Duchess Meghan flew out of LAX yesterday evening, shes routed through Heathrow

I’m in agreement with the British tabloids this week – I cannot wait for the Duchess of Sussex to arrive in Dusseldorf. They’re all in a frenzy, tracking her movements and trying to figure out when she’ll be seen in Germany. Big same! I’m sure Meghan had her reasons for skipping out on the first weekend of Invictus, but she’s sorely missed. Well, good news – the Mail got the exclusive photos of Meghan at LAX yesterday evening, which means she’s probably arriving in Germany as I write this.

Meghan Markle looked delighted as she jetted out of the US to join her husband at the Invictus Games in Germany – but despite landing in London today she will not be stopping in Britain for long, MailOnline can exclusively reveal. The Duchess of Sussex, 42, boarded a plane from LAX to Heathrow last night accompanied by a single body guard spotted carrying some of her bags and clothing.

It is her first transatlantic journey since flying to London for the Queen’s funeral last September. The trip to Germany means she will be with Harry for his 39th birthday on Friday.

After arriving at the airport at just before 6pm, she grinned as she got out of her limousine wearing $770 ivory Valentino mules, black baggy three-quarter-length trousers, a V-necked long-sleeved top and oversized $500 Celine sunglasses on her head while carrying a trademark hat. She was clutching a $2,650 Goyard tote bag while her solo bodyguard was lugging a rucksack and dark suit carrier that may have been contained one of his boss’s dresses.

[From The Daily Mail]

What bothers me about this is that the Mail is salivating over the idea/reality that Meghan’s flight is routed through Heathrow. You know that they really want to demand that the Met Police storm the plane and drag her onto British soil so that the Windsors can punish her. I wish I was joking, but after years of reading the British bile targeting Meghan, that really is the subtext here. Anyway, Meghan looks lovely in the LAX photos – that’s such a great travel outfit, chic but sensible.

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PS… The photos included in this post are from The Hague Invictus Games last year. This is the outfit and look the Princess of Wales copied for her appearance at the rugby match this past weekend. Kate is utterly psychotic.

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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