Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Have Been ‘Texting’ Since Split

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are still in communication with each other despite calling off their romance earlier this month.

“Scott and Sofia’s breakup is definitely a real breakup, but they have been staying in touch and texting since they split,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Their friends think that there is a big chance they could get back together at some point.”

Us confirmed on Wednesday, May 27, that the model, 21, and Disick, 37, had ended their relationship after nearly three years together. Their split came just weeks after the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star entered a treatment center in Colorado to address “past traumas” — including the deaths of his parents. However, Disick checked out of the facility on May 4 after a photo of him on the premises leaked online.

Days later, Us broke the news that the Flip It like Disick star and Richie — who began dating in 2017 — had pumped the brakes on their relationship.

“Scott and Sofia are on a break until Scott straightens himself out more,” a source said at the time. “Scott is in an OK place right now and is trying to get better and focus on work, but he has to prove himself.”

Although Disick has been considering his next steps in getting treatment, Richie felt as if the Talentless founder’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian and their children — Mason, 10, Penelope, 7, and Reign, 5 — had taken priority over their own.

“The quarantine has put a spin on things for Scott. He’s always had issues, especially with addiction, and that’s always been a concern on the Kardashians’ end and Sofia and her family’s end,” a source told Us on Friday, May 29. “Sofia noticed that he wasn’t doing well and gave him an ultimatum, and in the end it seemed like Scott was more focused on Kourtney and his kids than her.”

The Kardashian family isn’t the only clan that weighed heavily on Disick and Richie’s relationship. An insider shared with Us that Richie’s father, Lionel Richie, and her sister Nicole Richie‘s opinions “played a big role in their issues.”

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Sofia Richie looks glum as she hangs with pals during ‘break’ from troubled boyfriend Scott Disick – The Sun

SOFIA Richie couldn't muster a smile even as she spent time with friends on Thursday as she takes a break from her relationship with Scott Disick.

The 21-year-old model was pictured keeping it casual in cycling shorts and a loose white tee, as she appeared to talk into her smartwatch.

Her friend, also in exercise leggings and a sports bra, looked ready for a day of activity before the pair headed out, without their mandatory masks.

Pals close to Sofia recently alleged that Sofia and Scott had decided to take "a break" as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star focuses on his mental health.

The pair have decided to give Scott time to "get better and focus on work," but sources close to the former couple have revealed that Sofia, 21, has told him he "has to prove himself."

A source tells Us Weekly: “Scott and Sofia are on a break until Scott straightens himself out more.

“Scott is in an OK place right now and is trying to get better and focus on work, but he has to prove himself.”

The pair began dating in 2018, after Scott ended his long-term romance with Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children.

Scott shocked fans when he checked in to rehab and then returned early, after an alleged privacy breach.

A source close to the 36-year-old previously confirmed to The Sun that he was undergoing treatment for a substance abuse issue at a facility.

Sofia and Scott haven't been seen together since.

The source said: "He voluntarily checked himself in, because he knew he needed help."

However, he checked out on May 4 amid claims his privacy was breached in the Colorado treatment center.

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Lionel Richie Explained Why the Clay Sculpture in the 'Hello' Video Doesn't Look Like Him

Decades before becoming an American Idol judge, Lionel Richie rose to fame by writing catchy lyrics and making memorable music videos. One of his most popular videos, “Hello,” includes a clay portrait of the singer. But the sculpture doesn’t quite capture his likeness. That may seem like a blunder to some viewers, but a closer look at the short film will reveal the real reason for the creative decision.

Richie’s 1983 ballad, “Hello,” soared to number 1 on the charts and became one of his most recognizable tunes. But the singer/songwriter explained in a 2018 interview with GQ that he didn’t initially plan on writing it.

He told the publication that one day when he was sitting atthe piano, music producer James Carmichael walked in, and Richie crooned, “Hello!Is it me you’re looking for?” Carmichael replied, “Finish that song.”

“Finish what song,” replied Richie.

As a musician who began with the soul group, The Commodores, he was still primarily known for funk and was hesitant to complete “Hello.” The musician went on to recall the process by which he reluctantly wrote the song. He told GQ this:

I’d gotten away with “Sail On” and “Three Times a Lady.” And I’m thinking now by that time they’ve got me paranoid of hokey. I’m thinking, “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for.” They’ll throw me out of the business if I try to do this. And of course, I’m now writing the song to finish it to make [Carmichael] happy. But I’m not thrilled about it…until I write the lyrics.

The ‘Hello’ video director added another layer tothe love story

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In his interview with GQ, Richie spoke in-depth about his experience shooting the “Hello” video. He worked with music video guru, Bob Geraldi, who made a name for himself directing such videos as Michael Jackson’s “Beat it.” The initial concept for “Hello” was to show two people canoodling, but Richie says Geraldi added a twist.

“I’m going to make the girl blind,” Geraldi announced.

Richie admitted to GQ why he agreed to the new narrative, saying, “[Geraldi] is the ticket in terms of videos (back at that time). If you want Bob Geraldi to do it, let him have his way. So, we’re now doing it. She’s gonna be blind.”

Richie was worried that the portrait sculpture didn’tlook like him (but there’s a good reason for that)

In the music video storyline, Richie’s love interest worked to complete a sculpture in his likeness and revealed it to him at the end. While on set shooting the video, Richie says he spent the entire time trying to explain one thing to Geraldi. He told GQ this about the now-famous portrait bust:

I walk in, and as soon as I see the bust, I’m going, ‘Oh my God. We’ve got a problem. The bust does not look like me.’ So, I’m now talking to Bob, and we’re doing setup number one. ‘Bob, excuse me. I just saw that bust. It doesn’t look like me.’

‘I know,’ [Bob responded].

Second setup, ‘Bob, before we get started, have you seen the bust? It doesn’t look like me.’ Third…fourth setup. I’m now panicking because the last setup is that scene. So, I go, ‘Bob, it doesn’t look like me.’

Now, it’s time to do it. So now I’m looking at it, I’m standing next to him, and I’m saying, ‘Bob, it doesn’t look like me.’

He looked at me and said, ‘She’s blind.’ And I said, ‘Oh yeah.’ That’s the story.

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Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton on Miley Cyrus' Talk Show: Did They Spill on 'The Simple Life' Days?

The early ’00s were a very different time. For Miley Cyrus, this is when she first became famous for her Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. Today, the musician is more focused on her Instagram Live talk show, Bright Minded: Live with Miley. Now, she’s made the ultimate callback to the era by bringing The Simple Life stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on her show. Here’s what happened.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton starred in ‘The Simple Life’ together

The reality series began in 2003. Starring Hilton and Richie, it followed the two wealthy socialites as they tried to be “just like everyone else.” Season 1 saw them living in rural Arkansas, working on a dairy farm. The second season was a road trip across the U.S., where they engaged in a number of different activities.

Season 3 of The Simple Life was subtitled Interns, showcasing them learning about various businesses. The show was then canceled by Fox and picked up by E! Season 4, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, was a wife-swap kind of situation, while season 5 was called The Simple Life Goes to Camp. It was later revealed that much of the final season was staged.

They had a very public falling out, but are friends again

The Simple Life was canceled, at least, in part, by Fox due to the highly publicized feud between Richie and Hilton. The fourth season’s concept allowed them to work separately, but they then made up in time for the fifth season.

Today, the two lead separate lives, but appear to be on good terms. They reunited in 2018, with Hilton posting photos of them reuniting at an event. “Love you Nicole Richie,” she wrote, adding, “No one could make me laugh like you do.”

Nicole Richie on ‘Bright Minded’

On March 27, 2020, Cyrus had both Richie and Hilton on her show. The only problem? It’s all conducted over Instagram Live, meaning the two couldn’t be on at the same time. So there was no The Simple Life reunion here.

Richie talked primarily about supporting female-owned businesses, as well as her love of crystals and how she’s handling having her two preteens at home all day. As she was saying goodbye, she shouted out to Vijat Mohindra, a celebratory photographer, who came on the show after Hilton, but neither she nor Cyrus mentioned her old pal.

Paris Hilton promoted positivity

Hilton came on right after Richie. Cyrus noted that they’ve “known each other forever.” She spoke about positivity and being “an iconic legend,” saying, “I just love living my life and having a good time and it makes me just so happy to bring light and happiness to the world and we need more of that.”

Hilton spoke about her favorite places to travel and live, being a DJ, and her love of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. She also commented on dealing with bullies online. And, naturally, she held one of her dogs while she talked.

Where can you watch ‘The Simple Life’?

So we didn’t get any new dirt from The Simple Life era. But if you’re feeling nostalgic for that time, you’re in luck! Seasons 1-4 are available to stream for free on Tubi right now.

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