Mum reveals ‘genius’ trick for persuading her kids to eat fruit and veg by using Disney stickers

A MUM has revealed her clever trick for persuading kids to eat fruit and veg, and all you will need is some stickers

Sick and tired of her children shunning fresh produce, parenting blogger Jane Stine from Massachusetts, came up with a crafty way to encourage them.

She shared her cheeky hack on Facebook, revealing that she takes Disney stickers while grocery shopping to make fruit and veg seem more appealing.

Sharing a snap of a squash with a Pooh Bear sticker on, she wrote: “Here’s my best parenting hack.

“You know how kids always want Paw Patrol yogurt or Disney waffles or whatever? Bring your own stickers to the grocery store and start sticking.

“Today we’re having Winnie the Pooh brand spaghetti squash. It goes perfectly with Toy Story broccoli.”

Her post has since gone viral amassing over 10,000 likes and 61,000 shares from seriously impressed parents.

Commenting on the post one wrote: “Oh. My. Goodness. She’s a MF genius.”

“OMG that’s so smart!” agreed another, with a third adding, “This is some genius level parenting right here!”

In other parenting news, this mum revealed her "grab-n-go" method for her kids lunchboxes.

And this mum hit back at trolls who "mum shamed" her for letting her kids eat McDonald's and spend hours watching YouTube.

Plus this "bad" mum-of-two revealed she's been slammed for having tattoos, piercings and ABS – but has vowed not to let trolls win.

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Kate Middleton Works the Waist Cinch Like All the Fashion Girls

Kate Middleton Works the Waist Cinch Like All the Fashion Girls

It’s not just Kate Middleton that’s a fan of belting everything from midi dresses to outerwear. I was obsessed with the waist-cinching detail on the Fall 2020 Miu Miu runway too, which draws attention to the midsection while also making for a subtle ’80s strong-shoulder moment. The duchess has been sticking to a predominately green palate for her 2020 tour of Ireland, having sported a printed peplum from Alessandra Rich while landing in Dublin and a glittering emerald evening number from The Vampire’s Wife for a visit to the Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar.

On the final day of the trip, Kate arrived in Galway with Prince William in a green dotted Suzannah dress, styled over black knee-high stiletto boots with an ornate belt that totally made this a moment for me — and it’s one I’m certainly going to copy. Kate’s particular design is called the Valerie and is available in navy blue online for $1,609. It features ruched three-quarter sleeves and gathered material at the neckline and shoulder. If you keep reading, you’ll see where the inspiration behind this look lies, and how I’m making it fresh with some of my own easy essentials on a budget.

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Kate Middleton Keeps Repeating These Sold Out H&M Earrings—& Here Are Dupes

While on royal tour in Ireland, Kate Middleton’s worn several luxury brands including Catherine Walker and vintage Oscar de la Renta. But as royal fashion fans will know, the Duchess of Cambridge loves to incorporate both high and low pieces into her repertoire. Kate Middleton’s H&M earrings from the royal reception at the Guinness brewery were the ideal low cost item to throw in the mix.

The eye-catching earrings boast a sizable circular shape, a dramatic drop style, and textured gold material. Middleton paired them with a metallic green dress from The Vampire’s Wife. The $2,076 iridescent silk midi-length frock features a ruffled hem, a high neckline, and exaggerated shoulders. The dress has fans in quite a few celebrities — it’s been worn by Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, and Princess Beatrice to name a few — and it’ll only become more popular now that it has the Duchess’ stamp of approval. Middleton finished her look with her go-to Manolo Blahnik BB pumps and a small metallic clutch.

While this is Middleton’s first public appearance in the dress, her earrings are a repeat. According to What Kate Wore, the Duchess wore them before in 2018 when she attended a royal foundation dinner. Unfortunately, since they are from a previous season, the H&M baubles are no longer available for purchase, but we found quite a few similar dupes below.

While Middleton’s earrings are more circular, they still share both a similar texture and drop design to this ASOS accessory.

The textured gold and design on this Topshop pair make them a comparable choice.

These earrings may not have the texture of Middleton’s, but they are drop style, sizable, and feature the same two-prong circular design.

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Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Got Matching Tattoos AGAIN — Here’s What They Look Like

The news may not surprise you, but Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson got matching tattoos again. The ink-loving pair have opted to get tattoos together in the past, but this time, not only did they visit the studio together, they left with the same new bit of body art.

According to Teen Vogue, Cyrus and Simpson headed to the studio of artist Nico Bassill where they got tattoos inspired by Simpson’s new book Prince Neptune. Both singers opted for small versions of a triton. Simpson’s is solid black and located just above his elbow. As for Cyrus, her triton is an outline of the weapon that hasn’t been filled in with black ink and sits at her wrist.

While the triton was Simpson’s only documented tattoo, it wasn’t the only one Cyrus opted to get. The singer took to her Instagram to reveal her solo art. She received a sizable recreation of a nude woman by artist Henri Matisse on the back of her upper arm close to the heart tattoo she previously got with Simpson.

In her reveal, Cyrus included lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love," while Bassill showcased the piece with a quote from the artist. As for Simpson, he simply captioned his photo with, "Who is Prince Neptune?"

While this is the first time that Cyrus and Simpson have gotten matching tattoos, it’s not their first visit together. Back in October, the pair visited Bassill’s studio Among The Willows where they each got new pieces. Cyrus opted for a heart with a knife run through it and a banner that read, "Rock n’ Roll Heart." As for Simpson, he got a skull with a scythe in the background.

With the number of tattoos both Cyrus and Simpson have separately, it’s likely only a matter of time before they head back to Bassill’s studio for more.

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Kate Middleton wears £200 cashmere jumper for second outfit of day in Ireland

Kate Middleton stood out wearing a bold red jumper on the final day of her Ireland tour with Prince William, 37. The Duchess put her sport skills to the test as she played hurling and football while in Galway. She looked casual wearing the cable jumper with black skinny jeans and trainers.


  • Kate Middleton dazzles in £1,595 emerald dress in Ireland

Kate showed off her thrifty side wearing a high neck bright red jumper.

The garment had a cable knit design down the front and was from British label, Really Wild, £195.

Made from merino wool and cashmere, the classic knit had a thick ribbed collar.

The Duchess previously wore the item during a royal tour of Canada in 2016.

Kate stayed comfy by pairing the look with black and red trainers from New Balance, £75.

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Fearne Cotton launches Yoga range for Sweaty Betty and it goes on sale today

Fearne Cotton has announced an exclusive ten piece range with Sweaty Betty and we want it all.

A colloberation between Fearne and Swetty Betty's all female design range the collection is all about empowering the wearer to be active – and looking good whilst they do it.

With bright colours and fun prints, the range is
available in sizes XXS to XXL, every doodle and print in the range comes from Fearne’s own sketches, with the words Support Women, Support The World woven into pieces.

Sweaty Betty are looking to empower women through fitness and beyond, and as an avid yogi and runner, Fearne is the perfect partner.

  • Fearne Cotton X Sweaty Betty – buy here

The pieces have also been designed for a variety of sports and post-workout to fit into a busy lifestyle and the benefits of fitness for mental health.

Speaking about the range, Fearne Cotton said:  ‘For me, exercise is all about feeling good. Even squeezing in a 20 minute workout to my day makes a huge difference. My body feels energised and stretched, and I feel happier.

"I’ve been a fan of Sweaty Betty for such a long time and have worn their leggings for years. I wanted to make something long-lasting that looked really cool, because I like wearing bold leggings and workout gear that isn’t plain and boring.

"These are pieces I will proudly wear that go from school run to workout or vice versa, I just love the colour palette and I’m really chuffed that my doodles are on these leggings. It’s been a bit of a dream come true."

The collection also includes an exclusive limited edition 'Support Women, Support the World' t-shirt, with £10 from each top being donated to Mind, a charity which Fearne is an ambassador for.

You can see the full range here.

The full collection will go on sale 5 March, and will also be supported by an exclusive episode of Happy Place podcast featuring Poorna Bell, Bryony Gordon and Annie Price who have all modelled the collection.

The collection also has a focus on sustainability,  with a number of pieces from the range made from using organic cotton, plus an  exclusive tote bag made from recycled materials
will be available in-store.

B&M is selling king size Silentnight teddy fleece sheets for just £1 and shoppers are rushing to clear the shelves.

In other homeware news, we told you how B&M shoppers are raving about their "stunning" pink silk curtains that are a tenner.

And The Range is selling a "super cosy" flannelette duvet set for just £16.


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Jennifer Lopez Just Shared A Close-Up Video Of Her Butt In A White Swimsuit

  • Jennifer Lopez showed off her toned butt and arms in a new Instagram video.
  • The 50-year-old actress/singer looked super fit in a white one-piece swimsuit.
  • J.Lo is a big fan of strength training, eats super clean, and makes sure to hydrate.

Jennifer Lopez, 50, has had the most insane last few months. From being nominated for her role in Hustlers throughout awards season to her epic Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, J.Lo’s schedule has been packed. But now, she seems to be taking some self-care time for herself by hitting the beach. In her latest Instagram video post, she’s soaking up the sun in a gorgeous white one-piece swimsuit.

“No one likes a shady beach… 🌤 📷@lacarba,” she captioned her post.

And her friends and fans are totally into her sandy video and photoshoot.

“SHE IS LIVINGGGG😍😍😍,” one wrote, while another commented, “Stop it! I can’t keep up!”

The selfie video starts by giving fans a full-view of J.Lo’s toned booty before moving up to show off her glowing skin and toned arms.

So… how does she look that fit at 50? Well, Jennifer’s in the gym basically non-stop and is a fan of strength workouts. J.Lo’s trainer also told O, the Oprah Magazine that her typical core workout starts with a set of 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit ups with a 45-pound plate.

But she also loves to get moving with dance.”I am 100-percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness,” J.Lo told Hello. “When my confidence is lagging, I dance. There’s something about seeing what my body is capable of and feeling the endorphin rush that comes with a good dance session that really helps boost my confidence and my mood. I still consider myself a dancer at heart and I love it.”

And her diet is super clean, too. “I have her eating very clean because she needs really good fuel for all the things that she’s doing,” J.Lo’s trainer Tracy Anderson told People. “It’s all organic and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food.”

Plus, she’s all about hydration. “She drinks a minimum of seven glasses a day,” another trainer, Dodd Romero, told US Weekly.

Yeah, it shows.

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It's Time to Upgrade Your Work Bag With These 22 Stylish Choices From Nordstrom

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Work Bag With These 22 Stylish Choices From Nordstrom

Hands down, bags are my favorite thing to shop. I think having the right one for every occasion is the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. One silhouette that’s harder to shop for than most is the ultimate work bag. Not only do you want something stylish and versatile, it needs to also be useful. Ticking off all those boxes is a lot easier said than done though. To help you find the right one for your daily commute and beyond, I turned to Nordstrom. The retailer carries a wide array of brands at every price point, making it seamless to browse a ton of great choices all in one place.

Ahead, I curated a list of my 22 favorite picks that are ideal for daily life. From brands like Topshop to Tory Burch and even Saint Laurent, no doubt you’ll find your match. Starting at just $50, there’s even some great affordable choices, too, if you’re looking to stay in budget. Keep reading to shop them all.

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The Queen never eats sandwich crusts and all of her potatoes are the same size – the surprising privileges royals get

BEING a royal certainly comes with its privileges, even aside from the fact that you get to live in a glittering palace. 

When it comes to the Queen’s meals, she certainly gets the highest standards, with each potato being measured before being used. 

This is done to ensure that all of the royal spuds are of a similar dimensions and don’t throw Her Majesty off the appearance of her dish, according to Reader’s Digest.

And her sandwiches are only served with rounded edges, instead of ones at right angles. 

This is rumoured to be a tradition because Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, is said to have thought it was unlucky to eat coffin-shaped food. 

The Queen isn’t the only one with unusual royal privileges, with Prince Charles said to like his biscuits warmed to a certain temperature before eating. 

According to the publication, staff keep a warming pan on hand to ensure his biccies are hot enough to go with this cheese at the end of his meals. 

While many people rush to shove on a pair of shoes before they leave in the morning, Prince Charles, 71, has a rather different dressing routine. 

He has three personal valets dedicated to maintaining his wardrobe, which allegedly includes ensuring his shoelaces are ironed on each pair of shoes he owns. 

His valet Michael Fawcett would even go as far as to squeeze toothpaste on his brush each night.

Her Majesty, 93, also has a team to look after her clothes, and even is said to have someone break in her shoes for her before wearing. 

The Queen has worn the same style of shoe for most of her reign, which is a black leather loafer with a chunky heel finished with a buckle, handmade by Anello & Davide.

Writing in her book The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser, Angela Kelly, said: “As has been reported a lot in the press, a flunky wears in Her Majesty’s shoes to ensure that they are comfortable and that she is always good to go.

"And yes, I am that flunky.”

We shared how the Queen told Prince Harry he’ll ‘always be welcomed back’ in four-hour heart-to-heart to heal Megxit rift.

And the Queen took coronavirus precaution and wears GLOVES for investitures ceremony.

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Meghan Markle was ‘too good’ for the monarchy and ‘a smiling face in the dull institution’ says Hilary Mantel

MEGHAN Markle was “too good” for the monarchy and was the victim of “abominable racism”, according to Wolf Hall author Dame Hilary Mantel. 

The writer has spoken out about the Duchess of Sussex, 38, stepping back from royal life, saying the actress was a “smiling face in a dull institution.”

British Booker Prize-winning Hilary, 67, whose book trilogy unpacks the life of Thomas Cromwell and the court of Henry VIII, said that Meghan’s departure is a loss.

She told Harper’s Bazaar UK: “I’m pleased that it’s the marriage that is surviving and the connection with the monarchy that has to go, because I think almost all of us would have bet that if she left, she’d have to leave alone.

“None of us know the details of how this is going to work out. But I think that Meghan was too good to be true. She was a smiling face in a dull institution, she cheered the nation up no end, or at least men and women of good will.

“I do think abominable racism has been involved. People who say that’s got nothing to do with it – well, they need to check their privilege.”

Hilary previously was criticised in 2013 for a speech in which she described the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, as a “shop-window mannequin.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced in January they would be stepping down as senior royals and splitting their time between the UK and North America. 

Hilary also spoke to BBC this week about the racism she feels Meghan suffered in the public eye. 

She said: “I hesitate to call her a victim. But I think there has been an element of racism in the invective against her.

"I think it's more deeply embedded in people's consciousness than any of us are willing to admit.”

Prince Harry himself spoke out in 2016 about coverage of Meghan saying there was “racial undertones.”

Royal farewell

March 5: Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the Endeavour Fund awards at Mansion House in London for wounded soldiers

March 6: Harry will attend the opening of a new Silverstone Racing museum with Lewis Hamilton

March 7: Harry and Meghan will be at the Royal Albert Hall for the Mountbatten Music Festival for Royal Marines charities

March 8: Meghan will take part in events to mark International Women's Day

March 9: The couple will join the Queen and other royals – including Kate and Wills – at Westminster Abbey for a Commonwealth Day service. It will be the final official appearance by the 'Fab Four'

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will officially leave royal duties this month, after a handful of engagements this week. 

Their last official engagement is expected to be the annual Commonwealth Day Service on March 9 with the Queen, Kate and Prince William. 

They will then head back to Vancouver to start their new, "financially independent" life.

Hilary’s new book, The Mirror and the Light, is the third and long-awaited final installment in the Wolf Hall trilogy. 

The previous two books in the series, Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, both won the Booker Prize. 

If her new book also gets honoured, she will be the first author in history to win the award three times. 

The Mirror & the Light is to be published on 5 March. The April issue of Harper's Bazaar is on sale from March, 4, 2020.

We shared how the Queen told Prince Harry he’ll ‘always be welcomed back’ in four-hour heart-to-heart to heal Megxit rift.

Harry has returned to the UK for his last whirlwind of engagements – first giving an eco-talk in Scotland before joining Bon Jovi to promote the Invictus Games.

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