I travelled abroad for cheap surgery but woke up with a BBL and boob job I didn't want – and was charged $2.5k more | The Sun

A MUM who travelled abroad for cheap surgery claims she woke up with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and a boob job she didn't ask for.

Kimberly McCormick previously visited the same Mexico clinic for a weight loss procedure, and later wanted to remove her excess skin, she says.

But instead of simply cutting away the flab on her arms, thighs and stomach, and giving her a breast lift, doctors allegedly increased her cup size and enlarged her bum.

The facility then demanded more money and held her and her daughter inside until they coughed up, it is claimed.

Kimberley, who is now warning people against "medical tourism", told Fox13 Seattle: "I've been disfigured and now I'm going to have to go under more surgery.

"I don't care how enticing the offer is, don't do it, because the end result is not going to be something you are happy with."



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The parent, from King County, Washington, US, first visited the centre for weight loss surgery about six years ago.

The procedure went as planned and the mum successfully dropped several dress sizes.

This left her with loose skin, so she returned for further surgery and a breast lift – but she claims she got far more than she bargained for.

"When I woke up, my chest was really sore and I just started bawling," she said.

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Staff apparently accused her of asking for "full C cup" implants, which Kimberley, who was previously a B cup, firmly denies.

She also denies ever asking for a BBL – where fat is transferred to the buttocks from elsewhere in the body – and insists her extra skin was never removed as requested.

Kimberley, who claims she was left with a severe infection and struggling to breathe, said: "I was just afraid I was going to die right there, and my daughter wouldn't have known."

She added that she ended up paying an additional $2,500 (£2,000) and signing paperwork to say she had agreed to the extra operations after medics allegedly threatened to throw her in prison for refusing.

She is now awaiting further surgery because she "doesn't have enough skin" on her chest to enclose her unwanted implants.

The family are in contact with the FBI, which advised people in similar situations to file a complaint and contact their banks.

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