Darts fan in dress knocks pint out of own hand on to head of guy dressed as Toad

One man wearing a wig and dress as fancy dress at the Paddy Power World Darts Championship knocked his pint all over someone dressed as Toad.

Only the darts could produce moments like this – a group of mates in the stands attended Ally Pally wearing dresses of Disney Princesses and were able to grab their seconds of fame as the camera swung around during the action of Fallon Sherrock’s round one game against Jermaine Wattimena.

However, it was a moment that Belle would not want to see again as he simultaneously lost his beer and likely upset a man dressed as Toad in front of him. Attempting to flaunt the wavy hair of his wig, the guy dressed up didn’t look like he was all too natural doing it.

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While his mates stood arms aloft going through the Ally Pally songbook, Belle took a moment to rearrange his wig but in doing so slapped his own beer out of his hand and all over the head of a Toad costume in front in one of the shortest and hilariously cut videos of all time.

The video cut just as one supporter in front turned to see what had splashed all over him, while the fellow Disney Princesses – including Moana, Merida and Snow White – seemed completely oblivious to the whole beer nightmare.

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Fans on social media quickly lapped up the video as it was posted to social media with the caption: “Knocking your own pint out of your hand, whilst brushing your wig aside, onto the head of someone dressed as Toad. Only at the darts…"

One comment said: “He’s had a shocker”, a third added: “Poor Toad”, while a fourth quipped: “Nothing to see here!”

On a night that saw Fallon Sherrock and world champs favourite Luke Humphries top the bill, the beernami was one of the highlights on a night that saw Sherrock knocked out and Cool Hand himself admit he ‘won ugly’ against Lee Evans – though the first 170 checkout of the tournament was reeled in by Evans during the night’s final game.

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