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MOST Brit holidaymakers wouldn't have heard of this tiny beach in Europe, which is home to singing sand.

Europe's most famous beaches are in countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece, but there are other less well-known spots dotted across the continent.

One of those beaches is on Lake Peipus, which sits on the Estonian border with Russia.

Lake Peipus is the fourth largest lake in Europe, and it's home to plenty of sandy beaches, including Kauksi Beach.

Surrounded by a pine forest, the sandy beach stretches for several kilometres.

Often referred to as "beautiful" by its visitors, the beach is known for its "singing sands".

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The singing sands are generally caused by grains of sand sliding over layers of sand below, which creates a "singing" or "booming" noise.

Set on the northern side of the lake, the beach is located near Kauksi Resort Village.

The resort village is home to several lake cabins and woodland lodges, which are within walking distance of the beach.

Kauski Beach can be accessed by a series of stairs leading down the dunes.

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In addition to the golden sand at the beach, there are several wooden paths on the beach that form a series of observation platforms.

There are other facilities on the beach too, including a space to play volleyball and swing sets.

Because there are no lifeguards on duty at Kauksi Beach, swimming is permitted but caution is advised.

The best way to get there is to fly to Tallinn, which takes around 2hr50 from the UK, with another two-hour drive to the beach.

Both Ryanair and Wizz Air operate direct flights from the UK to Tallinn, with fares starting at £23 per person for a one-way ticket.

Elsewhere in Estonia, there's also Saaremaa – a holiday island that used to be home to terrifying pirates.

Once being a wealthy county, the island was home to pirates also known as the Eastern Vikings.

However, the island was cut off from the mainland during WWII, and remained that way until the 1990s.

Now, mainland locals flock to the island, often visiting the beaches in the summer months, along with annual music festivals.

But the island is also popular in the winter, being home to a huge number of spas.

Kuressaare, a resort town on the island, looks like something from a fairytale and has some of the highest number of spas per capita, with around one for every ten people.

If you want something more off the beaten track, Brits should head to Albena, in Bulgaria, lesser-known by UK holidaymakers who often head to Sunny Beach instead.

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Or head to Palanga in Lithuania which has long been popular with locals and Eastern European tourists.

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