Double Rainbow Appears Over New York City On 9/11 Anniversary

New Yorkers marveled at a special sight on the anniversary of 9/11 — a massive double rainbow stretched over the city exactly 22 years after the terrorist attack.

Big Apple residents stepped out of their apartments on a rainy Monday, and looked up to see the spectacle in the sky, which had folks oohing, ahhing and shooting photos and videos which took the internet by storm.

One person shared their view from high up in a skyscraper, and it looked like the entire city was practically covered by the double rainbows.

Mother nature’s timing couldn’t have been better … as so many New Yorkers were remembering or reliving the horror of what filled the city sky 22 years ago — so, the sight of the rainbows was a striking difference. And, an emotional one, too.

As we reported, NYC officials said on Friday a man and woman’s remains have now been identified all these years later, thanks to major advancements in DNA testing.

They’ve become the 1,648th and 1,649th victims to be ID’d … but over 1,000 more victims remain nameless.

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