Gen Z want to ditch TURKEY from their Christmas dinner

Yule must be joking! Gen Z want to ditch TURKEY from their Christmas dinner… and it is not the only tradition on the naughty list

  • Research reveals when it comes to traditions, Gen Z is eager to shake things up
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Young Britons want to ditch turkey from their Christmas dinner along with other much-loved festive traditions, a study has shown. 

Gen Z are keen for a meat-alternative on December 25 and would also rather replace an after dinner cheese board, the research by Costa Coffee has revealed.

Despite 68% of Brits stating that their households enjoy the same ‘traditional’ Christmas meal, the findings show that younger and older generations hav very different views about Christmas food, treats and even baubles.

When it comes to food, Gen Z, who were born between 1996 and 2010, are the least likely to want a roast turkey, similar to millennials who are also hoping to rid of it and enjoy a meat alternative instead.

With all the family together during the holidays, there’s no escaping the divided opinions – especially on how to spend Christmas day (stock image)

After dinner, the differences continue – families might need to hold the cheeseboard as Gen Z are  half as likely to have one than any other generation.

When it’s time to sip on the first tipple of the day, there may be arguments about what to pop open first.

Gen Z favour cocktails and champagne whereas baby boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964, would be keen for a glass of prosecco or an Irish cream.

Iced coffee, smoothies and frappes also make it to the top ten drinks for Gen Z on Christmas day – but are nowhere to be seen in Boomers’ lists.

As many as one in four members of Gen Z hope to sip on an iced coffee on Christmas morning. 

Instead, sherry, brandy and soda water are popular choices for the older generation.

Both age groups are in agreement that the main thing they want to do on the big day is open gifts and play board games or charades.

Despite 68% of Brits stating that their households enjoy the same ‘traditional’ Christmas meal, the findings show that this isn’t the case at all, with younger and older generations having very different views about Christmas food, treats and even baubles

Top 10 activities Gen Z want to do on Christmas 

1. Open gifts

2. Play board games and / or charades

3. Watch The Holiday

4. Watch Love Actually

5. Watch the Gogglebox Christmas special

6. Watch the Eastenders Christmas special

7. Go to the pub on Christmas Eve

8. Elf on the shelf

9. Go for a run or workout

10. Attend a Christmas church service 

Top 10 activities Boomers want to do on Christmas

1. Open gifts

2. Play board games and / or charades

3. Watch the Doctor Who Christmas special

4. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

5. Watch the Gogglebox Christmas special

6. Go to the pub on Christmas Eve

7. Watch Love Actually

8. Attend a Christmas church service

9. Watch The Holiday

9. Watch the Eastenders Christmas special  

However, the similarities stop there as the younger generation would love to watch Jude Law and Kate Winslet in The Holiday or Hugh Grant in Love Actually.

But while they still made it to both lists, their parents or grandparents would prefer the 1946 classic, It’s A Wonderful Life instead. 

Christmas TV specials are a treasured part Christmas celebrations, with fans looking forward to them every year.

The third highest activity for baby boomers on Christmas day is to Watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Gen Z would prefer to stick on the Gogglebox Christmas special or EastEnders.

Surprisingly, going to the pub on Christmas Eve makes it onto both top ten lists, as does attending a Christmas church service – although it’s lower on Gen Z’s agenda than baby boomers’.

There’s no rest for Gen Z as they also love to go for a run or workout on the big day, with it being number nine on the list, just behind playing elf on the shelf.

Elf on the shelf is a relatively new Christmas tradition aimed at children, that involves toy elves ‘keeping watch for Santa while he’s in the North Pole’ – this didn’t make it into Baby Boomers’ top ten.

Top 10 drinks Gen Z want on Christmas Day

1. Cocktails

2. Champagne

3. Lemonade

4. Prosecco

5. Iced coffee

6. Smoothie

7. Ginger beer ale 

8. Eggnog

9. Irish cream

10. Frapp

Top 10 drinks Boomers want on Christmas Day

1. Prosecco

2. Irish cream

3. Lemonade

4. Champagne

5. Sherry

6. Cocktails

7. Ginger beer ale

8. Brandy

9. Eggnog

10. Soda water 

The survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Costa Coffee, also highlighted that when it comes to desserts, Gen Z is 48% more likely to want sticky toffee pudding as part of the Christmas Day than mince pies and 70% more likely than yule log. 

The high street coffee chain also polled its 420K followers about their festive frights and fancies.

Beyond the dining table, Gen Z have a desire to twist up their festive décor by bringing back old school decorations.

They are more likely to go for outdoor ornaments and almost twice as likely as any other generation to opt for fake snow.

A whopping 75% of Gen Z are also fans of fake Christmas trees and 59% make a Christmas music playlist – they’re also 50% more likely to volunteer around the holidays than any other generation.

Gingerbread biscuits came in second place with 35% of votes with less than a quarter (20%) voting for Christmas pudding and almost half (46%) stating that Christmas pudding is the thing they look forward to at Christmas.

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