New books reveals details of White Bulger's infamous 2011 capture

Notorious mob boss Whitey Bulger refused to get on his knees when he was busted by FBI agents after 16 years on the run because he ‘didn’t want to get his pants dirty’, new book reveals

  • FBI agents finally found Whitey Bulger in a Santa Monica apartment in June 2011
  • The notorious mob boss had been on the run for 16 years while being wanted for multiple crimes  
  • New book, Hunting Whitey, reveals how agents closed in on Bulger after a setup
  • Agent Scott Gariola said he feared the moment would turn into a deadly standoff after Bulger refused to get on his knees 
  • Bulger, 89, died in prison in 2018 after he was brutally attacked by inmates  

Whitey Bulger’s arrest almost ended in a deadly standoff with FBI agents after the notorious mob boss refused to get on his knees because he ‘didn’t want to get his pants dirty’, a new book has revealed. 

The Boston underworld kingpin was finally captured in Santa Monica with girlfriend Catherine Greig in June 2011 after being on the run for 16 years. 

Details of his capture and subsequent death in jail are laid bare in a new book, Hunting Whitey: The Inside Story of the Capture & Killing of America’s Most Wanted Crime Boss, by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, due for release on Tuesday.  

An excerpt obtained by the New York Post reveals how Bulger remained defiant even as feds armed with multiple automatic weapons closed in on the then 81-year-old in the garage of his apartment complex. 

Details of Whitey Bulger’s capture is laid bare in a new book about the notorious kingpin. Pictured: FBI agent Scott Garriola and Bulger after his 2011 arrest 

Bulger, who had been on the run for 16 years, managed to go undetected with girlfriend Catherine Greig (right)  by posing an elderly couple under the names of Charles and Carol Gasko

FBI agents were finally able to corner Bulger with the help of Josh Bond, the manager of Princess Eugenia Apartments, where the fugitive had been hiding.

Bulger and Greig had managed to go undetected for years by posing as an elderly couple under the names of Charles and Carol Gasko.

When authorities descended on the apartment building on June 21, Special Agent Scott Garriola had located the couple’s storage locker in the garage before hatching a plan to stage a break-in in hopes of luring him downstairs.  

Using a set of bolt cutters, Garriola cut the lock off the storage unit, before instructing Bond to call Bulger and notify him of the supposed robbery. 

The couple were found hiding out at Princess Eugenia Apartments in Santa Monica in June 2011

Initially, Bond didn’t get a response, but Greig rang moments later returning his call.

‘Do you want me to call police or meet me down in the garage?’ Bond asked. 

‘Then Whitey Bulger himself stepped out of the apartment in his white hat and took the elevator down to the garage,’ the book states.

As he arrived, Bulger was immediately greeted by a swarm of heavily armed men aiming machine guns at him.  

In a letter describing the scene included in the book, Bulger admits he noticed something ‘wasn’t right’ after seeing colored pieces of tape on the ground, ‘as if to mark positions like on a stage’. 

FBI agents immediately ordered him to get on his knees, but Bulger refused after seeing a small pool of oil on the ground.  

‘They were screaming, “We will shoot,” and I responded, “Go ahead . . . I’m not kneeling down in the oil,” Bulger recalled,’ the book states. 

 ‘I told them that there was a clean place to my right and for him to take two steps to the right to that area and then I’d comply’.

According to the book, Garriola at that moment feared the arrest would escalate into a deadly standoff or a police chase, if Bulger did not obey. 

Bulger was brutally beaten to death in October 2018 by inmates in his cell at U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia. He was 89 

Bulger (pictured in 1959) was the notorious head of the Irish mob who led a decades-long reign of terror in south Boston from the 1970s to ’90s

But Bulger eventually ‘moved two steps to the side’, before finally surrendering.

Bulger, who at the time was one of the FBI’s most-wanted criminals, was sentenced to life in prison for his role in 11 gangland killings.

More than $822,000 and 30 guns were found hidden in the walls of the couple’s rent-controlled apartment.  

At the time of his arrest, it was revealed FBI agents had been tipped off by a woman named Anna Bjornsdotti, from Reykjavik, Iceland.

She is said to have become friendly with Greig after the two women took a shared interest in a local stray cat. 

Details of his capture and subsequent death in jail are laid bare in new book due for release on May 26 

Just days before the arrest, the FBI had bought 350 time slots during daytime TV shows to air public service announcements about the pair, aimed at female viewers who might have seen Greig. 

Bjornsdotti would come forward days later, calling in with the address of Bulger and Greig’s apartment. 

Bulger was the notorious head of the Irish mob who led a decades-long reign of terror in south Boston from the 1970s to the ’90s. 

In 2013, he was convicted of a slew of crimes, including at least 11 murders and was sentenced to life behind bars. 

Bulger was brutally beaten to death in October 2018 by inmates in his cell at U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia less than 24 hours after he was transferred to the facility. 

They brutally attacked the wheelchair-bound Bulger, beat him with a lock in a sock, tried to gouge out the mobster’s eyes with a shiv and attempted to cut out his tongue.  

His body was found wrapped in a sheet 12 hours later by prison officers, who said the gangster was hardly recognizable.    

Whitey Bulger: Life and crimes of a mob kingpin

Sept. 3, 1929: James Bulger is born to Irish immigrant parents living in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. He is the second of six children. His shock of platinum blonde hair earns him the nickname ‘Whitey.’

1956: Whitey Bulger is sentenced to federal prison for bank robbery. After he’s suspected of plotting an escape from one prison, he’s transferred to Alcatraz.

1960: Bulger’s younger brother, William, is elected to the state House of Representatives. John Connolly, a childhood friend from South Boston, works on the campaign.

1965: Bulger is released from prison and returns to Boston. He becomes a top underling to local mobster Howie Winter, boss of the Winter Hill Gang.

1970: William Bulger is elected to the state Senate.

1975: Bulger cuts a deal with Connolly – now a Boston-based FBI agent – to provide information on the Italian Mafia in exchange for protection.

1978: William Bulger becomes president of the state Senate.

1981: Roger Wheeler, owner of World Jai Alai, a gambling enterprise from which Bulger was skimming money, is shot between the eyes in the parking lot of his country club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1982: Bulger and Stephen ‘The Rifleman’ Flemmi gun down a former henchman in broad daylight on a South Boston street to silence him over the Wheeler murder. Connolly files a report with the FBI saying rival gangsters made the hit.

July 1982: Flemmi and Bulger order a hit on John Callahan, the former president of World Jai Alai.

January 1995: Bulger disappears on the eve of his indictment on racketeering charges.

1997: The FBI, under court order, admits that Bulger was a ‘top echelon’ informant launching a federal probe into the agency’s corrupt ties to its mob informants.

June 22, 2011: Bulger is arrested in Santa Monica, CA, with girlfriend Catherine Grieg.

Aug 12, 2013: Bulger is found guilty of a raft of racketeering charges, including his role in 11 murders.

Nov 13 2013: Bulger, aged 84 , is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus five years. Before announcing her sentence, the judge tells Bulger that the ‘scope, callousness and depravity of your crimes are almost unfathomable.’ She says they are made ‘all the more heinous because they were all about money.’

Oct. 30, 2018: Bulger is found dead inside USP Hazelton at 8.20am, the day after he was transferred to the federal prison in West Virginia.


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Arsenal ace Sead Kolasinac’s wife held by police at airport for bringing a stun gun into the UK – The Sun

THE Wag held for bringing a stun gun into the UK was the wife of Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac.

Anxious Bella Kolasinac, 27, bought the weapon for ­protection following a knife attack on her husband and Gunners team-mate Mesut Ozil in the street last year.

Security fears saw her flee to Germany soon after and she obtained a legal permit there to carry an “electro shocker”.

But she did not realise the powerful device was illegal in Britain — and yesterday The Sun told how she was held by Border Force officers at London Biggin Hill Airport when it was found in her luggage.

Bella sobbed she had bought the device for self- defence and said she had sought permission to import it.


She could have been jailed for six months for importing a banned weapon but was let off with a caution after the flight from Frankfurt on Sunday.

A spokesman for Kolasinac, 26, said: “It was all a misunderstanding. The electro shocker was still in its packaging and didn’t have any batteries.

“Bella was able to prove she sent emails to the flight operators to make sure she could import it.

“Unfortunately, she was in the air with her phone off when she received an email saying the device was illegal.

“The airline had informed customs officers that she had the shocker before the plane landed.

“She didn’t declare it because she didn’t think she had done anything wrong. These devices can be carried legally in a bag in ­Germany if the owner has a permit.

"She’s obviously very ­security conscious after what happened to Sead and Mesut.”

German-born defender Kola­sinac bravely tackled two ­helmeted robbers who pounced on Ozil’s Mercedes 4×4 in ­Golders Green, North London, last July.

The unarmed player suffered slight cuts as he stood up to one of the thugs, who was armed with a foot-long spike.

Both attackers admitted robbery and one got ten years’ jail.

An Arsenal official said of the stun gun: “This is a private matter and we will not be commenting.”

Kolasinac’s spokesman denied a cosh was also in Bella’s baggage.

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Husband pleads for return of wife who went missing on Mother’s Day

The husband of a Colorado woman who went missing on Mother’s Day pleaded for her return in a video posted to Facebook Sunday.

“Oh Suzanne,” Barry Morphew begins the short clip, “if anyone is out there that can hear this, that has you — please we’ll do whatever it takes to bring you back.”

“We love you. We miss you. Your girls need you,” he said.

His wife, 49-year-old Suzanne Morphew, never returned to the family’s Maysville home last Sunday after going for a bike ride, authorities have said.

Barry, who’s reportedly already offering $100,000 for tips leading to the safe return of his wife, said Sunday he’s willing to give “however much they want” to her potential captors.

“No questions asked …I will do whatever it takes to get you back. Honey I love you. I want you back so bad.”

Barry was reportedly in Denver when his wife was reported missing by a neighbor.

He has been cooperating with authorities investigating the case, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze told reporters Friday, according to Denver’s local ABC affiliate.

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Brother, 11, and sister, 10, who vanished are found safe and well

Brother, 11, and sister, 10, who vanished from their home this morning are found safe and well

  • Elsie, 10, and Joseph, 11, were last seen at home in Newport, Wales, at 8.30am  
  • They have since been found ‘safe and well’ and have returned home today 
  • Their surnames have not been released by police but their each have blonde hair
  • Elsie is thought to be wearing pink trainers, and Joseph could be in black boots 

Two young siblings at the centre of a police hunt today have been found ‘safe and well’ after they vanished from their home in Wales this morning.

Elsie, 10, and Joseph, 11, whose surnames have not been revealed, were last seen in Newport at around 8.30am.  

Police launched a search for the brother and sister and they have since been found.

Dyfed-Powys Police revealed the good news in a tweet. It read: ‘Good news | Elsie and Joseph have been found safe and well, and are back at home. Thank you for sharing our appeal.’

Elsie (left), 10, and Joseph (right), 11, whose surnames have not been revealed, were last seen in Newport at around 8.30am

Elsie was described as having blue hair and curly blonde hair. It was thought she would be wearing pink trainers.

Her brother Joseph was described as having short blond hair with blue eyes. He was likely to be wearing black boots. 

Anyone with information was asked to call Dyfed-Powys Police on 101 quoting reference 078 of May 10. 

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Rapper Smoove’L busted with loaded gun during Brooklyn traffic stop

Brooklyn rapper Smoove’L was busted with a loaded gun after running a red light, cops said Tuesday.

The rhymester, whose real name is Lefty Sanders, was driving a 2015 black Suburban on Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bed-Stuy just before 5:45 p.m. when he blew through the light at Green Avenue and pulled over, according to police.

When cops approached the SUV, there was allegedly a strong smell of marijuana coming from the driver’s seat, police said.

The 19-year-old rapper was found to have a loaded black Ruger, according to police. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and slapped with traffic and drug summonses, according to the NYPD.

Sanders could not be reached for comment. It was unclear if he had an attorney.

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Christopher Reeve's son Will appears on GMA with no pants on

‘At least put on sweatpants!’ Superman star Christopher Reeve’s son Will appears on GMA with NO PANTS on after failing to realize that his bare legs and boxers could be seen on camera

  • ABC reporter Will Reeve, 27, filmed a segment for GMA at home on Tuesday during which he talked about using drones to deliver prescriptions 
  • Will wore a suit jacket and shirt for the segment, but failed to put on any pants 
  • He apparently did not realize that his bare legs and boxers were in the shot  
  • At the start of the interview, GMA’s graphics covered up his legs, but as the hit continued the graphics moved to reveal his state of undress 
  • The clip has gone viral on social media with thousands of people expressing their amusement over the sartorial mistake 
  • Will is the son of late Superman star Christopher, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 52, nine years after he was paralyzed in an equestrian accident  

A Good Morning America reporter became the butt of a national joke after he appeared on the popular show without any pants on, apparently totally unaware that his bare legs and boxer shorts could be seen on camera. 

Will Reeve, who is the son of late Superman star Christopher Reeve, filmed a live segment for the morning show from his home on Tuesday morning, during which he discussed a new initiative that will see drones being used to deliver prescriptions to elderly people. 

However, many viewers found themselves unable to concentrate on the story after it became very apparent that Will, 27, was filming the show without any pants on – despite going to the effort of dressing up in a smart grey suit jacket and blue shirt. 

Whoops! Will Reeve, an ABC News reporter and son of late Superman star Christopher Reeve, was caught filming for GMA with no pants on 

Business on the top… The 27-year-old correspondent dressed up his top half in a suit jacket and shirt, but failed to realize that his bare legs and boxers were visible on camera 

Distracting: Will appeared on the show to discuss an initiative that will see drones delivering prescriptions to elderly people – but his sartorial mishap stole the show 

At the start of the segment, during his conversation with anchor Amy Robach, Will’s legs were covered up with the GMA graphics that run across the bottom of the screen, which read: ‘Pharmacies of the future, using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients.’ 

However, when the camera cut out of the two-person shot and focused on Will solo, his bare thigh and black boxer shorts became clearly visible. 

The ABC News reporter seemed blissfully unaware of the issue, and carried on his report with gusto, telling Amy, ‘What is an innovative, high-tech way to get people their medicine quickly while promoting social distancing? Drones!’ 

But the drones were the last thing on most viewers’ minds as Will continued speaking, even moving his leg up at one point to show off even more of his bare thigh. 

While Will seemed totally ignorant about his sartorial error however, Buzzfeed News caught Amy making a rather startled expression as the cameras returned to her and Michael Strahan in the studio – perhaps a sign that she caught sight of his rather risque outfit choice. 

Whether or not Amy was aware of Will’s oh-so casual quarantine wardrobe, there is no doubt that thousands of viewers spotted the error, with dozens taking to social media to share their amusement over the incident. 

‘No Pants Tuesday on @GMA I assume,’ one person commented, while sharing a cry-laugh emoji. 

‘Hey guys, guess some men don’t wear pants during social distancing!’ another chimed in, before adding: ‘Boxer briefs are cool!’ 

Indeed, the majority of people who caught sight of the hilarious mishap praised Will for providing them with such much-needed entertainment, with one person writing: ‘To the @GMA reporter who forgot to wear pants for this morning’s broadcast: you are officially the most relatable person on television and my new favorite news anchor.’  

Many offered words of empathy for Will, with some noting that they would probably have found themselves in a similar situation. 

‘I cannot stop thinking about the GMA reporter who thought nobody could see he wasn’t wearing pants. Would 100% happen to me,’ one Twitter user wrote. 

Another urged GMA to ‘support’ its reporters’ decision to go pant-less on-air. 

‘@GMA if your reporters don’t want to wear pants while working from home SUPPORT THEM! All y’all are working from home some not wearing pants, some not wearing bras. Freeing isnt it? You do you bro.’ 

Family: Will is the son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 52, nine years after he was paralyzed in an equestrian accident 

Legacy: As well as working for ABC News, Will is also on the board of directors for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which helps to fund research into spinal cord injuries

Thankfully, Will took the social media frenzy in his stride, even joking on his own Twitter account that he had ‘arrived’. 

‘I have ARRIVED… in the most hilariously mortifying way possible,’ he tweeted, not long after the clip of his interview went viral. 

Replying to another user who joked that Will ‘wearing shorts on a video call is a big quarantine mood’, the ABC News reporter wrote: ‘Man the more I look at this the more thigh I see. Yikes.’ 

However, Will did defend himself on one point, insisting to the world that he was in fact wearing shorts, and had not simply appeared on camera in his boxer briefs, tweeting: ‘Those are shorts I promise.’ 

Despite the error, Will is actually a fairly seasoned broadcast journalist, having worked in TV since 2014, when he started working as a commentator for ESPN. In 2016, he also landed a job as the host of The MSG Hockey Show.  

He began working as a Multi Platform Reporter for ABC News in 2018, and since then has done a wide variety of jobs for the network, including a recent interview with popstar Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. 

Will is also on the board of directors for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, a charity that was started by his parents to fund research into spinal cord injuries after the Superman star was paralyzed during an equestrian accident in 1995. 

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Ricky Gervais confirms there will be a third series of After Life as he admits fear of letting down fans – The Sun

RICKY Gervais has confirmed that there will be a third series of After Life after the second went down a storm with fans.

The 58-year-old comic went on to admit that he fears letting down viewers, with the black comedy-drama returning to Netflix on Friday.

The star has now been inundated with positive messages and reviews from fans and critics alike – which has spurred him on to write some more.

Speaking on a Twitter livestream this evening, Ricky was asked if there would be a third series.

He replied: "I'd love to do a season three, it looks like it's going to go down a storm, so if this reaction carries on then yes."

However, he did confess that how well-received the show has been so far has made him nervous about putting out more material.

He explained: "The better it goes down the worst it is for me, you can do something f***ing amazing, and everyone goes: 'Oh god, it's the best thing ever, 10/10.'

"But if you do something else that is 9.5/10 people are like: 'It's f***ing awful, this is the worst show on television', so that's what goes through my mind."

Although he did not give fans any insight into what could happen in the third series, he did give one spoiler as he confirmed that he will never kill off main character Tony's beloved pet dog.

He insisted: "The dog does not die. Never."

Ricky writes and stars in the Netflix show, which first hit our screens in 2019.

He plays widower Tony who is trying to navigate life after the death of his wife, supported by friends, family, and his loyal pooch.

Fans previously revealed that they "couldn't stop crying" just five minutes into series two, with Ricky himself finding the scenes emotional to film – meaning that he could do them in just one take.

He told The Sun Online: "They're not that hard for me, if I feel it, if I mean it, if it feels real I can cry, just once and then you feel better, so they're all one take."

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Kim Kardashian shares selfie with lookalike daughter North, 6, during quarantine – The Sun

KIM Kardashian has taken to Instagram to share an adorable selfie with lookalike daughter North West, six.

The KUWTK star, 39, treated fans to snap during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sharing the snap with her 166million followers, Kim pouted as she posed next to North in matching white Kanye West sweatshirts.

Kim sported rose-gold eye shadow and a glossy nude lip, while North wore adorable space buns.

Alongside the post, the reality star wrote: "What’s your favorite thing about quarantine?

"Let me know. Mine is hanging with my babies 247."

Fans were quick to gush over the snap, with one writing: "Wow this kid is stunning."

A second simply commented: "Twins."

While sister Khloe, 35, said: "You two are my favorite thing."

The family photo comes days after it was reported husband Kanye "whisked the kids away" to his $28 million ranch in Wyoming to give Kim "a break."

A source told People: "They have been taking turns caring for the kids.

"Kanye escapes to his office for a work break, he also let Kim have a break last week when he took some of the kids to Wyoming.

"They have been taking turns caring for the kids."

Kim and Kanye share four children – North, Saith, four, Chicago, two and baby son Pslam.

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‘NCIS’: Who Played George W. Bush in Season 1, Episode 1?

If you’ve seen NCIS Season 1, Episode 1, you likely remember seeing a character who looks just like George W. Bush. Who is this man? Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the actor who played former President George W. Bush in NCIS Season 1, Episode 1.

What happened during ‘NCIS’ Season 1, Episode 1

The very first episode of NCIS aired September 23,2003. In this episode, Gibbs and the team are tasked with figuring out how a Navyofficer died. After the officer eats dinner with President George W. Bush, he collapsesand dies right in front of Agent Kate Todd (SashaAlexander). At the time, Todd is working with the Secret Service, but aftershe resigns, Gibbs offers her a job working for NCIS.

Episode 1 features a much smaller team than we’re used toseeing. Gibbs and Tony are the only agents featured. Agent Todd joins the groupduring NCIS Season 1, Episode 2, titled Hung Out to Dry.  

Who played George W. Bush in ‘NCIS’ Season 1, Episode 1?

The actor who played George W. Bush is the late SteveBridges. This isn’t the first time he played President Bush on the small screen.In 2002, he played Bush in an episode of JAGtitled “Dangerous Game.”

Bridges was well-known for impersonating presidents andmembers of the news media. Some of the people he impersonated include BarackObama, Bill Clinton, Tom Brokaw, and Rush Limbaugh. Bridges became so popular hewas invited to perform at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Associationdinner.

Bridges used wigs and prosthetics to create realisticimpersonations of celebrities. He became so skilled at his craft he was often castas George W. Bush on television shows and in movies. He also regularly appearedon The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. According to TheAssociated Press, Bridges took great care to make sure his prostheticsaccurately portrayed the people he impersonated:

The makeup and prosthetics used for his Bush and Clinton routines were designed by Kevin Haney, who won an Academy Award for aging Dan Aykroyd in Driving Miss Daisy. The Obama prosthetics were created by Kazu Tsuji, who designed Jim Carrey’s Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Mari Enyart was Mr. Bridges’s makeup artist.

Steve Bridges’ movies and TV shows

Bridges made his acting debut in 1994 in an episode of the televisionseries Nurses titled “The One After the Earthquake.” In 2000, heappeared in an episode of the television series The District titled “HowThey Lived.” That same year, Bridges played George W. Bush in an episode of Whoopi.He made his film debut in the 2008 movie Long Flat Balls, in which healso played President Bush. His other acting credits include appearances in ER,All That, and The Adventures of Umbweki.

Steve Bridges’ death

Bridges died suddenly on March 3, 2012 at the age of 48. Hewas found in his home by his maid, according to The Associated Press.

Read more: ‘NCIS’Season 1, Episode 1: Six Things You Probably Missed

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What was Brian Dennehy’s net worth at the time of his death?

Veteran actor Brian Dennehy, 81, died in Connecticut of natural causes on April 15, 2020, his talent agency, ICM Partners, confirmed to CNN

Dennehy, who leaves behind his wife, Jennifer Arnott, and five children, starred in many classic movies, TV shows, and plays throughout his five-decade career in Hollywood. Most notably, the former marine had roles in Silverado, First Blood, and he played actor Chris Farley’s dad in Tommy Boy. Dennehy was “often called on to play an everyman or an authority figure: athletes and sheriffs, bartenders, salesmen and fathers,” as The New York Times noted.

The accomplished actor also won two Tony Awards, including a 1999 win for best actor in Death of a Salesman, and he earned his second in 2003 for best actor in Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night.

It’s obvious Dennehy led a very successful life, and now some fans are curious to know where his triumphs landed him financially.

Money wasn't everything for Brian Dennehy

As a Tony and Golden Globe winner who was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame, it’s fair to reason Brian Dennehy made a lot of money during his life. When you also consider Dennehy once worked as a Merril Lynch stockbroker before he made it big, it’s not surprising his reported net worth is $12 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Fame and business acumen is one heck of a combo.

However, despite his riches, Dennehy realized money wasn’t everything. “Three or four years ago I had an ashen taste in my mouth,” he explained to The New York Times in 1988. “I had done a lot of movies, made a lot of money, and it didn’t really mean a hell of a lot.” 

The actor’s dissatisfaction inspired him to pursue meatier roles, continuing, “I mean, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. But when I started doing theater again, I realized that what is interesting to me is the work – not celebrity or getting tables at restaurants, but new challenges. I’ll do the movies and hope some of them will be good, but an increasing amount of my time is going to be spent doing things I’m not sure I can do. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Nicki Swift gives its condolences to Brian Dennehy’s family, and we remember the other celebrities we’ve lost in 2020.

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