Nardo Wick Fan Attack, Police Release Photos of Suspects from Nardo Entourage

Nardo Wick

Police investigating the Nardo Wick fan beatdown say they are honing in on 2 suspects … releasing photos of the men they believe carried out the brutal attack captured on video.

The Tampa Police Department tells TMZ … the men in the photos are suspects in their ongoing investigation, and they are accused of having direct involvement in a felony battery.

Nardo The Suspects

Cops tell us tips from community members helped lead them to the suspects, and they’ve ruled out one previous suspect.

Police say they want to talk to any witnesses, and are, once again, asking the public for help investigating the case.

TMZ broke the story … video shows Nardo Wick fan George Obregon Jr. walking up to the rapper after his Sunday night show, and getting sucker punched by 2 members of NW’s entourage.

George’s mom says her 20-year-old son was just asking Nardo for a photo when he was ambushed.

Nardo’s apologized for the attack … saying he didn’t know that’s how his entourage would react, and he’s upset about the whole incident.

Meanwhile, the fan’s mom and friend told us George is still in a hospital as doctors try to figure out if the attack left him with any long-term damage.

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