatic childhood, which had impacted on his later life.

The victim had indicated that she wished to continue with the relationship, he told the court. 

Mr English said the defendant, who had a steady work record as a bricklayer, joiner, soldier and lorry driver, had also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Jailing him, Judge John Potter said: ‘These offences as a whole portray you as an abusive, manipulative and controlling bully, in particular while you are in relationships with female partners.’ 

The judge also imposed a five-year restraining order in relation to a former partner. 

None was sought regarding his teenage victim.

Judge Potter said he did not consider Williams to be a ‘dangerous’ offender and he appreciated the fact the defendant had suffered considerable mental health problems, linked to his childhood traumas.  

But the judge said these factors ‘were no excuse’ for subjecting someone 10 years younger than him to such an ordeal.  

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Former NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Must Pay $336,000 per Year to Support 8 of His 14 Kids

Antonio Cromartie is a former NFL pro who has received a great deal of attention over the years for his football skills, but even more for his messy personal life. Cromartie is notorious for fathering over a dozen children with many women.

Even though he is happily married these days, he still has to pay a hefty chunk of money each month in child support. Cromartie has a sense of humor about his large family and even though he has a lot of commitments, he has managed to maintain his lavish lifestyle. 

How did Antonio Cromartie become famous?

Antonio Cromartie was born in Florida in 1984. He began playing football in high school, showing promise at an early age. He accepted an athletic scholarship from Florida State University, joining the football team and getting involved in track as well.

Cromartie proved himself to be an elite athlete, and in 2006, he signed with the San Diego Chargers. He played for the Chargers for nearly four years before being traded to the New York Jets. 

For the second half of his football career, Cromartie bounced around between teams. He played with the Jets until 2013 before being released and then signing with the Arizona Cardinals in 2014.

That year proved to be a big one for Cromartie, and he ended up making the Pro Bowl only a few months after signing with the Cardinals. In 2015, he signed with the Jets yet again but only stayed with the team for a year before being released and signing with the Indianapolis Colts. He was released in late 2016, and after a year out of the game, he announced his retirement in early 2018.

Antonio Cromartie has 14 kids

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Antonio Cromartie’s football career is certainly noteworthy, but not nearly as interesting as the tangled web of his private life. In 2010, Cromartie confirmed his marriage to Terricka Cason, but by that time, he already had a slew of children by as many as seven other women, according to Heavy. While the details of his relationships with those women have never been fully revealed, reports suggest that Cromartie’s wife gets along well with his other baby mamas.

Cromartie has so many children, in fact, that he sometimes struggles to remember all of their names — as he revealed on a 2010 episode of the show Hard Knocks. He also has trouble getting them all together for family events, which stands to reason, due to their wildly varying ages and schedules.

What is surprising, however, is that some of Cromartie’s children with his wife were conceived after Cromartie underwent a vasectomy. According to experts, vasectomies are normally a very effective form of birth control, however, “they aren’t perfect” and can fail on some occasions. 

Antonio Cromartie’s hefty child support bill

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One child can be very expensive — therefore, 14 of them would cost a fortune. Even though Antonio Cromartie has a net worth of around $10 million, he shells out a good portion of that every year in child support. In 2010, reports from Bleach Report claimed that Cromartie actually received an advance of $500,000 from his then-team, the New York Jets, so that he could pay what he owed in back child support. 

At that time, it was estimated that Cromartie was paying $336,000 per year for his eight children — so he probably pays double that these days, for 14 children and a higher cost of living.

In spite of the expense and stress that comes with having so many children, Cromartie prides himself on being a hands-on father. The former NFL pro has stated that he would describe himself as “loving, very hands-on, and a little strict. Like, ‘you need to be here, you gotta be here, you gotta do this a certain way.’” 

It is clear that Cromartie has no regrets about his large family, even if it is a lot to maintain. 

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Former ITN reporter Ken Rees dies aged 76

Former ITN correspondent Ken Rees has died aged 76.

The reporter passed away from cancer, his family confirmed. 

Mr Rees was a familiar face on ITN throughout the 80s and 90s, as he covered the civil war in Beirut, the Falklands campaign and the first Gulf War in 1991. 

In the mid-80s, Rees was promoted to the ITN Washington office, where he worked alongside Jon Snow. 

In 1986, he was named reporter of the year by the Royal Television Society, with the judges praising him for ‘his ability to report effectively and sympathetically on every kind of story from hard news to personal human tragedy’.

In the wake of his death, former colleagues have paid tribute to Mr Rees. 

Nigel Hancock, his former chief news editor at ITN, said: ‘Ken was a legend in television news.

‘He stood near six-and-a-half feet tall and when he came to town, its people knew it.

‘I have never known a reporter more determined to track down the news, to find that sometimes illusory truth.’

His former ITN colleague John Toker added: ‘Ken Rees had a voracious appetite for a story and was ultra-competitive in his approach, an attitude which made him beloved of his ITN news editors and producers and feared by his opposites at the BBC and the American news organisations.

‘The fact that he stood 6ft 5in tall and, unusually for the time, wore a beard, meant he could impose himself and take charge of any media scrum. And he often did.’

Mr Rees is survived by his wife Lynne, son Christian, daughter Samantha, and three grandchildren.

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What Ellen’s former bodyguard has to say about her

A former bodyguard for beloved TV host Ellen DeGeneres is spilling the tea about what she’s really like behind closed doors. Adding to a growing list of complaints about the chat show host and LGBTQ icon’s allegedly diva-ish behavior, this latest report suggests stories about DeGeneres’ harsh treatment of her employees and peers alike have not been exaggerated.

Tom Majercak, who was assigned to protect DeGeneres, her mother, and her wife, Portia de Rossi, when she hosted the 2014 Oscars, described his experience on the night as “demeaning.” He had some choice words for DeGeneres in particular, too, which stand in stark contrast to the sweet, wholesome image she’s projected over decades in the public eye.

Working for Ellen was no picnic

Majercak, senior manager of operations for Security Industry Specialists, a company which has provided security for the Oscars previously, told Fox News in a revealing interview that he’d accompanied the trio to the ceremony itself as well as to several events surrounding it. He admitted, “Ellen is the one person that I’ve been assigned to — and I’ve been assigned to quite a few celebrities — that has never taken the time to say hi to me.”

Majercak had nothing but good things to say about de Rossi, reserving his ire for the talk-show host, whom he said “just gave me a side glance out of her eye,” neglecting to acknowledge him further or even thank him for his services. “It was very cold and it was very sly and it was actually kind of demeaning in the way that she treats people other than those who are in her circle,” he described the experience of dealing with DeGeneres, noting only pre-approved stars were allowed to even approach her at an Oscars after-party.

Ellen stands accused of rampant bad behavior

The bodyguard was compelled to speak out in the wake of several high-profile negative reports about Ellen’s behavior in recent months. “It’s bugged me for years. I see this person come across as being very enlightened and positive and awesome and everybody loves her and is in awe and that’s really not the case when you meet her in person,” he explained. Dutch YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, AKA NikkieTutorials, described Ellen as “cold and distant” following an appearance on her talk show, according to a translation by fellow YouTuber Sebastian Williams. Echoing Majercak’s claims, de Jager also noted Ellen didn’t greet her backstage prior to the appearance.

Likewise, back in March, a damning Twitter thread from comedian Kevin T. Porter requesting stories about the talk show host being “one of the meanest people alive” gained serious traction, with responses numbering in the thousands. Also last month, Variety reported crew-members from The Ellen DeGeneres Show claimed they had yet to receive any guidance about wages, healthcare, or working hours during the coronavirus pandemic in spite of the show still being broadcast.

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Former leader of GMB trade union Tim Roache faces misconduct probe

Leader of GMB trade union Tim Roache quits unexpectedly and faces investigation after anonymous letter made ‘allegations about his conduct’

  • Tim Roache resigned as general secretary of the industrial trade union GMB
  • Union received anonymous letter last week with allegations about his conduct
  • Those involved in the letter are said to have worked for the union but no formal complaint has been made 

A union leader who stood down unexpectedly this week is being investigated after allegations were made about his conduct, it emerged last night.

The GMB said it was looking into claims against Tim Roache, who resigned as its general secretary on Tuesday night.

It said it received an anonymous letter last week in which ‘a number of allegations have been made about Tim’s conduct’ while he was leader.

The union initially said that Mr Roache had stepped down for health reasons, but added the information about the letter in a later update.

The GMB trade union said it was looking into misconduct claims against Tim Roache (pictured at the union’s London office in January), who resigned unexpectedly as its general secretary on Tuesday night

It said he was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) some years ago, which previously resulted in him taking two years’ sickness absence from work.

The GMB said in a statement: ‘Having been signed off by medical professionals earlier this week, Tim was advised to refrain completely from work – and has now taken the difficult decision to stand down from the role permanently, indicating that he does not feel mentally or physically able to continue to lead our union.’

It added: ‘GMB received an anonymous letter, last Wednesday, in which a number of allegations have been made about Tim’s conduct whilst he held the office of general secretary.

‘An investigation has been launched and it is not appropriate to comment further pending the outcome of that investigation.

It said it received an anonymous letter last week which included ‘a number of allegations’, which is said to involve people working for the union

‘Complaints which are brought to our attention will be dealt with appropriately in line with our policies and procedures and with appropriate regard to fairness and sensitivity.’

Those involved in the letter are said to have worked for the union, although it is believed no official complaint has been made against Mr Roache, a source said.

John Phillips, GMB regional secretary for Wales and South West, will now become the union’s acting General Secretary until a replacement for Mr Roache is elected.

The union is considering a process and timetable for that election, which will be held as soon as practically possible.

Earlier, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer failed to back Mr Roache when asked to comment on his resignation. His spokesman would only say that the pair had worked together in the past.

Mr Roache stood down just months after he was re-elected as the union’s leader in November.

Under his leadership the GMB backed Lisa Nandy in the race to become Labour leader in January this year. He described her as ‘a breath of fresh air’.

Following the election of Sir Keir to replace Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Roache called for the party to start a ‘new chapter’, adding: ‘We need to leave behind the infighting and navel-gazing and get on with being a government in waiting.’

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Former Jet Brandon Copeland giving back again with ‘life’ webinar for NFL players

Brandon Copeland has a game on Tuesday. Kickoff is at 5 p.m. Eastern.

Coronavirus be damned. That’s when the first in a series of webinars Copeland has created begins for fellow NFL players in which he’ll offer life advice that includes time and financial management.

It’s fitting the class Copeland teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater, is called “Life 101,’’ because in more ways than most professional athletes he has life figured out.

Copeland is a 28-year-old linebacker who recently signed with the Patriots after playing the past two years with the Jets, and he’s anything but one-dimensional. His “seasons’’ are not confined to the window in which NFL games are played, because Copeland is all about giving back and paying life forward.

Thus, the creation of the series of webinars, which are free for all active NFL players.

Copeland is determined not to let this period of sheltering in place because of the coronavirus crisis leave his peers confined to an existence of playing video games by day and watching Netflix by night.

“We should try to look at this as an opportunity to get better,’’ Copeland told The Post. “That may be by auditing ourselves, going through bills, getting things done, finding little pockets of money and coming out of this stronger in terms of having a better investment plan.

“The benefit of having me be the host is they’re talking to a brother when they’re talking to me. You can dwell on the negative of this [crisis] or you can come out of it better, because years from now, some people will talk about having made money or becoming the person they are out of the coronavirus pandemic.’’

Copeland, who graduated from Penn’s Wharton Business School before entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2013, has never relied on football to define him. He had the game taken away from him in 2017 when he tore a pectoral muscle and was out of football for a year before signing with the Jets in 2018 and resuscitating his career, producing his best season with five sacks.

So, Copeland knows better than most that there are no guarantees in sports, particularly in the NFL, which is commonly known to stand for “not for long.’’

He recently reached out to the NFL Players Association with the webinar idea and it was embraced so emphatically that he’s since been in contact with both the NBA Players Association and the Major League Baseball Players Association to offer his services.

“When I pitched this to the [NFL] Players Association, I told them this is an opportunity for us to be a resource and a support system to our guys during this time,’’ Copeland said. “If we’re not doing that, then what are we here for?’’

Copeland said he’s already had fellow players reach out to him on a one-on-one basis, asking questions about how to invest in stocks and when they should be investing.

“So, let’s have a conversation together with everyone,’’ he said. “It’s also going to help people understand who’s like-minded around the league and also will help initiate more conversations in their own locker rooms about this stuff. This is just me doing what I do and keep pushing the conversation forward and keep connecting people.’’

Submit questions on your favorite New York teams to be answered in an upcoming mailbag

Copeland said ultimately, he’d like to open the webinars up to the public.

“A lot of people rag on athletes who’ve gone broke, but it’s not just players, it’s people,’’ he said. “People see athletes go broke within a few years of retirement. But my neighbors might be doing the same thing, they’re just not in the news.’’

Copeland said Tuesday’s opener “will be more of coronavirus-related check-in and about what we can do to better ourselves to we come out of this stronger.’’

“That can be estate planning or having a grip on an investment plan or something as simple as reading some books and getting some things done that you always wanted to get done but didn’t have the time,’’ he said.

In the subsequent webinars, he will address real estate, stocks, taxes, accounting, entrepreneurship and small business.

What’s in it for Copeland?

He’s being paid a nominal “honorarium’’ by the NFLPA, but the motivation, at its core, is purely altruistic.

“For me, this is about connecting with people who are like-minded and spreading the word, spreading knowledge,’’ he said. “I’m taking an hour of my time to do what I’m already doing, what I’m passionate about, and sharing the information. I personally believe that there’s a tie between stress and mental health issues and not being where you want to be financially.

“So, to have the platform I have as an NFL player and to have an opportunity to help people become more confident in that is something that I don’t take lightly. That’s what I’m in it for. This is life.’’

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Former NHS doctor trapped in Italy coronavirus lockdown begs UK to ‘shut down EVERYTHING’ in ‘war’ against killer bug – The Sun

AN ex-NHS doctor trapped in Italy’s coronavirus lockdown has begged the UK to “shut down EVERYTHING” in the “war” against the killer bug.

Italy is the worst affected country outside of China, accounting for more than half of the roughly 22,000 cases in Europe with more than 12,000 confirmed infections.

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The whole country was placed on lockdown on Monday, with all public events banned, cinemas, gyms and pubs closed, funerals and weddings cancelled and sporting matches suspended.

And Professor Mohamed Abu Hilal, who now works in the northern city of Brescia, urged other countries to follow suit.

He tweeted: “From Brescia north of Italy: to my friends across the globe!

“COVID19 is serious, feels to be in a war!

“People are dying, not only elderly. Beds are full.

“Governments must shut down everything, prepare beds, ventilators, antivirals, doctors and nurses. People should stay at HOME!”


It comes after fellow medics working at coronavirus hotspots in Italy this week told how they are being “overwhelmed” by a “tsunami” of patients.

Dr Daniele Macchini, who works at Humanitas Gavazzeni hospital in Bergamo, northern Italy, wrote on Facebook: "The war has literally exploded and the battles are uninterrupted day and night.

"The results of the swabs now come one after the other: positive, positive, positive. Suddenly the emergency room is collapsing."

A dramatic photo of one Italian nurse collapsed on her desk from exhaustion has gone viral this week, summing up the plight of medics.

Doctors now face having to make life-or-death decisions about who to treat, with medics told to consider a patient's age and their chances of survival.

Dr Christian Salaroli told the Brussels Times: "If a person between 80 and 95 years old has severe respiratory failure, it’s likely we will not go ahead.

"If they have multi-organ failure, with more than two or three vital organs, it means that their mortality rate is 100 per cent."

Italy this week slammed the EU for being too slow to come to its aid, after the country begged for emergency medical supplies.

Germany and France are among the EU countries to have imposed limits on the export of essential medical kit.

Italian ambassador Maurizio Massari said: “Italy has already asked to activate the European Union mechanism of civil protection for the supply of medical equipment for individual protection.

“But unfortunately not a single EU country responded to the commission’s call.

“Only China responded bilaterally. Certainly this is not a good sign of European solidarity.”

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Former newspaper editor urges people to sue China over coronavirus

In an argument over whether the media is causing panic over coronavirus, one former newspaper editor has suggested that if you lose a loved one to the virus, you should sue the Chinese government.

Kelvin MacKenzie, who formerly worked at The Sun, has demanded people take legal action against China if a loved one dies due to coronavirus, encouraging people to ‘go after the government’.

Labelling China a ‘disgusting, disgraceful regime’, he believes because coronavirus started in China, the government should be held accountable.

Perhaps it comes as no real surprise following his comments, made on Good Morning Britain this morning, he’s been accused of racism.

Appearing on a panel alongside other newspaper editors and journalists, co-hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid moderated the conversation, as they spoke about the reality of the deaths from the virus as it ‘spreads fast’.

It comes as the third person dies in the UK from coronavirus, with 64 more patients confirmed to have the virus on Sunday, bringing the UK total to 273.

In response to the condition, Kelvin fumed on Monday: ‘If any of your relatives die, and I’m urging all your viewers to do this, you should sue the Chinese government.

‘It’s a disgusting, medically ill-equipped country. Where apparently the animals and the people have got together, they’ve caused this virus. If your mum and dad dies, get after them in the courts. We should make them pay.’

As members on the panel challenged him on the point, and Susanna deadpanned towards the camera, he continued, evidently deadly serious: ‘How are you going to stop people doing whatever they’re doing with bat soup and snakes?

‘How did this start? It started in China, it’s killing our people, we should come after their government.

‘This does not happen in non-authoritarian government.

‘It’s a disgusting, disgraceful regime and all these viruses start in China.’

Susanna mentioned how the measures China have now brought in to combat coronavirus have led to a drop in cases, however Kelvin added: ‘They started the damn thing.’

Some Good Morning Britain viewers accused him of racism, as they shared their thoughts on his message on social media.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘Kelvin Mackenzie suggesting people sue the Chinese government… heard it all now!’

A viewer raged: ‘Is this guy for real? Get him off he’s chatting absolute sh*te about Bats and suing China. P*ss off tw*t.’

Another accused him of ‘inciting some pretty hateful stuff’.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays 6am on ITV.

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Former 'NCIS: New Orleans' Star Lucas Black Opens up About His 5-Year Sobriety

It’s been four months since Lucas Black last graced viewers with an appearance on NCIS: New Orleans. His iconic character, Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, may have been killed off the show, but in real life, Black’s been busy catching up with family and friends. The actor recently took to Instagram to reveal a 5-year milestone in maintaining sobriety.

Lucas Black is living his best life since his ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ exit

When Lucas Black first decided to leave NCIS: New Orleans, his reasons, he previously stated, had to do with wanting to spend more time with his family. The star’s social media proves he’s been doing just that, fishing, teaching his three children how to hunt, and soaking in quality time with long lost friends.

Some speculated that Black left his long-running stint on the NCIS spin-off to reprise another role. Black’s 2015 part in The Fast and the Furious franchise movie, Tokyo Drift, catapulted him into another level of superstardom.

With the next iteration of the Fast franchise in the works, news broke of Black’s return. Sean Boswell will, in fact, star in the ninth Fast movie. This both delighted Black’s fans and disappointed them. While his return to the big screen is huge, some wondered why he had to leave LaSalle behind to do it.

That said, the husband and father of three seems to be living his best life. Black previously said the commute to work, along with long hours of filming an hour-long procedural drama, sacrificed too much time away from Black’s personal life.

It’s unclear if he may ever return to NCIS: New Orleans — even if by way of flashbacks — but for now, he’s spreading inspirational messages for his fans.

Black shared a message of hope for his fans regarding his sobriety

On Feb. 23, Black posted an inspirational video to his Instagram page. In it, Black shared that he gave up drinking five years ago and has become a better man for it. Religion and spirituality are important to Black and he often uses his platform to spread messages of hope and encouragement to his followers — such as this one.

“God put this on my heart to share with you all. Five years ago I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. We have a serious issue with the prevalence of alcohol abuse in our society,” he said.

He continued: “The Holy Spirit convicted me that drinking alcohol was negatively affecting my life and people around me. I also hope that I can positively influence someone to get help and make the choice to stop drinking! 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 Romans 12:1-2, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 #Jesus#holyspirit#alcohol#influence#othersfirst”

The NOLA star didn’t go into detail about his drinking days, so it’s unclear if it had become an issue or if he simply decided he wanted to give up alcohol for other personal reasons. Regardless, the message had an impact on his many fans.

Black’s fans weighed in to show support

With over 26,000 likes on his Instagram post, some of the comments include many sharing their own stories.

“Thank you, my Friend, for your positive message and commitment to Jesus! You are truly a man of God and I appreciate you!” one fan said. “Congratulations! Husband is coming up on one year of sobriety. He had struggled for over 30 years. Now he is happier and healthier than ever. Thank you Jesus,” another said.

Fast franchise co-star, Tyrese, even weighed in saying, “So so very proud of you!!!! Man, this is so great!!!!! Send my love to your wife and kids!!! So very proud of you bro!”

With 380 comments of support and counting (on Instagram alone), Black’s words clearly touched many. The same post via Twitter has just over 1,000 likes, 117 retweets, and dozens of comments with the same sentiments.

Black may not appear on NCIS: New Orleans anytime soon, but he’s keeping up with all the things that matter to him — and that’s a very LaSalle thing to do.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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