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WHILE many people would be enjoying their retirement, Queen Camilla has had one of the busiest years of her life following the Royal Coronation.

The royal couple typically reside at Clarence House in London – but Camilla has kept a secret home in the country where she sneaks off to watch TV when she is blighted by Harry and Meghan drama – with the prince only just speaking to King Charles on his birthday for the first time after six months.

Camilla bought the 17-acre Ray Mill in Wiltshire after her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1994, and reportedly still uses it today when she needs to have some down time. 

According to the Express, a source said: “At Ray Mill she can sit down with a big G&T, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles loathes.

"She also doesn’t have to bother about how the place looks – Charles is so fussy about tidiness, while she leaves her stuff all over the place. 

“She doesn’t need her cushions plumped all the time."

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Another pal previously said: "That house is where she can cook scrambled eggs in her dressing gown and be among those she loves with not a jot of ceremony or anyone looking at her. It is home."

Countryside bolthole – with very posh features

Camilla paid £850,000 for the countryside bolthole, which has many luxury features, including an outdoor swimming pool, terrace, stables and incredible gardens.

It was her main home from 1996 to 2003, and it is situated just 15 minutes from one of King Charles' favourite homes, Highgrove.

Royal fans got a sneak peek at Ray Mill as it served as a backdrop for portraits taken of the Queen to celebrate her 75th birthday last year.

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It was also where Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopes hosted her wedding reception when she tied the knot with Harry Lopes in 2006.

Interior design expert Deepa Mehta-Sagar and founder of Area Decor LLC in Dubai has described what it looks like inside.

She said: “Ray Mill House comes with acres of gardens, stables, an outdoor swimming pool, and an elegant terrace. Enormous windows overlook lush gardens.

"All of this showcases the Queen Consort’s love of nature and the outdoors. The interiors are interspersed with wooden detailing and dark-wood furnishings which spell luxury while still being enveloped in a sense of warmth.”

A haven in Wiltshire

Deepa added: "Reportedly, this is where the Queen Consort spends time with her children and grandchildren, away from the public gaze.

"The Queen Consort has always loved outdoor pursuits and is passionate about gardening.

"In this, the lush, enormous gardens at Wiltshire, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, are an ode to her."

Floral curtains, yellow painted walls and patterned staircases ensure the true age of the home is maintained.

A huge outdoor balcony looks out onto the grounds – which was once home to sheep and other animals.

The bathroom hasn't been modernised as it still has blue china for the sink, toilet and bath.

Camilla’s former roommate Virginia Carrington also told of the Queen’s messy tendencies.

In Jessica Jayne's book 'The Duchess Of Cornwall: Camilla's Story And Secrets', Virginia said: "On coming home, she would just drop her clothes on the floor and leave them. Camilla's bedroom always looked like a bomb had hit it.”

While Gyles Brandreth added: "Virginia was fairly tidy and organised and Camilla drove her nuts, in the nicest possible way.

"Virginia once told me: 'You know, Camilla has this inability to hang anything up on a hanger. And she has an aversion to cleaning fluids of any description. 

“You should see the state of the bathroom when she's been in it'."

This week Camilla marked 135 years of the Foreign Press Association at a bash at Sheraton Grand hotel on London’s Park Lane.

She paid tribute to the “bravest” of journalists who cover warzones and praised the industry for its work to “protect and promote women”.

She also joked about her own press coverage during her speech.

She hailed “trailblazers” who have “so tragically paid with their lives” such as Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin.

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