Lady Glenconner criticises Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth’s childhood friend Lady Glenconner hits out at Meghan Markle saying the Duchess thought royal life would be like being a film star

  • Lady Glenconner, 91, said Duchess thought royalty was like celebrity life
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Lady Glenconner has hit out at Meghan Markle for thinking being in the royal family would be the same as being a film star.

The 91-year-old was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s six maids of honour at the late monarch’s 1953 Coronation.

Her royal connections do not end there – as well as enjoying a childhood friendship with the late queen, she was lady-in-waiting to the monarch’s sister Princess Margaret.

She said the Duchess of Sussex thought she would be ‘riding around in a golden coach’ after her marriage to Prince Harry and did not know what duties were expected of her.

The British socialite added that she feels ‘very sorry’ for her husband, and said this opinion is also felt in America.

Lady Glenconner (pictured) said that many of the duties undertaken by those in the Royal Family are ‘boring’

Speaking on the Rosebud with Gyles Brandreth podcast, Lady Glenconner said: ‘I think the thing about Meghan was, she had no idea what was expected of her really.

‘I think she just thought it was sort of like being another actress, you know.

‘Riding around in a golden coach and everything like that.

‘And actually, being a member of the royal family – a lot of it is extremely boring.’

Lady Glenconner said members of the royal family are expected to meet thousands of people.

In addition, they are always expected to say something interesting and nice to each person.

Discussing the King’s recent Coronation, Lady Glenconner said she sat next to American politician John Kerry, 79.

The socialite, born Anne Tennant, said she asked him: ‘What do you think in America about Harry and Meghan?’. 

Lady Glenconner believes Meghan Markle (pictured) thought that being in the Royal Family would be like being a film star

She continued: ‘He said ‘We all feel very, very sorry for Harry. I think I can just leave it at that.’

Meghan Markle, 42, and Prince Harry, 39 met in 2016 and married two years later. 

In January 2020, the pair ‘left the royal family’ and stepped down as senior royals. 

They left the UK, and signed major media deals with Spotify, with whom they have now parted company, and Netflix. 

They now live in California and have been critical of the monarchy on a number of occasions.

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