The $26 Blemish Oil That Let Me Skip Foundation For a Full Week

There are some moments in your childhood that you never forget. For me, such landmark memories include meeting my best friend and seeing Colin Farrell’s beautiful eyebrows for the first time. I remember my debut breakout less enthusiastically. I was 12, and a group of acne clusters rudely decided to throw a party on my face. The day after, my mother brought me to a Macy’s beauty counter, where she introduced me to another cherished friend: Clinique foundation, my OG favorite that I still wear today. Twelve years after first testing it, I still get unwanted breakouts (it never ends, people), and I’m the type of person who doesn’t feel super comfortable leaving the house without any base on.

Whoops, I should say I was that kind of person — until this week, when I’ve been going gloriously makeup-free. Truth be told, I’m testing a lot of new skincare products right now that have brightened up my face in general, but I suspect one reason I’m so comfortable baring my acne-prone face is due to the Blume Meltdown Blemish Treatment ($26). The tiny dropper’s packaging promises to “take down pimples overnight,” and after reading that, I actually huffed a “yeah, right” to no one in particular in my empty apartment’s bathroom. The treatment is a mix of mostly celebrity-approved oils such as rosehip (responsible for Kate Middleton’s glow), olive (Chloë Grace Moretz is a fan) and tamanu (many influencers swear by the Farsali iteration). That said, adding oils to a greasy complexion can be somewhat ill-advised, and it’s not recommended to treat cystic acne, so I wasn’t sure if it would make my face worse.

To be very careful, I used only one drop — not a bit more — for my entire face. It sort of works like the liquid version of an acne patch, sucking the gunk out of your face like a magnet. I went to bed with a little bump forming on my face, and when I woke up the mark was still there, but it looked much less threatening. In less than a week, all active breakouts where gone. I still have some light scarring that I’m treating with other products, but my new complexion is clear enough that I’m willing to trot it around town uncovered. (TMI alert: this formula also works great on stubborn ingrown hairs.) I’ll still keep my Clinique base close — I’m not ready to go full Alicia Keys just yet — but it’s great to prove the cliche of “feeling comfortable in your own skin” true.

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How This Guy Trained to Get Six-Pack Abs in Just 6 Weeks

After recovering from several knee surgeries, Ned from YouTube’s Try Guys embarked on an ongoing mission to improve his health and personal fitness. “I want to feel strong, I want to feel healthy,” he says in his latest video. “What better expression of that than getting a hot, shredded bod?”

While stuck in lockdown, Ned resolves to get fit, with the specific goal of working on his abs and developing a six-pack in a six-week period.


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“For Ned to get a six-pack, he needs to work on a few things,” says personal trainer JP Amistoso. “He needs to work on his diet and nutrition, and also his amount of exercise. So one of the things I’d advise him to do is work on his macros.” JP recommends a macro split of 40 percent carbs, 40 percent protein and 20 percent fat.

When it comes to exercise, part of the challenge is that it has to fit into Ned’s existing daily routine, so JP prescribes high-intensity workouts that only last 30 to 40 minutes.

One of the toughest adjustments of the challenge for Ned at first comes from the nutrition side. “The diet has been so hard,” he says going into week 2. “I am not the type of man that can just eat a fist of pasta and call it a day! I have no idea how to make salads!”

By week 3, however, he is encouraged by the results he is starting to see, and by his overall improved mood. He is also spurred on in his workouts when he starts participating in live-streamed, fat-burning HIIT sessions. “I feel like a gym is a really good community, and doing it remotely on a conference call is a way to stay connected,” he says. “Also, I think I work harder and sweat more.”

That energy drops off in week 4, however . “I saw this initial spurt of changes and increased confidence just from exercising, but since I’m not doing the diet, I’m not seeing additional changes.”

Ned decides that the only way he’s going to see the results he wants is to double down on the nutrition (abs are made in the kitchen, after all), and his progress looks up as he heads into week 5, with the semblance of a “four-pack” on show. His endurance in the exercises has also improved, and he is able to get through a cardio workout and a core-busting plank hold without breaking. “I feel the need to really go hard these last two weeks,” he says.

At the end of the 42 days, Ned’s stomach is considerably flatter, with visibly toned abs. “I don’t actually look that different, but I’m more defined, and more muscular,” he says. And perhaps just as importantly as the visible results, he feels good about how the experience will stand him in good stead for the future.

“Doing this for six weeks really made me build healthy habits,” he says. “The challenge ended, and the next day I still exercised. It became a really fun part of my morning.”

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Amazon Shoppers Are Calling This $24 T-Shirt Dress the New 'Summer Uniform'

Buy It! Molerani Women's Loose T-Shirt Dress, $14.99–$24.99;

Offered in classic colors like black and navy as well as fun prints featuring leopard spots and sunflowers, it’s perfect for wearing on its own with sneakers, over a bathing suit with sandals, or dressed up with jewelry and wedge sandals. With just a touch of spandex, the stretchy piece is comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house, too. Given its versatile look and design, it’s no wonder shoppers call it the “best go-to dress ever.”

“I’m obsessed,” one reviewer wrote. “Best go-to dress in my closet and [it] gets tons of compliments. Worn it a hundred times and still looks great.”

“This is absolutely the best dress I have bought in years,” another chimed in.

“Comfiest dress I've ever owned,” another reviewer wrote. “I wear this around the house, dress it up, and dress it down with boots and cardigan in winter and with strappy sandals and a necklace in summer.  I even wear this to bed sometimes — it's so comfy and soft. This is a must have in your closet.”

The short-sleeve dress hits just above the knee on most people, keeping your legs cool unlike some maxi dress styles, which can trap heat. Thanks to its loose and airy fit, the breezy piece offers plenty of breathing room, ensuring you’ll be comfortable on even the hottest summer days, according to owners. 

“It is so perfect for the summer and let me tell you, here in south Texas, it is hotter than a chicharron frying in oil!” a reviewer wrote. “It flows and doesn't hug the curves too much, but doesn't make you look bulky if you are curvy like me. You can dress it up with heels and jewelry and also go casual with sandals for the beach. It is so versatile!”

For a limited time, you can snag select colors and prints of the summery dress for as little as $15. Given the recent surge in sales (29 percent, according to Amazon) and the discount, we have a feeling this summer staple will go fast, so be sure to grab your favorite while it’s still in stock. 

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4 Acne Myths You’ve Gotta Stop Believing, According to Dr. Pimple Popper

4 Acne Myths You’ve Gotta Stop Believing, According to Dr. Pimple Popper

Dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, has literally made a name for herself popping pimples. Dr. Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, has built her brand on excavation videos both for her YouTube channel and her TV show on TLC, as well as an extensive skincare line called SLMD Skincare.

It’s fair to say that no one knows more about breakouts than Dr. Lee, so we asked the pimple-popping pro about the most common skincare misconceptions when it comes to treating acne. Ahead, Dr. Lee breaks down the four acne myths you’ve gotta stop believing.

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Prince William has an ability to ‘make everyone feel at ease’ and brings ‘immediate calmness’, grieving father reveals

A GRIEVING father has praised Prince William’s ability to make “everyone feel at ease.”

Peter Allen, from Northamptonshire, belongs to SANDS (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Society) FC which helps support bereaved parents through football.

He appeared on This Morning where he spoke to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about the Duke of Cambridge’s visit to the football club in October last year.

Peter said: “It was actually the anniversary of when we lost Benjamin. It was quite a poignant date for me.

“I was nervous, clammy hands, needed to use the gents a few times before he arrived but as soon as he came through the door an immediate calmness came over me.

“It was just such a privilege to have him there and to speak to him and he just made us all feel very at ease.”

Peter explained how the football club had come to his aid after he lost his son Benjamin to miscarriage back in 1997.

He explained: “I had to be strong for my wife who was struggling with things, we both were, but I was there for her and we had friends and family who were there for me.

“It wasn’t until I joined the team that the memories started flooding back to me and how I processed the loss.

“I certainly see things in a very different way than how I used to.”

Founder of the club Rob Allen (of no relation) set up the club after losing his daughter Niamh in October 2017.

He said: “Everyone’s got a different story and everyone’s got a different struggle throughout their journey and their losses

“Football gives you that opportunity to not let that overwhelm you and be at peace for 90 minutes

“It’s a great way to connect with people and at the same time shut those problems away.”

The team feature in the Duke’s new BBC documentary Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health in which the royal speaks out about his own struggles with anxiety.

Wills, 37, explained how he removed his contact lenses to get over his fear of public speaking.

He said: “Because I couldn’t see everyone’s eyes, you didn’t feel like the whole weight of the room is watching you.

“You’re like, ‘This has to go right. I don’t want to mess this up’. There’s a lot of people watching and you can see certain people.

“My eyesight started to sort of tail off a little bit as I got older, and I didn’t used to wear contacts when I was working, so actually when I gave speeches I couldn’t see anyone’s face.

“It helps because it’s just a bit of a blur of faces, and because you can’t see anyone looking at you. I could see enough to read the paper and stuff like that, but I couldn’t actually see the whole room.

“And actually that really helped with my anxiety.”

The prince made the documentary to chart his Heads Up campaign with the Football Association which aims to use football as a way of getting men to tackle mental health problems ranging from depression to thoughts of suicide.

You can watch the documentary on the BBC iPlayer

In other royal news,we told you how Kate Middleton has been styling herself during lockdown.

And we got a rare glimpse inside Kate’s childhood home with perfectly-manicured lawns and family photos on display during a lockdown video.

In more royal news, the Queen, Kate and William lead a heartwarming royal tribute to hero nurses on the coronavirus frontline.

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Vera Wang Shares Throwback Photos from Her 'Dream Job' as a Vogue Editor in the '70s

Wang continued, "I was never at Vogue for financial gain. I was at Vogue because I want to be educated."

And when the wedding dress designer was awarded France's most prestigious honor in 2017, the French Légion d’Honneur, Wintour wrote a letter celebrating her longtime friend and former colleague in which she said, "No one at Vogue was funnier. Or louder. Or more neurotic. Or more endearing."

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Discover the secret to hot sex with our ultimate sextrology guide – The Sun

IF you are a tender Taurus, a lusty Leo or any other sign of the zodiac, your sexual preferences are smitten in the stars.

Geminis and Scorpios are most likely to send naughty selfies, as we revealed earlier in May.

Now we have put together a sextrology guide so you can find out what a lover will be like in bed – and how you can turn them on according to your zodiac.

Telly astrologer Nicolas Aujula reveals each sign’s sexual prowess, naughty kinks, how to woo them and their perfect match.


March 21 to April 20

Prowess: Typical Arians enjoy the thrill of the chase – and with a high sex drive, they like exploring new positions. But they tend to think only of their own sexual needs.

Kink: Having sex outdoors or anywhere they could get caught.

How to woo: No time for games. Be direct and put your cards on the table.

Perfect sex partner: Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius will match their adventurous nature.


April 21 to May 21

Prowess: Lots of stamina and can keep going in bed for hours. Taureans are very sensual lovers but can be a bit lazy and they are quite straight-laced in their ­sexual tastes.

Kink: They like to involve food in their sexual play.

How to woo: Look good, dress well and wear a nice ­perfume or cologne.

Perfect sex partner: Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn can help them spice things up.


May 22 to June 21

Prowess: Loves foreplay and communication. It’s all part of the build-up to a steamy session.
But as they are ruled by the twins, their libido can be very up and down.

Kink: Dirty talk will really get them going.

How to woo: They love a good flirt – so if you can make them laugh, you’re in.

Perfect sex partner: Sagittarians add a fiery element to their lovemaking which ­Geminis can sometimes lack.


June 22 to July 22

Prowess: Cancer is unlikely to have one-night stands. They need to feel an emotional connection to get in the mood. If they don’t have faith in their partner, the sex won’t be good.

Kink: Being restrained – it shows trust in the other person.

How to woo: Reveal something personal about yourself to build a rapport.

Perfect sex partner: Water signs Scorpio or Pisces share their natural empathy.


July 23 to August 23

Prowess: Leos like to be seen and heard – so they can be very vocal lovers. If they take a liking to you they don’t want to stay in the bedroom – they want to show you off. They enjoy giving love bites because it shows off their skills.

Kink: Dominating their partner with bondage.

How to woo: Look glamorous and flash the cash.

Perfect sex partner: Sagittarius matches their fire and drive for life.


August 24 to September 22

Prowess: Keeping clean is vital to Virgos. They may ask you to shower before and after sex and make sure you are up-to-date on STI checks. Despite this clinical approach, they are passionate once they get going.

Kink: Wearing uniforms will appeal to a Virgo’s love of order.

How to woo: They like intellectuals and geek chic.

Perfect sex partner: Pisces will get Virgos in touch with their emotional side.


September 23 to October 23

Prowess: Very likely to be ­coupled up – and sex is very important to them. Librans need their partner to be good-looking and well-dressed. They love to be the giver in lovemaking and sometimes forget their own needs.

Kink: Very sexual so can be into group sex or swinging.

How to woo: Show your ­creative or artistic side.

Perfect sex partner: Air signs Gemini and Aquarius will help Libra experiment more.


October 24 to November 22

Prowess: With a strong sexual energy and a passionate nature, Scorpios are very private but want to know everything about their lover before they do the deed. They also have a high libido.

Kink: Likely to challenge the status quo and explore bisexuality or pansexuality.

How to woo: Wear black and look mysterious.

Perfect sex partner: Aries will share their love of pushing boundaries.


November 23 to December 21

Prowess: Does not like to be tied down and has a strong sex drive. They are very adventurous and want to try every ­position. You’ll need lots of stamina to keep up with them.

Kink: Their bum is their favourite body part so give them a good spank.

How to woo: Show you are up for anything, by talking about your past adventures.

Perfect sex partner: Gemini is their opposite and will challenge them mentally.


December 22 to January 20

Prowess: They often end up in bed with work colleagues as they spend so much time at work. Capricorns’ libidos might run hot and cold. They like getting things done so sex can be very wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

Kink: Too busy to bother with kinks. Just get it done already.

How to woo: Be direct. They have no time for flirting.

Perfect sex partner: Taurus likes traditional sex too but might loosen up Capricorn.


January 21 to February 18

Prowess: Up for anything and everything, they are eccentric and rebellious. They want to connect to their ­partner on an intellectual and spiritual level as well as sexual.

Kink: Tantric sex could appeal to their spiritual side.

How to woo: Have tattoos, bright hair and piercings – anything to stand out.

Perfect sex partner: Geminis can provide intellectual rapport and experimentation.


February 19 to March 20

Prowess: Sensitive, dreamy lovers who need to feel safe. They can fantasise about elaborate scenarios like a lover rescuing them from a tower. Pisceans often blur the lines between good sex and love.

Kink: A tickly sign, they are likely to be foot fetishists.

How to woo: Pisceans can fall for sob stories as they like to rescue their lovers.

Perfect sex partner: A passionate Scorpio will make Pisces feel safe.

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Here's How Tattoo Appointments Might Change Amid Coronavirus

Image Source: Getty

In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, tattoo shops across the U.S. shut their doors in late March. Now, in late May, things are starting to take a turn. As phased reopenings continue in all 50 states, tattoo shops (and other businesses within the personal services industry — nail and hair salons, spas, etc.) are restructuring, amplifying their disinfecting procedures, and working out the logistics of social distancing in professions where physical touch is inevitable.

Some states lifted restrictions on personal care services early (perhaps because spaces are typically more controlled than, say, shopping malls), while others have kept them shuttered until a more advanced reopening phase (potentially due to the lack of social distancing). But no matter when tattoo shops receive the green light in each state, they’ll have a strict set of new safety requirements to follow.

For a better idea of what your next tattoo appointment might look like, we tapped Avery Osajima of Lilith Tattoo, an all-queer studio in Seattle, WA. Currently awaiting phase two of the state’s reopening plan, which permits personal services to resume, see how her shop is preparing for and navigating their new “normal” ahead.

New Health and Safety Measures

Although every new precaution and structural change is ultimately about the safety of clients and staff, more areas of the tattoo business will be noticeably affected. But in terms of safety specifically, here’s how Osajima’s shop is combining state-mandated rules and their own precautions:

  • Routine health screenings for all. “We’ll be keeping a temperature log of ourselves and our clients with a contactless thermometer and sending anyone home with a temperature over 100.3,” Osajima said.
  • Thorough disinfecting. “In addition to standard disinfection of our stations, we’ll be disinfecting the lounge area, floors, counters, bathroom, station walls, all hooks and handles, printers, stencil machine, pens, etc. at the beginning of the day and after every client.” As a smart bonus precaution, each client’s phone will be disinfected upon arrival, too.
  • Masks, social distancing, and face shields. “In addition to standard masks and social distancing, we’ll be wearing face shields and either disposable or disinfectable aprons.”
  • Reduced capacity. “There will be a maximum of two artists in the shop at any given time and two appointments maximum a day.” Guests are not permitted for the time being.
  • Limited direct contact. Artist-to-client contact is unavoidable, but extra precautions are being taken where possible. “Clients will not be allowed to touch artists and will be offered a pair of disposable gloves to wear just in case.”
  • Postvisit protocol. “Clients will be required to notify us if they test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of their appointment, so we can implement a postexposure plan in which the studio will be closed for 72 hours for a deep clean with MadaCide. All clients who have entered the studio after the infected client and before the deep clean will be notified.

New Logistics and Booking Processes

Securing a tattoo appointment with your favorite artist could already prove difficult precoronavirus. Unfortunately, unless they work in a private space or a shop with few artists, appointments may become even more scarce. For the time being, Lilith Tattoo is limiting the body parts they will tattoo — no torsos, faces, or necks — and keeping their capacity significantly reduced. “Usually I’m in the studio four days a week, but now since we’re limiting the number of artists that can be in at any given time, we’ll only be able to work two days each,” Osajima said.

The structure of her job will change, too. “I think in general, a lot more of our time and brain space is going to have to be dedicated to things other than the things I really do this work for — the art and the human connection,” she said. “The scope and frequency of our disinfecting process has more than doubled, we’re having to spend much more time doing administrative work with all the rescheduling, we’re implementing completely new processes, and we’re having to limit some of the human parts of the experience that may feel as small as being able to offer someone tea but I think altogether compound into something that represents a significant shift that will persist for some time.”

How Tattoo Appointments Might Change

So, what will tattoo appointments really look like moving forward? “Pretty different,” according to Osajima. While you might normally sit in a waiting area, browse portfolios, sign routine consent forms, and perhaps socialize with artists and guests, that will no longer be the case. Lilith Tattoo will stop displaying portfolios and flash books for the foreseeable future; clients will be required to read and sign a COVID-19 protocol form. The two artists working will be stationed as far away from each other as possible, too.

When it comes to cleanliness, safety, and leaving with a finished tattoo, things may not feel that different after you walk out the door. But for a shop like Lilith, which prioritizes community and connection, the experience will change. “We’re an all-queer shop that has some pretty strong community roots, so usually we have a very warm, communal feeling in the shop,” Osajima said. “Now we’re only going to have a maximum of two artists in at any given time; we’re going to be working at the two stations furthest away from each other and really minimizing any interaction between our clients and the other artists and their clients.”

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TikTok star reveals how to get rid of split ends in just five easy steps & people hail her as a genius

AS we struggle without hairdressers during lockdown, a beauty obsessive has shared an incredibly easy hack for getting rid of split ends – and the best part? You don't need to buy anything.

Fitness guru Stefanie Williams posted the hair trick on her TikTok account and explained to her 157,000 followers that it only takes five simple steps to achieve healthy hair with some scissors.

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This is a great hair hack to keep your locks looking tip top until salons open again.

Before beginning the video, the London influencer said those who have curly hair should straighten it.

She penned in her caption, which read: "Stop split ends & means hair won’t break off so easily, trick my mum told me. Curly hair straighten it first".

Stefanie then went into a step-by-step tutorial on how to rid your mane of any pesky split ends, explaining each step with a caption.

Stefanie first separated her hair into two sections, tying the top section into a messy bun and then brushed the loose hair through.

From there, she separated her hair again into smaller sections before twisting those sections tight.

The social media star explained that you will be able to see your split ends come out of the twist and it's at this point you can begin cutting.

Using her kitchen scissors, Stefanie trimmed the split ends off and warned her followers to not "go too close to the twist".

The internet star, who boasts over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, said to repeat twisting each section until you've done it all.

Stefanie, who has incredible long waist-length hair herself, then suggested that the split end trim be done every three weeks.

In the comments sections of the video, many of her followers confirmed the hack does work and claimed they saw "instant results".

One commented: "I done this for 3 months, once every month and my hair was longest & healthiest it ever was!!" (sic).

"I did this and got instant results! The end of my hair looks so healthy," another wrote.

A third posted: "Omg I started this and trimming the bottom and my hair grew so much like A LOT" (sic).

In other beauty news, women are getting the 'best curls of their lives' thanks to a viral hack using a dressing down belt.

And this beauty blogger has revealed how to clean your makeup brushes in seconds with a sieve.

Plus, a woman shared her simple tip for making outgrown nails look good in isolation.

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