Inside the ‘Enid Blyton’ upbringing Kate Middleton is giving George, Charlotte & Louis & why it’s always been her dream

THEY may be one of Britain’s most elite families and live in a palace, but Kate Middleton is managing to give her kids the “Enid Blyton” upbringing she craved for them. 

According to a source, the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, is determined to ensure they have a down-to-earth childhood like she had. 

The insider told Fabulous: “Kate is giving her children the Enid Blyton ‘Famous Five’ life that she always wanted for them. 

“She ensures their lives are outdoorsy and full of tree climbing, swimming, making dens, growing their own flowers and vegetables, team games, dog walking.

“It’s a solid, balanced, kind family life that she always experienced in Bucklebury.”

Currently Kate and William are said to be self-isolating with Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and one-year-old Prince Louis at their Norfolk countryside home, Anmer Hall. 

A source said: “George, Charlotte and Louis are now relishing their freedom in the spacious gardens of Anmer Hall. 

“Climbing frames, a climbing wall and swings are a big part of the Cambridge outdoors activity scene, and Kate will do pond dipping and note-taking to log what they have spotted. 

“Birdwatching with binoculars is another favourite of the kids.”

The 10-bedroom retreat has acres of outside space for the young tots to explore, and the family love to play games on the lawn. 

The source added: “As a family the Cambridges encourage competition, they understand there will always be winners and losers.

“William is a protective husband and father though not stifling. The Cambridges share a wicked sense of humour, love having fun with each other and their children.”

Royal expert Ingrid Seward spoke of how Kate – and siblings Pippa and James – were raised by their parents Carole and Michael Middleton in Bucklebury. 

She said: “For Carole, family always came first, and she worked hard to give them the opportunities she never had. 

“The three children were well-educated and extremely well-mannered, could play sport, sing, dance and enjoyed the outdoors. 

“Carol also taught them to cook, create and do things together as a family.

“Kate’s stable background instilled in her a natural confidence, which has helped her so much in royal life.”

Kate has been known to whip out the camera to take snaps of her kids playing there, and many official portraits have been taken in the picturesque grounds. 

This includes the recent heartwarming shot that was released on Mother’s Day, showing Will and Kate giving their eldest two children piggybacks in the Anmer Hall grounds. 

No doubt Kate and Maria will be keeping the youngsters up-to-date with their school studies, but the duchess will also be enforcing the importance of outdoor play.

Kate has said in the past: “I believe that spending time outdoors when we are young can play a role in laying the foundations for children to become happy, healthy adults.”

Kate will likely be encouraging the kids to partake in one of their favourite outside activities; spider hunting. 

We shared Kate Middleton and Prince William's sweet Mother's Day snaps of Princess Diana & George’s adorable handmade card.

Here's how the Queen, Prince Harry & Kate Middleton are coping with COVID-19, from castle isolation & banning playdates.

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Men are using lockdown to experiment with facial hair and grow quarantine beards

Beards aren’t a new trend. We’ve been falling in love with facial hair for years.

But there are some men who aren’t able to grow their beard because of work or others who have just been too scared to take the plunge before.

Lockdown is allowing men to experiment with facial hair in whatever way they’ve always wanted.

Not going outside for weeks, means they can get through the awkward patchy phase without relentless teasing and they can get a real sense of whether it’s something they want to stick with long term.

Jack Wright, 27, normally sticks to a weekly shave to keep it short but decided to give growing it out a try during isolation.

He explains: ‘I normally have a grade one that I let grow slightly during the week and trim back every Sunday prior to work. On the neck would be slightly shorter around a 0, so generally speaking it’s ‘business smart’.

‘I actually debated shaving it all off or growing it and picked the latter as I wanted to know how it would turn out. My friend Jamie had a really good beard and said it took three months to grow and I would have the time to do it now. If I looked stupid I could shave it off before anyone else sees me again.’

Growing a new beard does cause itchiness and it does need some love and care.

Jack adds: ‘The skin underneath got pretty dry. I’ve just stated to use some beard oil and moisturisers which helps but the dry skin was something that was a major change.’

Jack says he’s just going to let it keep going and will assess what it looks like when quarantine is over.

It’s a similar story for David Owen. He says: ‘I usually keep some stubble but don’t usually let it grow too long. I’m not going into the office or seeing anybody at the moment (I live alone) so I thought it was a good opportunity to grow it out!

‘I’ve done it in the past so no real problems, though it’s now reaching the point where it floats in my drink which is pretty grim. I don’t have any specific aim, I’m just curious how long I can get it before lockdown ends and I have go back to the office and look vaguely respectable.’

Laziness also has a part to play in the trend – in the same way lots of women aren’t wearing makeup while their at home, it takes a lot of motivation to get your facial hair looking fancy when you’re just sitting around.

Seán says that his beard has just sort of happened because he doesn’t want to trim it as much.

He says: ‘I usually keep my beard trimmed and generally maintain it to a shorter length. The reason I decided to grow it out is predominately laziness, trimming a beard can be quite an arduous and messy task, so I could excuse to just let it flourish!

‘I’ve noticed the odd spot appearing underneath the beard which probably isn’t good news I’ve no real aim, just curiously really, to see how long and dense I can get it, no better opportunity than now.’

Luke Carthy says he is aiming for the Idris Elba look but is struggling with some itchiness.

He jokes: ‘The kids hate it. I feel I need a hairdryer for my chin now.’

Others are using it as an opportunity to raise some cash for charity, like an impromptu Movember.

Carl Prinzel, 55, has already raised £1128 for disability charity Scope with his no shave challenge.

Before the lockdown, he had just some light stubble but he’s growing out his beard as much as he can.

‘I wanted to do something different and raise money for this great charity, whilst having a bit of fun at the same time. My main goal is to raise the awareness of Scope, to let disabled people know we are there for them,’ he says.

‘I have had to buy beard oil due to the itchiness and discomfort.  I have also been offered to switch on Christmas lights in one of my shops.’

So if you are growing a new beard during these weeks inside, what is the best way to care for it?

You need to wash it and condition it like you do the hair on your head.

Stock up on a good beard oil and apply it every day to make it softer. Apply it after you come out of the shower as your pores and hair cells will open up and absorb the oil. It’s a good idea to give your beard a quick dry with a towel first and then add a few drops of the oil and spread it through with your fingers.

It’s also a good idea to wash your beard a few times a week. You don’t need to do it every day as that will strip away all the natural oil but wash it with soap and water because you will get things caught in it. Use a shampoo that is formulated for beards. It’s a good idea to use a beard conditioner too.

It’s also important to brush it. It stops it becoming tangled and spreads the oil throughout.

And lastly, a little bit of a trim is good. Although you might want to grow it, trimming it helps it to grow evenly and gives it a little shape. Get a good beard trimmer to keep it looking good, no matter what length you grow it to.

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Results Of Her Intense Workouts In New SKIMS Collection On The Beach

Kim Kardashian’s intense workouts must really be paying off as she showed off her toned abs in her sexy new SKIMS shapewear collection on April 6.

Kim Kardashian, 49, showed off her insanely toned and fabulous figure in a sexy new black crop top and underwear from her new SKIMS shapewear collection and the star has never looked better. In her latest photo for her brand, posted on April 6, Kim looks flawless on the beach wearing a skintight outfit from the latest collection – a Smooth Essentials Tank and Dipped Thong in Onyx. Kim showed off her taut abs in the lowcut scoop neck top while the underwear rose up high on the sides of her thighs. As for her glam, Kim let her long jet-black hair down and parted in the middle, opting for a wet hair look as if she had just stepped out of the ocean.

This photo was just one of the sexy pics Kim has been posting from the new campaign. Just the other day, on April 3, Kim posed in a seamless nude crop top that was cinched in at the sides and front to tone the stomach. She styled the top with a matching pair of nude underwear. The photo was taken against a blue background and her glam was absolutely stunning. She had her dark black hair down, pin-straight and parted in the middle, going for a wet hair look. A sultry smokey eye and nude lip completed her sexy look.

Kim always manages to make her shapewear collection look unbelievably sexy and the star has been putting her workouts to good use because she looks better than ever.

@KimKardashian wears the Smooth Essentials Tank and Dipped Thong in Onyx — launching Wednesday, April 8 at 9AM PST / 12PM EST exclusively at SKIMS.COM. Available in 5 tonal shades and in sizes XXS – 4X, join the waitlist now to receive early access to shop.

A post shared by SKIMS (@skims) on

Kim’s new SKIMS Smooth Essentials collection is launching on Wednesday, April 8 at 9AM PST / 12PM EST exclusively at SKIMS.COM. The sets are available in five tonal shades and in sizes XXS – 4X.

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'Lockdown skin' is probably what's causing your spots and breakouts

When lockdown was announced, many of us thought it could at least be a chance to give our skin a break.

No make-up for weeks, more opportunity for sleep, less exposure to pollution without daily commutes – surely we should all be glowing and dewy by now.

So why hasn’t it worked out like that? Loads of us are actually finding that our skin is breaking out, oily, dull or dry during lockdown. Which is an added stress that we really don’t need right now.

We asked a couple of experts to explain the phenomenon of ‘lockdown skin’ – and help us understand why being inside and doing nothing isn’t necessarily the best thing for our beauty regimes.

Leading aesthetics doctor Dr Nina Bal, says our diets could be one of the key culprits.

‘More people are likely to be snacking due to boredom and for comfort,’ Dr Nina tells

She also says that being at home so much might mean we are increasing the time we spend with out electronic devises.She says tablets, computers and phone screens create damaging radiations that are reflected back on to our skin.

Skincare expert Vivienne Taslmat says the stress of being in lockdown and having our normal routines upended could also be behind skin problems.

‘Bad skin is often caused by stress, your body creates cortisol under stress (especially stress you have no control over),’ Vivienne tells ‘Which in turn leads to oily skin and breaks out – also swelling and rashes. 

‘What many people do not realise is that the gut and the skin are interconnected, if you are overeating or stress eating this can often lead to eczema and rosacea.’

Another key issue that Vivienne highlights is potential dehydration. Are you drinking enough water now you’re working from home? And are you drinking the right kinds of liquids?

‘Dehydration can be from two factors; not drinking enough water and drinking too many cups of coffee, tea or sugary beverages which will dehydrate your skin,’ says Vivienne.

‘If dehydration is your issue, have a bottle of water by your bed – as soon as you get up drink it, use a water app to remind yourself to drink water and don’t ignore it,’ she adds. ‘Replace tea with hot lemon water.’

As well as making a big effort to stay hydrated, there are other things you can do to try to limit the effects of ‘lockdown skin’.

How to improve your skin during lockdown

Dr Nina says we should avoiding eating too much refined sugars and chocolate, because they will dehydrate the skin and can cause breakouts.

‘Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, they will nourish your skin with a lot of vitamins, also eating plenty of dried fruits will help because of their high fibre content and antioxidants,’ she suggests.

‘This will help your digestive system get rid of toxins, great if you want to prevent spots and acne too.’

When it comes to technology, Dr Nina says it’s vital to make sure you’re taking breaks from being in front of screens.

‘Please make sure you are protecting your skin with a combination of Vitamin C and spf to bounce back more than 80% of UV rays,’ she adds. 

‘Despite the very limited time allowed outside, make sure you apply religiously at least factor 40 + on your skin as the UV rays coming from the windows are enough to age your skin and create pigmentation.’

Dr Nina says that the extra time we have at home means you can spend some time perfecting your skincare routine, and there’s more chance you’ll be able to stick to it every night.

‘Make the most of self isolation to work on your skin texture, using prescribed medical grade retinol from your aesthetics doctor once or twice a week,’ she suggests.

‘Sunny holidays seem far away but we can rejuvenate our skin by applying this incredibly active ingredient which accelerate the new skin production. Even if we peel and have redness, we don’t have any events or parties to attend.’

Peeling and redness can be a normal side-effect when using retinol – particularly at first. It’s important to use SPF protection alongside retinol products, and start with a low concentration.

Dr Nina adds that lockdown is a great opportunity to work on your overall wellbeing, which can help to make your skin better too.

‘Relax make time for meditation, exercise or stress relief,’ she says. ‘Your skin will thank you!

‘Go to bed early if you can and sleep. You can use this self isolation time as a retreat for your skin and mind.

‘The skin cells need time to renew and repair.’

Self-care is important at the moment, but don’t worry if you are breaking out or struggling with dryness.

If you have bigger things to worry about right now, that is completely understandable. But making little changes to help your skin will likely help to boost you overall health and mental wellbeing too.

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Justin Bieber Jokes Hailey Baldwin Was Going to Kick Him Out of Bed If He Didn't Shave His Mustache

Justin Bieber‘s facial hair caused quite a stir in the Bieber/Baldwin household.

On Sunday, Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram Live to talk to some of their celebrity friends also in self-isolation amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including Kendall Jenner and Toronto Maple Leafs player Auston Matthews.

During their chat with Matthews, Justin explained why he shaved his stache back in February. “Hailey was gonna freaking kill me. I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep in the bed. So, I had to shave [the mustache],” Bieber said.

The Grammy winner documented the process on his Instagram stories at the time.

“I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time,” the singer captioned the post.

“Yeeee,” wife Hailey Baldwin wrote in the comments section, along with a heart eyes emoji.

Over the years, Bieber has received both praise and criticism for the look, however, it seems Baldwin has always been a part of the latter group.

Bieber has maintained his freshly-shaven look as he self-isolates amid the coronavirus pandemic with Baldwin in Canada. Not only have they j oined their fellow celebs on Instagram Live, the pair have also showed off their dancing skills on the social media app TikTok while staying at home.

A source close to the couple told PEOPLE, “They plan on staying in Canada until it’s safe for everyone to resume their regular lives.”

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Mum shares zero waste pantry challenge which cut her monthly food bill by £106

A MUM has revealed her zero waste pantry challenge – which shaves £106 off her monthly food bill.

Olivia White, 30, from Melbourne, Australia, says the coronavirus lockdown is the ideal time to plan ahead and save some cash – especially with many struggling financially right now.

The aim of the mum-of-two's challenge is to save at least AUS$50 (£24.50) each week – adding up to £106 over the course of a month.

But Olivia's keen to stress people can save even more if they really set their minds to it.

The first step is to check what you already have stored away in the cupboards.

Chuck away anything out-of-date and make sure you know which staples you already have to hand, as well as the ones you clearly aren't using.

"You should also organise your things in a way that makes them easy-to-access, with the items you use the most at the front," Olivia says in her guide.

"By doing this groundwork, it won't just save you money but it's a much more sustainable way of living by reducing food waste."

Olivia's methodical organisation includes vacuuming, defrosting and wiping down your cupboards, fridge and freezer; taking notes on pantry items; and sorting so labels are clearly visible.

Next, start meal planning for the week – using as many of your existing cupboard supplies as possible.

Try using a supermarket meal planner to search for recipes including your staple ingredients.

Olivia adds: "Try to find meals that are easily batch cooked and can be used throughout the week, using as much as you can from your pantry and saving you on time."

Olivia's easy pantry dinners

Homemade baked beans: Different tins of beans and crushed tomatoes.

Bolognese sauce: Frozen mince, onions, carrots and tinned tomatoes.

Vegetable soup: Leftover sweet potato, carrot, red onion, capsicum (peppers) and vegetable stock.

Tuna bake: Tuna, frozen corn, pasta.

Fried rice: Fresh or frozen vegetables, eggs and rice. 

Freeze any leftover meals from the batch cooking, for busy evenings and those when you're tempted to get a pricey takeaway.

Olivia advises: "We do around 90% of our weekly food shops online. I find this is a much more manageable way to keep track of spending. As well as not overspend on impulse items."

At the end of every week, take stock, track your spending and see what you can cut back on next time.

For cheap batch cooking with cupboard essentials, Olivia recommends recipes like pasta bolognese, homemade baked beans, vegetable soup, tuna bake and fried rice.

Olivia has a handy pantry inventory, weekly shopping list and food planner – including daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – to download for free on her website.

Olivia previously revealed how she made £8,000 by selling her old junk on Facebook.

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This Guy Just Did 2,400 Pushups in 11 Hours

With all sporting events canceled until further notice, athletes are finding different ways to pass the time; Olympians are continuing their Tokyo 2021 training while stuck at home and minor league baseball player Tim Tebow is working on his gains. But what about the sports fans who like to place a bet?

Luckily, the world of online fantasy sports provided some wager-worthy entertainment this week, when Peter Christensen, aka @draftcheat, bet FantasyLabs founder Jonathan Bales that he couldn’t do 2,400 pushups in 12 hours or less. The requirements of the challenge meant that Bales had to complete every single rep on camera so that his performance could be verified, so the challenge was live-streamed on Twitch.

[email protected]’s Pushup Challenge is LIVE…

• 2,400 pushups
• 12 hours
• More than $1M in bets

Each pushup had to be done to satisfactory form, and so prior to the challenge beginning, Bales posted a video in which he cranked out several effortless-looking reps so that viewers could assess his technique.

When the 12-hour clock began on April 2, Bales started doing his pushups in sets of 6 at a time. As the day progressed, he dropped that to sets of 5, and then sets of 4 for the home stretch. He met his target of 2,400 well under the 12-hour mark, coming in at 11 hours and 5 minutes.

“This was a pretty good line,” he said. “I probably could’ve done a hundred or two hundred more… I was going to do higher reps, but everyone suggested not to do that. After the long break [5 hours in], I could’ve finished faster but I thought I might get injured. I was feeling like I was going to tear my bicep.”

While the original bet was for $2,000, the live-stream soon attracted upwards of $1 million in online bets, prompting Bales to pledge some of his winnings to charity. “We’ll be giving some of the money to COVID-19 relief,” he said.

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23 Stars Looking Sexy In Silk Robes That Are Perfect For Your At-Home Look: Khloe Kardashian & More

Robes can be comfortable, but they can also be super sexy — just ask these stars, who’ve rocked silky robes in public over the years!

As we all remain stuck at home in quarantine, there’s nothing like a comfortable AND stylish outfit to keep us motivated! Robes are the perfect way to do just that, and for years, celebrities have actually already been rocking the look. So many stars have worn robes in public, and their looks are the perfect inspiration for your at-home quarantines style. Robes can be worn as jackets or dresses, as evidenced by looks from Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Ariel Winter and more.

While big, fluffy robes are certainly comfortable, they aren’t the most stylish. But dressing gowns can look cool if you switch up the silhouette or texture. Kendall proved this when she wore a gold velvet robe as a mini-dress while on her way to the Love magazine and Burberry party during London Fashion Week in Feb 2017. She transitioned the bedtime look into a going out ensemble by pairing the wrap dress with black leather thigh high boots.

You also don’t need to wear the robe on its own. Ariel turned heads at the KAOS Grand Opening at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas when she showed up wearing a black robe over a latex mini dress on April 5, 2019. The Modern Family star looked gorgeous in the silky lingerie piece and wore it off one of her shoulders for an added cool factor. She paired the ensemble with black and clear heels and pulled her hair into a stylish ponytail.

But these aren’t the only celebs who have successfully rocked a robe outside of the bedroom. Click through the gallery above to see more celebs sporting robes in their day to day lives and decide for yourself whether you want to get in on this comfy trend IRL. (Spoiler alert: you DEF do.)

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Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic Launched a Massive 50% Off Everything Sale This Weekend

Best Banana Republic Women’s Clothing Deals

  • High-Rise Wide-Leg Cropped Chino, $44.75 (orig. $89.50)
  • Leopard Tiered Maxi Dress, $44.99 (orig. $159)
  • Nylon Travel Tote, $49 (orig. $98)
  • Essential Leather Sneaker, $69 (orig. $138)
  • Poplin Tiered Maxi Dress, $79.50 (orig. $159)
  • Denim Trucker Jacket, $35 (orig. $98.50)

This rare event makes it easy to score discounts across all three brands and check out with just one shopping cart, but you’ll have to hurry. Shoppers have through the weekend to score these savings, though many are likely to sell out before the event is over.

Do you love a good deal? Sign up for PEOPLE’s Shopping newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest sales, plus celebrity fashion, home decor and more. And check out PEOPLE’s Coupons page for even more discounts.

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Daily horoscope for Saturday April 4 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today – The Sun


March 21 to April 20

You are keen to keep secrets, even if you don’t really need to. Try to resist this impulse and speak straightforwardly.

Love wires might get crossed but don’t rush romance. Instead, give everyone time to consider.

It is tempting to close emotional doors but if you keep them open, everyone will benefit.


April 21 to May 21

If family or friendship bonds feel fragile, spend time and effort reinforcing them. Sometimes, only a personal touch will do.

As a creative moon illuminates your chart, you have ideas wilder and more wonderful than anyone expects.

Yes, you are right to take them higher. Luck drives a red vehicle.


May 22 to June 21

Venus and Saturn provide a planet mix that is practical and deep, with hard-won harmony worth holding on to.

So don’t let impulsive thoughts or actions lead you to rock the boat!

Your property skills are shrewd, letting you find a dream home in a place no one else is looking and make it yours.


June 22 to July 22

As a communication moon loosens up words, your methods for saying how you feel and what you want might be unusual but they are 100 per cent yours.

You have learned a lesson about love, even if you don’t realise it.

Now others need you to lead the way. Disco music sparks a smile to melt your heart.

July 23 to August 23

There is a deep sense of changes that need to be made, both for mind and body.

If you know you should be more active, the right words to make this happen link to the letter Z.

You can also find ways to calm busy thoughts. Love always recognises loyalty, in whatever form it takes.


August 24 to September 22

Your chart shows a bit of a rollercoaster, from togetherness to solo time and back again. So trust your instincts over when to get close and when to act independently.

What seems like a trivial chat is weighted with deep love feelings.

If you are single, the name that keeps popping up today is The One.


September 23 to October 23

It is tricky to stay on top of a schedule, so instead of trying to change yourself, shake up your timetable and take some breathing space.

As the moon lights up your secrets sector, you are full of positive insights and find ways to deal with tough conversations before they go too far.

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October 24 to November 22

You have a playful side that intrigues and inspires all those you chat with, especially that quiet Aquarius with a fast-growing business plan.

Be careful not to reveal too much of yourself too soon. Work that Scorpio mystery instead!

Key home words start small but build into something life-changing.


November 23 to December 21

The first answer might not be right in a home-based question, so take your time and base your inner sense of security on what you know you need, not what someone else tells you.

A strong teamwork bond between Saturn and Venus helps you call the bluff of someone older.

Love writes in gold ink.


December 22 to January 20

Words might not work if they don’t come straight from the heart, so be wary of saying and doing things only for show.

Genuine bonds are easy to spot because they just feel right.

A sports or music memory is the key for friends to fall back in love with life…and maybe each other. The number three
circles a prize.


January 21 to February 18

Money choices create ripples right through your life, so do be sure you are making the right ones.

Asking for more time, or less pressure, can be a top priority.

You are such a generous sign, with knowledge and other gifts to share. The audience expands daily, taking you into homes and hearts far away.


February 19 to March 20

One slight change in the routine creates a gap fun and laughter can fill. You are the one to make this happen.

Love shifts from standoffish to super-close as a feelings edit works out easier than expected.

If you are single, listening to a show with a friend brings a sexy new voice into your life. So listen well . . .

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