LA Model Nichole Coats’ Heartbreaking Cause Of Death Finally Revealed After Being Found Dead In Downtown Apartment

New details have emerged surrounding the mysterious death of an LA model.

Last month, Nichole Coats’ family became worried after she failed to respond to calls and text messages. On September 10, they went to go check up on her, and horrifically, they found her dead in her apartment.

At the time, her cause of death hadn’t been confirmed. However, her aunt raised eyebrows after implying that it looked like she had been positioned in her bed, rather than “somebody who just laid in their bed and died,” according to KTLA. Well, we now have more definitive answers.

The late 32-year-old’s death has officially been ruled as accidental, according to the County of Los Angeles Medical Examiner. According to them, her death came as the result of “cocaine and ethanol toxicity.”

What a tragic discovery for her family, who believed foul play may have been involved. We don’t know if this makes the impossible task of coming to grips with her premature death a bit easier, or far more difficult as they seemed so sure it was by the hands of a predator.

One of the reasons the Coats family felt particularly strong about a potential homicide was because two days after Nichole was found dead, fellow LA model Maleesa Mooney was also found slain in her own apartment. Police eventually confirmed her death as a homicide, while shooting down speculation of a connection between her and Nichole’s deaths.

You can read more about her story on her GoFundMe, which is raising funds for funeral arrangements. Our hearts are with the Coats family during this incredibly difficult time.

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