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CHRISTMAS is almost upon us – and it’s no secret that this time of year can be hard on your bank balance.

In preparation for the festive season, many companies are on a recruitment drive to find Christmas workers.

For anyone in need of boosting their cash flow, temporary work over this period could be a wise move.

There are even jobs you can do on top of your day job part-time, requiring just a few hours of your time in the evening, or at the weekend.

We spoke to Andrew Hunter, co-founder at job search engine Adzuna, to find out exactly which roles that fit around your day job pay the best.

The highest-paying jobs on offer include playing Father Christmas, a night delivery driver and even a baker.



Highest paying Christmas temp jobs revealed – earn up to £15.36 an hour


Highest paying Christmas retail jobs revealed – you can earn up to £25 an hour

Some of the seasonal roles on offer even come with the potential to become permanent roles at the end of the season – and most don't come with a requirement for specific qualifications.

Andrew said: “The holiday season presents a golden opportunity for money-savvy jobseekers to earn extra cash, with employers looking to take on additional staff.

"From retail assistants helping serve Christmas shoppers, to extra delivery drivers and postal workers to help gifts and presents reach their destinations, and all kinds of fun and festive roles in between."

Some jobs pay more than the minimum wage, which is £10.42 per hour for those aged over 23, £10.18 for those aged 21-22 and £7.49 for 18 to 20-year-olds.

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Coming in at the top spot is a night Christmas driver, which pays an average of £16.12 an hour.

Night bakers earn a decent hourly wage too at £15.84 an hour on average.

The average Christmas sales assistant working evenings and weekends can earn up to £13.76 an hour – that's £3.34 an hour more than the minimum wage.

Those taking up temporary work as a weekend Father Christmas can expect to earn £12.42 an hour.

Christmas packers and night warehouse sorters can earn between £11.99 and £11.48 an hour on average.

What you need to know about taking on a second job

Can my employer stop me from having a second job?

You'll need to check if your existing contract of employment lets you take on a second job.

You should have been given a copy of your contract when you started working for your employer.

If you don’t have one, your employer or HR department should be able to provide you with one.

Your employer might rule out you taking on extra jobs in situations where:

  • there might be a conflict of interest, for example working for a rival company
  • your second job might bring your employer into disrepute.

If you’re not sure, check your contract. If there’s nothing about second jobs stated in it, your employer can’t prevent you from taking another job.

What are my rights when working a second job?

Depending on your employment status, you’re entitled to rights at work, regardless of whether it’s your first or second job.


This should set out, among other things:

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  • job title
  • responsibilities
  • pay
  • hours of work
  • the benefits you’re entitled to.

The Sun previously revealed the highest paying Christmas retail jobs – and you can earn up to £25 an hour.

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