‘Vida’ Creator Tanya Saracho On Tonight’s Series Finale, LA Unrest & The Battle For Real Latinx Representation

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details of tonight’s Vida series finale on Starz

“I hope that Vida gives permission and is a marker in this timeline of us,” says Tanya Saracho of the Starz series that came to an end tonight after three seasons. “Us meaning Latinx in this industry,” the seasoned playwright and TV writer added of the East LA-based and LGBTQ-focused Vida. “That it’s a marker that allows for this kind of storytelling to happen.”

With the final episode both penned and directed by Saracho, ever battling sisters Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera) came right to edge on finally walking away from each other and the bar that they had built up to a success against all odds after their mother’s death. In a journey that has taken many turns both for the show and Starz since Vida debuted just over two years ago, Saracho got the ending she wanted, even if there will be no more seasons of the series.

As trauma both past and present hung over the sisters collectively and individually, as well as an America still hobbled by the coronavirus and hit hard by the killing of George Floyd in the street by a Minneapolis copy, I spoke with the always forthright Saracho about the end of Vida. Pulling back the veil on the power structures that Latinx shows and films face in this Peak TV era, the showrunner also opened up about what it is like to come to a conclusion in the purgatory of a global health pandemic and a city under siege in protest and pain.

DEADLINE: Is this really the end of Vida, because from that last scene with Emma saying “Are you coming?’ and the two of them walking back to the bar, seems like the story isn’t over yet.

SARACHO: It’s devised that way, but I’m told it’s the end, but also, it’s an end, you know? I went for a more cinematic indie film ending that is a mood, it’s an essence, more than, like, wait, what happened?

Because I’m not going to get a fourth season, people can fill in the blanks, you know? But I always wanted, like, from the beginning, for them to be walking off into the sunset of their intersection – that’s always the image I had.

Vida is a love story between two sisters, always has been for me. You know, when the senora, the Bruja, tells Lyn in the last episode, your love is downstairs. We needed three seasons for Lyn to find out what that was and for Emma to realize what that was too. From that, the spell’s been cast, to when they walk towards the intersection and into their bar, then they guess that’s what it always was

DEADLINE: Did you get there the way you wanted in the end?

SARACHO: When they shortened the season and shortened the series, I was like, okay, how do we earn that? Then I got to direct it myself, too, so it got to look how I wanted it to look. So that was a gift to be able to do that, because when I dreamt this up, I didn’t know I was going to be directing stuff.

So, yeah, so there’s, like, an open-endedness to a lot, I mean, it wouldn’t be Vida if we resolved everything, you know? Like, what is the resolution with Eddy? It’s satisfying. Her pulling the ring from her marriage with Vida off is satisfying, but what is it, you know? I love that.

Eddy had to be honest with herself and admit that her heart is still fully committed. #VidaSTARZ pic.twitter.com/ST2K7L1nL3

— @Vida_STARZ (@VIDA_STARZ) June 1, 2020

DEADLINE: It breaks the standard rule of series finales where everything gets tied up in a nice bow. You’ve still got the deadbeat religious dad wanting to take the building from Emma and Lyn in a lawsuit he may win, Lyn and Johnny (Carlos Miranda) may or may not work out, Emma and Nico (Roberta Colindrez), Hell, Lyn and Emma may not work out and sell the building anyway, Eddy (Ser Anzoategui) and Monica could still happen and Mari (Chelsea Rendon) now has a bigger platform for her activism and POV than ever before but there are landmines in the big media owners …

SARACHO: Yes, hopefully, this satisfies, because in six episodes, there’s only so much we’re going to do. In that, I had to earn a reconciliation or reunification, so I had to break them up. That’s what happened this season and the breakups between the sisters wasn’t like other seasons where it’s like they blow up. It’s more hurt here, especially because Emma is more vulnerable this season.

So, it’s more painful. It stings more, this one. Emma giving up is giving up on her sister this time.

So, I always knew we had to break them up a little bit to bring them back together. So that’s sort of what we did, and we just designed it that way for the six chapters of the season.

It feels so wrong to try to celebrate or observe anything that has to do with Vida ending right now. How can I say goodbye? The world is on fire.

— Tanya Saracho (@TanyaSaracho) May 31, 2020

DEADLINE: As someone who is at the frontline of representation and the real force of the soft power of media, I have to ask you about this last week in America, especially after that tweet you put out this morning.

Over 100,000 dead from the coronavirus, with a vastly disproportionate number of those fatalities and the over 1.8 million confirmed cases being from communities of color, economic havoc and the killing of George Floyd in the streets of Minneapolis by a much complained about cop. This weekend we saw peaceful protests but also direct confrontation with the cops, a curfew in LA and destruction. We have another night of curfew now on the night of Vida’s series finale, where do you see all this going, realistically?

SARACHO: You know what I just tried to make YouTube videos about this with a response and they messed me up. I am all messed up now. I’d rather sit this question out I’m so sorry. I didn’t know I was feeling so emotional about this because I didn’t cry at all yesterday but it just all came flooding out and I’m making no sense

DEADLINE: I completely get that, it is so visceral on every level that is shatters the soul. Certainly, that scene in finale is also visceral in its own way to with the father where the sisters confront him and reveal how he abused their mother, Vida, in front of his congregation. That stung, with that prayer the group suddenly starts reciting over Emma. Watching that, that was a scene a playwright wrote, not a television writer …

SARACHO: (LAUGHS) I don’t know where one begins and one ends, but that scene was always the plan for the dad, where he went for religion. Not the exact thing, but something like it has happened to a lot of us in the writers’ room that come from religious backgrounds or families that have turned their backs on us.

When we shot it, Dominic, my first AD, second AD, my set director, they’re all queer women, and the first time we did it, it was, like a small room, and we were all in the corners, and we all had to stop for a bit. I had to hold my set decorator because she was bawling. She’s from the south, and she was so triggered.

Unfortunately, Emma’s suspicions were right. #VidaSTARZ pic.twitter.com/pppYOvuJb6

— @Vida_STARZ (@VIDA_STARZ) June 1, 2020

DEADLINE: How do you think that scene will be seen by Latinx queer youth who have faced so much backlash from religious members of their own families and their communities?

SARACHO: They will see themselves reflected. I know it. Now, will we get backlash from more conservative members? Maybe, but this story, Emma’s story, was a kid that got turned away because of her queerness, you know? Whatever the reason, that’s what it was, and so being entrapped like this, this experience I think is going to resonate, especially because this is done. This prayer is real you know …


SARACHO: Yes, I didn’t take it verbatim but there’s a prayer invented to stop homosexuality and lesbianism.

People pray over someone, and usually it’s when you’re having a conversion situation where someone willingly wants to get rid of those so-called demons of queerness I guess, and then you willingly let them pray over you. So that’s what’s scary, that this is very much part of a culture. It’s such a sin that we must be prayed over, except this one is forced on Emma.

DEADLINE: Even with the re-introduction of Emma and Lyn’s long assumed dead father this final season, in retrospective that series has been building to that scene for a while, it seems?

SARACHO: I’ll tell you, I love how it looks, but when we were in there, there was a danger to it, you know? But to your question, it was always going to lead to this when we were building the season. Basically, it’s seeing it embodied and in action in the father, his intolerance and the intolerance in their communities from more traditional belief systems.

DEADLINE: With the exception of the Season 2 finale, unlike previous seasons, you both wrote and directed a big chunk of the shows this year. You directed the last three episodes, which are pivotal when a show is ending. What has that been like for you, and how has that brought your vision of the show to help to bring it to your conclusion?

SARACHO: Whew, that’s big, for me at least


SARACHO: Yeah, you know, when we were dreaming up in the writers’ room the Queerceañera, even the color teal, it was in the script. Like, the dress, all of it got dreamt up, and then I was able to realize it, and that’s such a gift because I didn’t need to translate it because of Jenée LaMarque, who I adore. She’s my sister who’s directed half the season, and she does an amazing job every time.

That’s why I shared the season with her, because she’s very much Vida, you know, and we developed a lot of imagery with her in the second season. But, even then I still have to translate my bad direction or as a showrunner because I’m not that great at instructions and directions and suggestions. So, I don’t have to do that when I’m directing, right? It’s just we take away the middle woman. So that, just economically for time, is easier.

And then the ending, I mean, to get to direct the ending of the show I created, how great is that?

DEADLINE: To that, how was it directing that final scene of the final Vida, the scene you had always envisioned?

SARACHO: The last scene, when we shot it, the day was fraught with problems. Eight of my people in the camera department were out with the stomach flu, including both my camera operators. So, I was working with new camera operators that I didn’t know, and also, we were losing time, and also, I had to take care of Mishel and Melissa because, for this particular scene, they knew the gravity. It was the last thing we were ever going to shoot in that intersection.

And then we were saying goodbye at the end of that when we were wrapping that day. So, there was that finality, so I just tried to check in with them.

DEADLINE: What was it like?

SARACHO: They were not talking, they were just really focused, and trying not to lose it. You can’t just turn that stuff on and then let it go. I mean, I feel so bad for them, because, like, we just kept hurting them. Like, talking about trauma, the body doesn’t know that it’s fictional trauma. They’re experiencing it, you know? So, with those scenes, I don’t have to do much, but I do have to take care of them. Making them do that over and over, you have to economize it.

Sisters, para siempre. Thank you to each and every fan for supporting our story since Season 1. ❤️ #VivaLaVida #VidaSTARZ pic.twitter.com/MNm5SRfPk1

— @Vida_STARZ (@VIDA_STARZ) June 1, 2020

DEADLINE: Really sounds like directing is the direction you want to go next…

SARACHO: The directing bug has certainly bit me. I want to direct now, and I’m so grateful to Marta Fernandez (former EVP Original Programming at Starz, who left in May 2019) for making me direct. She was my executive at Starz for the first and second season, and she’s the one who said you’re directing this season, in season two. I was like, no, no, no, maybe, maybe, fourth or fifth season. She’s like no, this season, and it was awesome. I’m so grateful because she empowered me, truly.

I mean, the showrunner is a director, but also a producer, but also a mother and a schoolmarm and whatever all the things that showrunners are. But, I mean, I really want to direct a film now. You know, when the coronavirus hit us all, on March 13, I was supposed to be on my way to London to study cinematography at the London Film Academy.

DEADLINE: That’s serious, especially with the final season of your show about to debut…

SARACHO: I know, because I’m serious about this. I want to direct, you know, but also, I don’t know shit, you know? So, I was, like, trying to learn some lenses and angles, my attitude is teach me.

DEADLINE: I know when we spoke at the beginning of the final season in late April, legacy was on your mind a lot. Has that evolved for you over the last six episodes in a COVID-19 world?

SARACHO: I hope that Vida gives permission and is a marker in this timeline of us. Us meaning Latinx in this industry. That it’s a marker that allows for this kind of storytelling to happen. We were the first prime cable show, and in lots of ways, we didn’t find the audience the way we wanted to, you know? We found you all, and thankfully we did, because the critics, you know, they got it, and then the fans that we did find, they are ride or die.

DEADLINE: What do you mean by permission?

SARACHO: I mean the gatekeepers. That they say, yes, we will green light and support our shows. It’s not just green lighting it. They have to support it and push it. Something for all Latinx or queers in complicated situations and spaces or anything. However, I want this this, I want Vida to open doors, I hope it does, because we keep losing our Latinx shows, you know?

DEADLINE: Why do you think that is happening?

SARACHO: Because we don’t matter enough to the gatekeepers and the power players. I mean, and that’s real, and because they’re just reflecting American consciousness in that opinion of us. I mean, what other reason?

We’re 20% of this country almost. How come we’re not almost 20% of what is on TV? It makes no sense, unless some of those opinions about us are resonating with people who are making decisions. Otherwise, if not, we would matter. I get very angry, and I also don’t get it. Why don’t we matter? Why? It’s like erasure for decades and decades.

Each decade, we’re still absent from the narrative of American-ness, you know? And it matters. Unfortunately, American media and entertainment gets exported to the rest of the world, and what they see is what is they think and what we think is America, you know?

When you’re missing from America, you don’t exist.

So, the people making the decisions, that’s where it matter. It’s not people who can create the stuff. We’ve been ready. We’ve been ready, but it’s people making the decisions.

DEADLINE: It appears that for all the talk of diversity, as Spike Lee has said repeatedly, just having that one person in authority who gets you, who comes from your culture can make all the difference …

SARACHO: Well, look at this formula here. Now, Marta wasn’t in the corner office, but she was next to the corner office. Marta Fernandez is the one who found me. I’d only been here three years. She read my play. She called me in. Said do you want to do this, and she took me all the way to the end of the second season. And she had to champion me in there and fight, fight. I was never privy to it, so I don’t even know what fights she fought, because that’s the equation. You have to have a champion, an ally in there, and it makes the most sense that one that, you know, looks like you, absolutely.

We are 27 countries that make up the Latin diaspora with varied identities. So, there’s a lot of stuff we still haven’t gotten the chance to see on TV.

DEADLINE: So, do you think we will get past the point of there just being one or two Latinx series on at any time or can’t you see that event horizon yet?

SARACHO: I think we will get there. I just don’t know when, because I look at the country. I mean, look at today. I can’t…even with today. I look at last night and then I lose hope. Right now, I lose hope because of how dark it is right now, but I know it has to happen. There’s no way. I hope I get to see it, and not just cosmetically where they throw around diversity and inclusion and they have initiatives. Not just that way. I’m talking organically that we are in the castle, in the throne room.

DEADLINE: Ending a show is almost never easy, even if you had some lead up time as Vida had. But, and I don’t mean to be trite, but there was no cast party, there was no final screening party, all those sorts of things, your show ended in this unprecedented period of the coronavirus. You finished filming it months ago, but you really didn’t get a chance to say goodbye in person, did you?

SARACHO: No and I’ve been very emotional this week. There’s no ritual to the ending of this after all everyone put into it.

Now, I know I’m privileged that I was able to finish it, deliver it so they could do all their technical stuff, and then we’re able to air. I have friends like Gloria Calderón Kellett, who was midway through shooting her latest season of One Day at A Time, when the ‘rona shut them down. So, I’m privileged, I know that.

So, I’m not complaining about the macro, but there’s something about saying thank you and goodbye to my crew, to my cast with a hug and frankly, you know, toasting with Moscatos. Everybody on the show has these trajectories that were accomplished within the three seasons that are really meaningful, and we didn’t get to celebrate that and observe that. We are people of ritual, and my crew and my cast and my writers, my editors, we are people of rituals, and we didn’t get to have our closing ritual.

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'90 Day Fiancé': Which Couples From Each Season are Still Married?

90 Day Fiancé has turned into a cult phenomenon that has branched off into multiple spin-offs. Though the premises of the spin-offs are all different, the root draw is still the same. It’s the couples and their nearly impossible love stories that keep fans coming back for more. But there is always the question of whether the couples are really on the show for love or if it is just for the fame. So, who is still together?

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Season 1

 Alan and Kirlyam met when Alan was on a missionary trip to Brazil. Fans were a little bit creeped out by the fact that Kirlyan was just 12 when she first met Alan, but the couple is still married now and have one child together.

Russ and Paola Mayfield fell in love while Russ was on a trip to Colombia. They have a son together named Axel and appeared on a season of 90 Day Fiance: “Happily Ever After?

Mike and Aziza met on a dating website and are still married. Aziza gave birth to their first child, Olivia in January of last year.

Season 2

Brett married Daya from the Philippines despite Brett’s mother’s disapproval. The two are still together and have a daughter, Isabelle.

Justin and Evelyn met at a hot dog stand in Colombia and are still together after all of these years. They are expecting their first child soon.

Danny and Amy got married in 2014 and are living in Texas together. The two have started a church and have two children together, Jedidiah and Anna.

Season 3

Mark and Nikki were a controversial couple on their season as Mark is almost 40 years older than Nikki. They stayed together despite it causing discord in Mark’s family.

Fernando and Carolina are also still together. They have one child together. Kyle and Noon and Melanie and Devar are all together, as well. Melanie and Devar even have a three-year-old daughter together named Avah.

Josh and Aleksandra were able to make it work as well and are still together. The couple now lives in Australia.

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Season 4

Season 4 had a bit more drama. Narkyia and Olulowo split up briefly but are still married and Jorge and Anfisa are still together but Jorge just finished serving a prison sentence after he was found with 300 pounds of marijuana. Matt and Alla are still together and recently had their first child. Chantel and Pedro got married despite all of the drama from their families. Their story was so interesting that they now have a spinoff show called The Family Chantel.

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Season 5

Evelyn married David from Spain when she was just 18. The two are still together and live in LA so Evelyn can pursue her music career. Josh married Aika from the Philippines that same season. They are still together. Elizabeth and Andrei are also still married and live in Florida. They are set to appear on Happily Ever After? David and Annie have become one of the most popular couples of the series and are now on Pillow Talk.

Season 6

Leida and Eric had a very tumultuous relationship that caused Eric to stop talking to his daughters completely. Eric and Leida are still together but Eric and his daughter Tasha still do not speak to one another. Steven and Olga got married after Olga became pregnant. They are still together. Ashley and Jay go back and forth between being together and separated but they are still married.

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Season 7

Tania received a lot of criticism for the way she treated Syngin but the two are still together and will be returning for Happily Ever After. Emily and Sasha are also still together and are on 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined. Robert and Anny are still married and are expecting their first child together. Michael and Juliana are still married despite naysayers who thought Juliana was just in it for the money. Anna and Mursel from Turkey, are still married and are trying to find a way to have a baby via surrogate.

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John Cusack Says Police 'Came at Me with Batons' During George Floyd Protest in Chicago

John Cusack said he was attacked by Chicago police while filming the protests taking place in response to the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer pinned him to the ground with a knee on his neck.

On Saturday, the actor, 53, shared a video from the alleged incident on Twitter, writing, "Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike. Ahhm here’s the audio."

In the video, a person — likely a police officer — can be heard angrily telling Cusack to move along, followed by the sound of metal being slammed.

In another tweet, Cusack verified reports that police were using pepper spray on protestors, writing, "Pepper spray – is out – no tear gas that I’ve seen personally out here."

Cusack later clarified to one of his followers that the Chicago authorities "didn’t assault me."

"Keep it in perspective and I should not be the headline or the story important thing is the anger & pain out there& how hair trigger it feels/ I’m of no importance I was just a witness to what was happening in Chicago – didn’t see the press out at all," he wrote.

The Love & Mercy actor went on to say that he's hopeful the protests indicate the end of Donald Trump's presidency.

"Would be very surprised if this is a one or two day event / this may well be the beginning of end of trump loathsome era – thank god," he wrote. "Feels like many streams of outrage coming to a head- a wave peaking -Chicago scene was about getting to trump tower most of day."

Outrage over racial inequality and police brutality began earlier this week when footage of Floyd surfaced online.

The Minneapolis police officer in the video — identified as Derek Chauvin — has since been fired and was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday.

However, protests have carried on to major U.S cities, where curfews have been implemented as a means to stop the encounters between demonstrators and police, some of which have turned violent.

In Chicago, downtown businesses were damaged on Saturday during protests. Windows of many convenience stores, fast-food chains, and clothing stores were knocked out, according to ABC 7.

Multiple demonstrators were also arrested by officers with batons, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot imposed a curfew starting on Saturday night from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. local time, effective immediately and "until further notice."

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Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson snogs married man who killed his girlfriend after crashing car on night out – The Sun

LOVE Island star Megan Barton Hanson is dating a married man who once crashed his speeding car, killing his girlfriend.

The former glamour model, 26, was pictured snogging multi-millionaire Harry Fenner in a public park on Friday afternoon.

Megan and property developer Harry, 30, also shared an ice cream and canoodled in his Lamborghini.

But we can reveal Harry only tied the knot in a glitzy ceremony last July.

He described bride Charlotte as his “biggest achievement to date” at their wedding.

He and Megan were seen out in Southend.

A source said: “Megan really likes Harry and has been getting to know him and spending more time with him.

“She asked him whether he was single and he said he was.

“She had no idea he was so newly married.

“She would never go behind another woman’s back, so this will be upsetting for both her and Harry’s wife Charlotte.

“He even told her that he was once engaged but it hadn’t worked out.

“He’s lied through his teeth to her. She’s gutted.”

In a video of his wedding speech in Surrey, Harry tells his bride: “You are everything I thought was unattainable for someone like me.”

The Essex boy was once a star of UK judo, tipped to appear at the 2012 Olympics.

He avoided jail in 2008 after he was involved in a fatal crash which killed his girlfriend Jade McKinnon, 17.

Harry, then 19, was speeding at up to 70mph on a 40mph road at 2.30am when he lost control of his Ford Fiesta and crashed in Woking, Surrey, a court heard.

Passenger Jade never regained consciousness and died of head injuries.

Her family were furious when Harry got a year ban and a £1,000 fine, yelling “murderer” at Guildford crown court.

Megan finished fourth in Love Island in 2018.

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Celebrity Chase fans cheer on Rylan Clark-Neal as he goes for £99k cash builder offer against Anne Hegarty – The Sun

CELEBRITY Chase fans cheered on Rylan Clark-Neal tonight as he took a £99,000 cash builder offer against Anne Hegarty.

Viewers took to Twitter to support Rylan, 31, as he tried to win the huge sum of money for charity in the episode filmed back in January.

Production on The Chase stopped in February but ITV is making sure fans still get their fix by airing old episodes.

And it was Rylan's second time on the charity quiz show, along with Australian actor Adam Garcia and singer Carol Decker who were rooting for him.

Rylan told host Bradley Walsh: "That’s the kind of person I am. If you go out, you go out – you don’t get many second chances at this."

Just as he seemed to be doing well, tweets poured in as one fan said on Twitter: "Go on rylan where all behind you"

Another said: "Yes Rylan, come on!"

And one more raved: "Have to say, love Rylan! Would happily have him on every episode of #TheChase :)"

Rylan was left gutted after he lost the huge jackpot in the head-to-head with The Governess Anne.

He failed to make it through to the Final Chase again – and ended up losing the £99,000.

He was stumped on the question: "Which day of the week is named after Norse God Odin’s one-handed son?"

Rylan chose Wednesday, and was devastated to find it was the incorrect answer.

Rylan said to Bradley: “Oh it just ain’t meant to be Brad.”

He added to Anne: “She loves a bit of Odin, she went to school with the one-handed son!”

Anne then joked: “Who do you think bit his hand off?”

The Chase has now launched a special lockdown edition where the Chasers quiz viewers from home.
For the next two weeks, the ITV quiz show is airing a special 15 minute extra episode across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

In the episodes, a Chaser will ask 10 questions to fans online for them to answer.

Each of these mini-episodes will be released at 6pm, with Jenny Ryan taking on Chaser duties this week from her home.

Not only has she already done two episodes, she even treated fans to a little tune on her ukulele.

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'Bachelor' Fans Slam Peter Weber for 'Tone Deaf Message' on Instagram

Just after Peter Weber’s Bachelor finale, the world completely changed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While most bachelors do a press tour that goes on for about a month after their season wraps, Weber stayed put.

Not only did the pilot opt out of the day-after interviews because he and Madison Prewett were trying to figure out their relationship, but shelter-in-place orders were given only a few days after Weber and Prewett announced that they are not together. So the only interviews that Weber, Prewett, and Hannah Ann Sluss have given have been done remotely on podcasts.

How Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan got together after ‘The Bachelor’

Now, Weber is dating Kelley Flanagan from his season. He’d been visiting her in Chicago when shelter-in-place orders were given and so decided to hunker down with her and his fellow Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick.

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You caught me. Let the adventure begin 💫

A post shared by Peter Weber (@pilot_pete) on

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When Weber went on former bachelor Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, he explained that he and Flanagan started reconnecting after running into each other in Los Angeles when they were out with friends. There, Weber got her phone number and they started chatting. Flanagan opened up about some “family” issues she had going on, and Weber flew to Chicago to “take her mind off” things.

Since that time, the new couple has taken part in such activities as golfing, biking, and boating.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan go boating

On May 21, Weber posted a photo on Instagram of him and Flanagan on a boat.

“Blue skies ahead, we all still have 7 months to make this the best year of our lives!” reads his captioned.

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While the pilot received comments wishing him and Flanagan well, he also received many comments calling the post “tone-deaf,” given the current state of things.

“Peter… people are dying.”

“We’re in a pandemic Pete people are dying.”

“My boyfriend died from covid. Safe to say this isn’t my year.”

“read the room, Pete.”

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Get over here and give me a 💋

A post shared by Kelley Flanagan (@kelleyflanagan) on

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Several Bachelor fans were quick to point out Weber’s privilege in this situation.

“Ur privilege is showing.”

“must b nice when ur loaded.”

The pilot didn’t respond to the criticisms and he hasn’t changed his caption.

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'Unorthodox': Will There Be a Season 2 of the Netflix Series?

The Netflix mini-series released earlier this year, Unorthodox, was a hit with critics and viewers alike. A 2012 memoir by Deborah Feldman, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, served as the source material for the Netflix show. But will Unorthodox, the TV series with only four episodes, get a second season? One of the co-creators of Unorthodox recently revealed the answer.

Will ‘Unorthodox’ get another season on Netflix?

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As the publication Metro reported after Unorthodox debuted on Netflix in Mar. 2020, it was “so successful that people … flocked to social media, crying out for a second season.”

But unfortunately, one of the executive producers on the series, Anna Winger, talked to Metro, and “poured cold water” on that idea.

“We’re not doing a sequel to this because we feel that we really told this story,” Winger explained of Unorthodox. “It was always designed as a mini-series.” Winger and her co-creator Alexa Karolinski designed Esty’s story to be told in four chapters. However, Winger hoped she would work on projects with the cast in the future.

“I suspect that I will work with these actors again, and with many of my collaborators from this project,” the Unorthodox producer said. “We have a lot of new things in development.”

While Winger acknowledged “it’s not the end of the road for this constellation,” it is for Unorthodox — or at least for Esty Shapiro.

“I don’t think we’ll tell this story again,” Winger shared with Metro. “We’ve told it.”

Esty’s story in ‘Unorthodox’ resonates with many viewers in just four episodes

While the Netflix series creators based most of Esty’s childhood and teen stories on Feldman’s memoir, the scenes set in Berlin are mostly fiction.

“We decided from the beginning that we actually had to change a lot,”
Winger told Metro. The Unorthodox producer explained of Feldman, on whom Esty was loosely based:

We didn’t want her contemporary self to be too close to her real-life as she’s a public personality. Very early on we decided to make her a musician rather than a writer.

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However, Winger expressed that many Netflix viewers connected to Esty’s tale. She told the publication:

Esty’s journey is actually very relatable for many people – not feeling like you belong where you come from, wishing that you could find people who related to you better, wishing you related to the people you’re growing up with better.

The Unorthodox co-creator also shared with Metro how many letters of support she’d received.

“So many people have written to me, whether it’s from Mexico or Saudi Arabia, telling me, ‘This is my story,’” Winger said. “That part doesn’t surprise me because I see this story as being universal.”

Shira Haas cast as the lead in the four-episode mini-series

Israeli actress Shira Haas plays the lead, Esty Shapiro, in Unorthodox. Winger couldn’t help but gush about Haas to Metro.

“Shira is just like magic,” the executive producer shared. “She’s a really intelligent young woman and she’s deep.”

The Unorthodox co-creator added of the actress: “I think she’ll make a great director someday. She’s totally professional and worked so hard.”

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Rick and Morty season 4, episode 10 release time: What time is Rick and Morty out?

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Rick and Morty was welcomed back following a two-year wait in November last year with the start of its fourth series. The first five episodes were shown both on Adult Swim and E4 in the UK just a few days later. The cartoon then went on a midseason hiatus but returned earlier this month. Now, the latest season will end with just one more episode left.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Rick and Morty season 4.

In Childrick of Mort, the penultimate episode of Rick and Morty series four, the latest adventure involved the entire family.

Rick, Morty, Beth, Jerry and Summer were taking a trip in the car when Rick received a phone call saying he was needed.

He then turned the car into a spacecraft so he could find out what was going on.

Previously, Rick had sex with a living planet but now the planet had given birth to his children.

Hoping the mess would be cleared up by itself, Rick wanted to go back home but daughter Beth was eager for him to stay and help the planet with their children, despite the bizarre scenario.


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What time is Rick and Morty season 4, episode 10?

The last episode in the latest series will air in the US on Adult Swim tonight, Friday, May 31.

Rick and Morty episode 10 is going to be released at the same moment across the US but there will be a slight difference in time due to the various time zones.

The release time for tonight’s episode is going to be 11.30pm ET and PT.

However, if you’re living in the CT zone in the US, then Rick and Morty season four, episode 10 will start at 10.30pm CT.

For those living in the UK, as always, fans will have to wait a bit longer to catch the finale.

The final episode in series four will be released four days later on Thursday, June 4 on Channel 4’s E4.

This last instalment will be shown at 10pm BST, the show’s usual time slot on a Thursday evening for viewers in the UK.

Going by the teaser, this last episode looks like there’s a chance Rick will open up more to the rest of his family.

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A teaser was released last week after episode nine was aired on Adult Swim.

The teaser showed the family sitting around the dinner table when Beth suggests they all go for a family therapy session.

Looking nervous, Rick pretended he had been disintegrated but as Morty soon pointed out, he was simply using his invisibility belt to try and get out of the potentially awkward situation.

Will a therapy session make Rick tell the family about how he really feels about them and maybe even more about his past?


  • Rick and Morty release date: Will Rick and Morty be on ALL YEAR ROUND?

In 2018, Rick and Morty was given the green light to create 70 more episodes by Adult Swim.

Following the latest season, there is another scheduled 60 episodes left to make as part of this commission.

This means there will be a series five of Rick and Morty but so far, a release date has not been announced.

Rick and Morty season 4 concludes tonight, Sunday, May 31, on Adult Swim.

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'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Has Been the Face of 5 Other Game Shows

While Alex Trebek is best known as the longtime host of Jeopardy!, the Canadian-born TV personality had a career on other game shows before he became the face of the program. And even after he rose to fame as the host of Jeopardy! Trebek tried other hosting gigs. Ahead, find out more about the game shows he’s hosted. 

Alex Trebek started hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ in 1984

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It’s hard to imagine Jeopardy! without Trebek but the show did exist before it became synonymous with the quizmaster. Art Fleming hosted Jeopardy! during its original run in the 1960s and 1970s. Fleming headed up the game show when it had been known as What’s the Question.

The program got canceled due to poor ratings then later returned for a reboot before getting taken off the air yet again in 1979. Fast-forward five years and it got resurrected with Trebek as the host. Now, Trebek has hosted Jeopardy! for 36 years. But before he became synonymous with the program he worked as the host of other game shows. 

‘High Rollers’

Before Jeopardy! Trebek hosted the game show High Rollers. According to TV Guide, players would roll dice to win prizes. But to do so, they had to first correctly answer a question.

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From there, the object of the game had been to cross off numbers on the board. For each number that got removed, contestants would win a prize. Part of NBC’s programming, the show also went through a name change. In later episodes, it became known as The New High Rollers

‘Double Dare’

According to IMDb, Trebek hosted 35 episodes of the game show from 1976-1977. Double Dare focused on two contestants who were placed in “isolation booths” and given clues about answers to trivia questions. If one player got the right answer, they could keep the money they earned or challenge their opponent to guess correctly. If they chose to go that route and the opponent won, they’d lose the money. And if the other player answered incorrectly, they’d receive double the prize money. 

‘To Tell the Truth’

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In 1991, Trebek hosted 11 episodes of the game show To Tell the Truth. Contestants would tell stories to a panel of celebrities who would then have to determine who had been truthful. 

‘The New Battlestars’

In the years right before Jeopardy!, Trebek hosted The New Battlestars. The game show ran from 1981 to 1983 and Trebek hosted only nine episodes. Celebrities would answer questions for contestants and if they answered enough of them correctly they’d be “captured.” The goal had been for players to “capture” three celebrities. 

‘Classic Concentration’

From 1998 to 1991, Trebek hosted eight episodes of Classic Concentration. A revival of the classic NBC game show, the program followed contestants as they tried to match cards and wins prizes. With Classic Concentration, To Tell the Truth, and Jeopardy! All on the air, Trebek hosted three game shows at the same time. 

Today, in the wake of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Trebek continues to host Jeopardy! and is set to release a memoir, The Answer Is… : Reflections on My Life, in July 2020.

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Catherine Tyldesley reveals her incredible singing voice in duet with Jason Manford before attempting Dirty Dancing lift – The Sun

CATHERINE Tyldesley has revealed her incredible singing voice in a duet with Jason Manford before attempting the Dirty Dancing lift.

The former Coronation Street actress showed fans a throwback video of her with her Scarborough co-star Jason doing pub karaoke.

Sharing the footage of the pair singing Time of my Life, Catherine said: "Happy Weekend! Just to make you all smile.

"This time last year, here me and the brilliant @jasonmanford owning the pub karaoke!

"Miss you @derrenlitten @jakecanuso and our #Scarbs lot."

Catherine, 36, left Coronation Street in July 2018 after playing Eva Price since May 2011.

She went on to star in BBC drama Scarborough alongside Jason Manford.

The pair formed a close friendship on set of the show that followed the lives and loves of a handful of residents in North Yorkshire.

She then went on to star in Strictly Come Dancing 2019.

Meanwhile Jason signed up to be a supermarket delivery driver during the coronavirus pandemic after feeling "useless" as an entertainer during lockdown.

The comedian applied to be a driver at Tesco to help out after his musical tour was cancelled – but he was knocked back before being snapped up by Iceland for a charity shift.

Jason ended being bombarded with offers – including Iceland. Bosses said they would donate £3,000 to his chosen charity.

At the same time he is having to sell off his ten-home property empire to pay for his costly divorce.

He has already sold eight of them, banking more than £3million which will help him settle the bill for his 2017 legal split from first wife Catherine.

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