Jack Harlow Roasted For Lackluster Halftime Show Performance

Jack Harlow was responsible for Thanksgiving dinners going cold across the nation … with the only thing drier than the turkey being his NFL halftime performance during the Lions-Packers game Thursday.

The rapper’s six-minute-long set was blasted as “low-budget” after he failed to elicit any enthusiasm while performing tunes such as “First Class,” “Tyler Herro” and “WHATS POPPIN” … and many even took offense to his amateurish igloo-design backdrop.

“They said Jack Harlow’s halftime performance set looked like it was from Frozen and I’m CRYING!!!” one viewer mocked … while another joked the budget for his show was $49.99.

Others already nursing wounds over Detroit trailing 23-6 at the break went as far as to dub it “the worst performance ever” … urging the 25-year-old to rethink accepting a similar halftime show offer in the future.

The ridicule didn’t end there … with country icon Dolly Parton heralded as a better performer at age 77 — and others claiming Jack’s show was the sole reason their Thanksgiving was ruined.

Ouch … looks like Jack missed the gravy train and got served a major dish of humble pie this year!

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