England star Jill Scott – I feel like Im faking my life half of the time

Despite so many “pinch-me moments” over the past few years, Jill Scott exclusively tells OK! that fame isn’t something that sits well with her.

Those unbelievable achievements include being one of England’s most decorated players – she’s one of the few Lionesses to have gained more than 150 caps – getting crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2022's I'm A Celeb, and her recent unveiling as a new team captain on Sky One sports quiz A League Of Their Own earlier this year.

But it's all taking a moment to sink in, Jill admits.

“I don’t feel like a celebrity at all, I really don’t,” the 36-year-old says. “If I get invited to an event, I think to myself, ‘Why the hell have I been invited?’. To be honest, I’m faking my life half of the time.

“I still find it weird when people ask me for a photo. If someone says I’m humble and grounded, that’s the ultimate compliment to me.”

However, hard work doesn't go without sacrifice. Jill has understandably had to put her career first and hasn’t always been able to prioritise her nearest and dearest.

“My life has been about football and pretty much nothing else,” says Jill, who was awarded an MBE for services to football in 2020.

“At first it was about fitting football into my life, but then the more professional I became, life had to fit around football.

“I’ve had so many incredible experiences, like playing the finals at Wembley and my family travelling with me for the World Cup. But I’m now trying to find that balance between work and spending quality time with them.

“Family, friends… those special moments put life into perspective.”

Luckily, Jill says her family are incredibly understanding and “support her without judgement”.

She explains, “I do feel bad at times, especially when I’ve had to miss out on important events. But I also know I have their support with everything and they’re so proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Proudest of all is Jill’s grandmother, who she famously namechecked following the Lionesses’ 2022 Euros win, saying, “We got it, grandma… we’ve done it!” In fact, Jill is on her way to visit her 89-year-old best friend as we chat on the phone.

“My grandma’s house is my happy place and her saying she’s proud of me means more than anything – she’s the only validation I need,” she says. “When life gets hectic or a bit much, it’s the first place I want to go. I ring her most days to keep her updated on what’s going on.”

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