I’m in my 50s and wear micro shorts, trolls tell me to ‘dress my age,’ but I won’t be doing that today | The Sun

A FASHION entrepreneur has decided to kick style rules for older women into the dust.

She's in her 50s but they have no application for her and she's going to stick to her funky styling.

This lady refuses to abide by convention despite the attentions of trolls who tell her to "dress her age."

If she wants to wear a teeny weeny pair of micro shorts that's just what she is going to do.

Never ever will she bow down to the demands of keyboard warriors.

Sue Giers (@sue.giers), 52, will dress her way and no other way.

You will see no comfortable shoes, shapeless, elasticated pants, or baggy sweaters in her wardrobe.

“I love fashion," she insists on her TikTok, and has formed a business around that passion.

But her style choices have alarmed the faceless brigade.

In one of her posts, she wears a micro pair of white shorts.

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Her effortless stylish look is completed with a large gray jacket over the top, with a denin crossover blouse worn underneath.

The sassy look is topped with a pair of shades and a statement purse.

She wears shorts again in another post, this time a red sparkly pair with matching scarlett strappy shoes.

“Dress your age,” say the unhappy trolls. But there words have no effect in team Sue.

Her response is to continue dressing her way or no way: "Nope, not today.”

"Every year on my birthday, I remind myself that I'm getting older," she said on her company's website, So Sue.

"I am now a 50-something, as my children affectionately call me. Yet inside I feel more like a 35-something."

She continued: "The good thing about getting older is that we know what we are worth to ourselves at some point.

"We no longer need the constant validation of others to feel good about ourselves."

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There was certainly admiration in the comments to her post.

“Slaying as always,” said one person. While another could not believe her age: "She could be 25 or 45."

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