Reports of Babies Being Beheaded in Israel During Hamas Attacks

There are reports of babies being killed amid the chaos in Israel — including graphic descriptions of Hamas terrorists going in and beheading infants.

One particular news story is making rounds — coming from i24News‘s Nicole Zedek, who did a live shot this week alongside Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border … and she says different military members have told her about dead babies being found in the aftermath.

Reports of Babies Being Slaughtered in Israel Surface Amid Hamas Chaos

As these soldiers have gone through the homes of people attacked over the weekend, they’re now saying they’re finding evidence of infanticide … including beheadings.

Some images showing the apparent aftermath of these brutal killings are also surfacing online — and they seem to show exactly what i24News is talking about … namely, blood splattered across cribs and baby rooms inside of residential homes.

Reports Of Babies Being Slaughtered In Israel Surface Amid Hamas Chaos

There are extra photos that show car seats covered in blood as well … further proving that little ones have not been spared in this offensive from Hamas. That much has been clear in additional footage as well — including one viral clip showing a dog being shot in a yard.

Video Shows Israeli Concertgoers Hiding in Bushes During Hamas Attack

Video Shows Israeli Concertgoers Hiding in Bushes During Hamas Attack

It goes without saying … these sightings are deeply disturbing — and just further evidence speaking to the sheer ugliness and horror of what’s happening on the ground there.

BTW, young lives are being taken on both sides now — amid retaliation on Gaza, including ongoing bombings, there’s a viral video showing a baby’s body being lifted from the rubble.

There’s no end in sight at this point … and the destruction continues to mount day by day.

Thus far, Israel estimates over 1,000 of its civilians have been killed. Across the way, Palestinian officials say at least 830 are dead — and countless are injured between both parties.

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