Britney Spears Fans FEAR For Her Dogs' Lives After Knife Video – As She Appears To Be Injured!

Is Britney Spears a threat to her pets?? That’s the latest worry!

As we’ve covered, the pop star posted an unusual video of herself “playing” with two large butcher knives while dancing. The post freaked fans out — and she quickly clapped back, changing her caption to claim they were prop weapons for Halloween (which is doubtful since they made a clanking noise, many fans pointed out). She also suggested the whole thing was a nod to Shakira, which, OK…

The update did nothing to dispel worry — and now her critics are calling for her pups to be permanently removed from her care! What??

In the OG vid, the Toxic singer’s three tiny dogs can be seen getting scared and running away as she banged the knives together and flung them around. Because of their reaction, fans wrote on Instagram:

“Those poor dogs just ran scared they need to be rescued and she needs HELP”

“Someone please save this puppies!!”

“I’m now concerned about her having dogs let alone any animals after this video.”

“The knives made a clanking noises. They’re clearly real. Real enough to fall on and kill one of those poor worried pups.”


So, are these haters just grossly overreacting? Or are the fur babies in REAL danger?!

Well… Sam Asghari‘s estranged wife didn’t do herself any favors when she returned to the ‘gram on Tuesday with another video of her dancing in the same iconic spot in her home and in the same outfit as before. But this time, she was spotted with a massive bandage on her arm and a cut — that looked very much like a slice from a knife — on her thigh. Yikes!!

Ch-ch-check it out (below, in the second slide):

A post shared by Maria River Red (@britneyspears)


Maybe things are getting out of hand?!

While nothing has happened yet, the 41-year-old is now being watched VERY closely! TMZ reached out to Ventura County Animal Services to get their take on all this. While the org hadn’t received any official complaints about the sitch, they said:

“We reviewed the video, and while the dogs appeared to be startled by the clinking of the knives, we didn’t feel they were in a situation where an officer needed to be dispatched.”

Good news. For now, at least…

We hope she’s careful with those knives in the future!! For herself and those around her!

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